Veysey looks for congressional office space in Sandusky

Political newcomer Graham Veysey has targeted Sandusky to become a central hub for the new 9th Congressional District.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 29, 2012


Political newcomer Graham Veysey has targeted Sandusky to become a central hub for the new 9th Congressional District.

Veysey, if elected, plans to open a congressional office somewhere in the downtown area.

“As your congressman, I will help revitalize Market Street and bring constituent service to the citizens of Erie County,” Veysey said. “My new office brings us one step closer to making downtown Sandusky a year-round business attraction.”

The new 9th Congressional District stretches from Cleveland to Toledo and hugs Lake Erie. Sandusky is geographically located about one hour from both cities.

Opening a new office — in possibly an obsolete or decrepit property — could spur a commercial renaissance throughout Sandusky, Veysey said.

“Why not be part of the solution and fill one of those storefronts to help attract people to the area?” Veysey said.

The office would employ at least a few people, and constituents would always be able to talk to someone.

“You should not only be a phone call away, but people should have the ability to walk in and have face-to-face interaction,” Veysey said.

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, who’s represented Erie County for the past three decades, has never opened or operated an office in Sandusky.

Veysey, Kaptur and U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Cleveland, are all vying for the Democratic nomination in the March 6 primary. The Democratic candidate receiving the most votes in March will advance to November’s general election to face Republican Steve Kraus or Samuel Wurzelbacher.

Ohio lost two congressional seats as a result of declining population determined in the 2010 U.S. Census.
Kaptur and Kucinich are long-running congressional Democrats who have been forced into a primary battle after the congressional boundaries were redrawn.

Veysey said the two don’t deserve another term in office. Both are catalysts, he said, for the $15 trillion national  debt spiraling out of control and an all-time-low congressional rating.


Phil Packer

 The rent is cheap over on W. Water Street...

Woody Hayes

Could proably get a room at the Keller building dirt cheap.

The Bizness

 I like this guy, he talks about wastefull spending, and government over reach. While understanding that we need to move to help keep the environment clean and healthy.



Wish in one hand..............


Licorice Schtick

"Vote for me and downtown will be majickly revitalized!"



If he's a teabagger sabateur sent to sling mud at the serious Democratic candidates, he's doing a fine job.

Kaptur and Kucinich each have a loyal following, and if he keeps ripping on them, he'll do his career more harm than good.






    LOOK at this Marcy Kaptur, get out of office, just quit, leave.


Every step forward is a positive one. By the look of some prior posts, many in the City still walk in reverse...



This guy doesn't have a snowballs chance in .... of being elected! Get an office, heck, get a life! He may well be a good guy, and that would certainly work against him, but why waste his/our time? Kaptur, despite all of the reasons why she doesn't deserve to be re-elected, is going back to Congress.

Oh also, Obama is going back for 4 more years. Can we get back to regular TV commercials now?

and we all sit back and wonder why things don't get better!

Taxed Enough Already

 I went to the debate at Firelands College and I was most impressed with him.  He made Kaptur and Kusich look foolish.  If he does make it through the primary he has my vote in the fall.