Election letters

Desperate tactics During my many years of public service I have had ample opportunity to work with outstanding elected offici
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Desperate tactics

During my many years of public service I have had ample opportunity to work with outstanding elected officials. In Erie County, families are fortunate to have Erich O'Brien serving them on the Sandusky Municipal Court bench. I urge my friends in that jurisdiction to vote once again for Erich O'Brien.

Judge O'Brien is highly regarded among his peers, both regionally and across the state. His ability to carefully weigh the facts before casting judgment has secured him the respect of local attorneys and residents.

While his political opponent has decided to take a more critical tone during the final days of this campaign, it will be for naught. Such desperate tactics are rarely rewarded by the informed electorate of Erie County.

Chris Redfern

State Representative

Gabriel for Vermilion

We encourage residents of Ward I in Vermilion to vote for John Gabriel.

John has been a lifelong resident of Vermilion and has been very active in the city by serving as chairman of the Vermilion Planning Commission and in working toward the creation of the Vermilion Marine Business Association. John is a successful businessman in Vermilion and has an established track record of working together for the common good. He has been very instrumental in working with other Vermilion businesses to promote not only boating but the city of Vermilion as well. John Gabriel's talents, skills and business background will serve him and Vermilion residents well as a member of the Vermilion City Council.

Tom and Sharon Zeck


Save Water Works Park

Just a reminder -- Waterworks Park is also my concern!

Vote no on issue 10 to save our park.

Jerry Jowke, Park Trustee and

Coastal Management member

Port Clinton

Baumgardner responsible choice

Jerry Baumgardner has been a lifelong resident of Perkins Township and has devoted many hours as trustee, Perkins School Board member and an Erie County 4-H Board member. In each of these roles, he has demonstrated excellent decision making skills, fine communication skills and a commitment to fiscal responsibility as he strived to be an effective leader.

Along with these skills, Jerry has a vision for Perkins. During his previous term, Jerry worked with a team of Perkins Township residents and the Erie Regional Planning Commission staff to complete a Comprehensive Development Plan for Perkins Township. This plan was designed to guide the township's future growth to provide for economic development that would enhance the community. Through this active membership, Jerry showed his desire to have Perkins become a model community that met the needs of its present residents as well as those who may move here in the future.

If you want someone who has a true love of the community and who will protect its best interests, then vote for Jerry Baumgardner as Perkins Township Trustee.

Dick Acierto

Member, Perkins Planning Committee

Experience matters

I ask that Perkins Township voters strongly consider electing Jerry Baumgardner for Perkins Township Trustee. The township more than ever needs a leader to step up and responsibly run our government. Jerry has the experience, knowledge and desire to fairly represent the township residents. Vote Baumgardner for Perkins Township Trustee on Nov. 6.

Ted Kastor

Perkins Twp.

Battery Park questions

My mother, who uses a walker, finds Battery Park a good place to walk because of the paved paths. My grandchildren love to play there. How can I invite them to the boat when they would have to traverse a construction zone to even get there?

What are the arrangements to assure boat owners that their boats won't be damaged by debris? Where will boat owners and visitors be able to park? Will the pool and so on still be available to those whose boats are kept at the marina? Will the offices, restroom, showers, and laundry facilities be accessible? Will wheelchair access be available? Will the number of berths at the Marina be the same, or less? How will boat owners who have to drive to get to their boats be assured of the safety of their cars in the construction area? What provisions will be made for personal safety? How will construction debris be secured? Will there be construction for the entire 8-9 year period of development? Is "access" to the water limited to being able to walk along a path, or can people fish from or walk along whatever path the owners of the condos allow?

Helen A. Spalding

Bay View

Dively credible choice for Huron

Julie Dively will be a real asset on Huron City Council.

As the vote rejecting the Fire Levy showed, there is a large credibility gap between city government and its citizens.

Electing Julie will help close that gap because of her extensive financial experience.

She has the accounting and analytical skill sets that Council needs as it works with the city manager to lay a course towards sound fiscal footing.

Those skills will be especially important as the city enters into negotiations with a potential developer of the former ConAgra property.

Julie grew up here. She knows Huron's past. Equally important, she has the solid business sense to help lead Huron's future.

I urge Huron residents to vote for Julie Dively on Nov. 6.

Kurt Landefeld