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What's 'fact' in P.C. project? Statements in support of Issue 10 in Port Clinton are credited as facts, but statements not in
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


What's 'fact' in P.C. project?

Statements in support of Issue 10 in Port Clinton are credited as facts, but statements not in support are credited as negative propaganda.

Why is it that when questions are asked, they are often answered with "....we can't answer that, we are still negotiating"? Yet anything positive in the Puller Proposal is called FACT, including all the financial figures the City will be receiving. How can they be if negotiations have not been completed?

Now we're told: "Prior to the start of negotiations the Council Planning Committee notified the City's negotiatiors that a sizable annual lease payment coupled with a percentage of the profits would be expected instead." If so, why would that not have been mentioned before, and what is that "sizable annual lease payment"?

Not only with Issue 10, but with most issues, words and statements and facts have been twisted, spun and made up to gain support. The community continues to be sold short by administration and some members of council.

Thank God we have responsible people like Councilman and mayoral candidate Jeff Morgan and Councilman Glenn Chapman, as well as concerned citizens willing to speak the truth.

Randall G. Lipstraw

City Council candidate

Port Clinton


Attack ads mislead

The Kaufman campaign's ad implies Judge O'Brien committed a crime several years ago, since a grand jury "found enough evidence to indict him." The only "evidence" against the judge was the word of a thief and her accomplice.

Grand juries rely on the advice of the prosecutor. This case was handled by an overzealous out-of-towner making some hay at the Judge's expense. An indictment is just an accusation; it means next to nothing.

The Kaufman campaign also condemns O'Brien for not collecting all the fines and costs owed to his court. This problem is not unique to Sandusky. Take a good look at the people waiting for their hearings. You couldn't squeeze a million bucks out of these people.

The 1,000 "unnecessary" hearings each year? An extra hearing in felony cases. They don't happen in most municipal courts, but Judge O'Brien didn't invent them. Judge Stacy was holding them more than 20 years ago. They take a minute or two and bring the court into compliance with Rule 44, which states indigent defendants have a right to appointed counsel at every stage of the proceedings.

As for the license suspensions Judge O'Brien allegedly isn't imposing in drug cases: They are about non-jailable marijuana cases and paraphernalia charges.

David Longo


The author is a defense lawyer.


Krichbaum dedicated

I have enjoyed the experience of serving the 1st Ward on City Council over the last four years and appreciate all of the support. I am writing this letter to encourage residents of the 1st Ward to support and vote for Scott Krichbaum for Norwalk City Council.

Scott has been attending City Council meetings since becoming a candidate and has been working hard to meet the voters in the 1st Ward. I admire his work ethic, as he puts 100 percent effort in to all he does. Scott is a dedicated husband, father, friend and church member and I know that he will bring that same dedication and work ethic to City Council.

Scott has already shown his commitment to this position by attending council meetings since April and going door-to-door to meet the voters in our Ward. I sincerely believe that Scott is the best person to represent the 1st Ward on City Council.

Tera Thornhill

1st Ward City Council



Passion for Huron

Julie Kaman Dively is the best choice for Huron City Council because of her dedication and business sense. Julie is invested in Huron's future because she has contributed to the success of a Huron based business that has grown and prospered for 25 years. Julie's business background and love of the city makes her view Huron's challenges objectively, but with a passion she feels for her city of birth.

I have observed Julie for many years and feel confident about her ability to get things done. She is a team player as any member of a large family learns to be at an early age. She is also willing to stand up and face problems head-on. I have seen Julie's dedication first hand when a loved one faced mental health issues. Julie became so involved that she was asked to serve on the Erie County Mental Health Board, which she did.

Julie does not sit on the sidelines and criticize. She acts with confidence and considers all options. Huron needs more leaders who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that Huron remains one of the finest places to raise a family.

Nancy Ogden Dellisanti



Renew for Perkins schools

I am writing to urge the voters of Perkins School District to renew the Permanent Improvement Levy. This is NOT a new tax, but will continue the current tax amounts. Money from this levy cannot be used for salaries and benefits to administration, staff or teachers. The levy supports the safety, security and basic maintenance of the Perkins school buildings.

In the past four years, the money from this levy has paid for such things as repairs to boilers, replacement of hot water tanks, modifications for energy conservation, and chairs/desks. Planned future expenditures include the replacement of the aging boilers in all the schools and repairing or replacing rooftops where needed. It is important Perkins Schools maintain these basic facilities to provide a positive learning environment.

Linda Ziegler

Perkins Twp.


Dedicated to Perkins

It has been my pleasure to know Jerry Baumgardner for approximately 25 years. During those 25 years he has served the Perkins community in many capacities from Athletic Booster Club President, to 12 years as a Perkins Board of Education member, to Perkins Township Trustee. He has also been involved in other activities such as 4-H Club.

During Baumgardner's dedication to these various positions he has displayed many quality characteristics; knowledge of the position, experience in the public setting and most importantly, a genuine ability to bring common sense to difficult issues.

His many years of experience have provided him with a cooperative understanding of other local political organizations that would enhance his abilities as a Perkins Township Trustee. Mr. Baumgardner is a hands-on leader who will dedicate hours above and beyond that spotlights any commitment he makes.

Jerry Baumgardner has already demonstrated his caring and loyalty to Perkins Township. I urge you to make the right choice, an excellent choice, and elect Jerry Baumgardner as Perkins Township Trustee.

Maxwell J. Shoff

Perkins Twp.


Schaefer dedicated

Diane Schaefer is running for fiscal officer in Perkins Township. In May, the current fiscal officer asked Diane to help with a pension issue. After spending many hours of her time helping to resolve the former employee's question and determining that there were other unanswered concerns, Diane decided to seek election again.

Diane is ready and willing to devote her time and energy to the demands of this office. She is qualified to fulfill the requirements of the job and knowledgeable about finances and accounting practices. Her goals to centralize purchasing, computerize inventory, and cross train office staff will enable her to help the trustees in providing the best services possible to the residents in the most efficient manner.

Diane will not hesitate to ask questions when necessary. She wholeheartedly agrees minutes of trustee meetings, with all pertinent information included, should be available to residents on the township Web site. She will be a full-time fiscal officer working for the residents of the township. Help her bring professionalism and accountability back to the fiscal officer position.

Cheryl Best-Wilke

Perkins Twp.


Robinson for the kids

Herman S. Robinson would be a welcome addition to the Sandusky City School Board. His exemplary character, caring nature, and experience as a child and family advocate are what the school board needs.

He has been an active member of our community. He has served on many local boards including the Erie/Huron County Community Action Committee, Serving our Seniors, and the Alpha Community Services . He is a graduate of Leading the Education and Development of Sandusky program. He has also been instrumental in our community Family Domestic Court wrap around program which works with at risk and troubled children.

In 1988 he founded A Christian Organization for Right Now. Through ministry and mentoring he personally helps teens and children to build strong and healthy relationships. His ministry is active in conducting workshops and training programs that encourage interpersonal skill development in our youth.

Cheri Rowe