German Shepherd puppy is putting his best paws forward

HURON He doesn't know he's different. Quent, a German Shepherd puppy, can only use his front l
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



He doesn't know he's different.  Quent, a German Shepherd puppy, can only use his front legs when he walks. He either drags his back legs behind him or hops with his back legs if someone props them up for him.

Diane Bennett saw Quent on a Web site and wanted to help him.

"I saw him sitting there with his back legs down. I just started to cry and I was like, 'Oh my God, that poor little thing, he doesn't stand a chance,'" she said.

The breeder didn't want to have him put down, but knew he couldn't sell him. So Bennett -- who often saves animals from "death row" in shelters and puts them up for adoption -- picked Quent up Sept. 23.

She said taking care of Quent and his medical expenses is a lot of work, but it's worth it.

"When you see the love in his eyes and the unconditional love even though he has a handicap he doesn't realize, he knows no other life," she said. "I think to myself how unconditionally they love no matter what. If people were more loving like the animals were, what a better world this would be."

Bennett believes Quent has a parasite that deteriorates the muscles in his back legs. She plans to continue having him tested to find out exactly what is wrong and if he can be helped.

Bennett's goal is to find someone to adopt Quent, but the person would have to meet the right criteria before taking him home.

Bennett's friend, Peggy Sue Hoyt, knows firsthand the amount of work involved in taking care of Quent. She comes over every day while Bennett is at work to feed, play with and take Quent outside.

"The right forever home would have a lot of patience. They need to realize the work involved," Hoyt said. "But they're going to have to have the proper income and be able to provide any future medical expenses."

Anyone interested in adopting Quent or donating toward his care should e-mail Bennett and Hoyt at