Election letters

Riesterer for Margaretta TimRiesterer, a life long resident of Margaretta Township, and his wife Martha have two children, an
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Riesterer for Margaretta

TimRiesterer, a life long resident of Margaretta Township, and his wife Martha have two children, and are members of Holy Angels Church. Tim is a captain with the Sandusky Fire Department.

Tim is finishing his 12th year as a township trustee. During his tenure, Margaretta Township has:

n Experienced growth in the Quarry Lakes Business Park

n Started an annual recycling day and a fall leaf / brush drop off day

n Seen the Margaretta fire department has been upgraded to full time personnel, giving our residents 24 hour paramedic coverage.

n Castalia Cemetery improvements and expansion

n Over $5 million in grants for our township

Tim serves as the president of the Erie County Township Association and secretary of the Erie County Council of Governments. Tim also serves on the Executive Board of the Greater Erie Marketing and Erie County Transportation Advisory Committee, giving Margaretta Township a voice in county issues.

Tim's goals if re-elected, would be to continue his work on obtaining grant money, attracting business and industry for Quarry Lakes Business Park and to provide the residents of Margaretta Township essential services in a cost effective manner.

Randy G. Day


Upgrade Ritter

I have been a visitor to the Ritter PublicLibrary in Vermilion ever since the original building was new and I was in a stroller. Nearly half a century later, I still go there often. I hope that every voter in the school district will join me in supporting the library's levies in this general election, whether by absentee ballot, voting in person, or at the polls.

Paul M. Thayer


Young for Perkins Schools

Please join me in voting for D.J. Young for the Perkins School Board. D.J. is a lifelong resident of Sandusky and graduate of Perkins Schools. He knows the importance of Perkins Schools to our children and community.

D.J.'s vast business experience and legal expertise as a corporate attorney will be valuable assets to the board. Having children that attend Perkins, D.J. already is very involved in the school system. He will work hard to provide leadership that puts kids first.

David Voight Jr.


Attack ads misleading

It was very disappointing to see the negative campaign that is being waged against the Honorable Erich O'Brien, Judge of Sandusky Municipal Court. Judge O'Brien was completely exonerated of allegations made against him in 2001 by a disgruntled and desperate employee. In fact, these baseless allegations were dismissed by a visiting judge who was specially appointed by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Thomas Moyer. Further, the special prosecutor in the case, a Republican, agreed that these allegations should be dismissed.

Now six years later, negative ads are being run to create the false and misleading impression that Judge O'Brien was guilty of some wrongdoing or misconduct. Yet, the record is clear that he has served the community honorably and with distinction. These misleading ads have no place in a judicial campaign and should be rejected by the voters.

Kevin J. Baxter

Erie County Prosecutor

For a better Perkins

The Perkins Board of Trustees needs to be a team that has the wisdom and courage to take on the problems that have so tarnished the image of our township. My vote goes to Don Bass and Diane Schaeffer.

Don will stand with Bill Dwelle on resolving the problem issues, particularly those involving the police department leadership. No experience? Don has attended trustee meetings and executive sessions for almost three years. Think back on how you learned in school. You learned with your eyes and ears and brain.

Diane Schaeffer brings to the office of fiscal officer experience, accountability and professionalism needed in that position. During her review of township records, she discovered numerous errors, discrepancies and problems that need to be corrected. Diane is not one to be influenced by threats or clouding of issues by any particular department head. She is committed to the needs of all Perkins Township residents.

Join me in electing a team that will demand proper conduct, accountability and common sense for a better Perkins -- Don and Diane.

Jim Caldwell


Choose well for Huron

As a member of Huron City Council, I think council members have a duty to ensure the limited resources of our community are used wisely for public service. City revenues are down, including the anticipated revenue from Huron Muni Court in 2008. With the city nearly $9 million in debt, one bad event could put us in jeopardy.

Council failed to set goals in 2007. Tax payers must insist on strong leadership in council if we are to meet our budget challenges. Open communication and cooperation is required of all department leaders. Our city manager correctly stated we cannot have different standards and/or policies for one group of employees over another. Nor can we afford the unilateral decision to accelerate longevity pay for new full-time employees without input from council.

It is important for all department leaders to have not only open and effective communications with council, but also to be sensitive to our budgetary concerns. The majority of our department leaders do have this rapport. I hope the residents of Huron and Huron Township will be active within our community on Election Day to elect the right leaders to ensure the best communication and cooperation between city council and all departments.

Sam Artino


Good catch for Perkins

Perkins Township is the premier commercial resource center for all of Erie County and beyond.

It is fortunate for the taxpayers of Perkins Township to have a proven businessman in your trustee candidate, Don Bass. Don has the skills to meet the challenges Perkins Township will face in the future. Living and working in Perkins Township, as a sales manager, Don Bass's assets will be transferable to those needed to be an effective and responsive township trustee. Don has more than a decade of management experience, enhanced positive people skills and an open interpersonal communication style. Don has participated in numerous trainings, including goal setting, and understands staffing vs. productivity, important in union negotiation.

When you meet Don Bass it is obvious that he has good listening skills, too. He listens to what is said and thinks before answering. He might check the facts first and then will get back to you when he says he will! The citizens of Perkins Township deserve respect, accountability and trust. On Election Day, vote with your neighbors and friends for Don Bass.

Al and Kathie Mueller


What Perkins really needs

We do not need a renewal levy or replacement for Perkins Schools. The fat-cats administration, faculty, etc., are all happy they got their contracts. Many workers at Delphi just started their 50 percent or more cut in wages and benefits. This should make you jealous folks happy.

We need our core -- our fire department, police and highway transportation workers taken care of. God bless the EMTs. They saved my life.

We need the catch basins replaced in Fairview Lanes that were promised three years ago. We need Peterson Lane in Fairview Lanes torn up and rebuilt new. We need to fire all our trustees and department heads.

We need the citizens to get off your bottoms and speak up and vote and go out to their popcorn meetings and speak up!

We are living in the downfall of the modern Roman Empire.

Joseph P. Werner