Election letters Oct. 24, 2007

She makes Danbury run Dianne Rozak is running for re-election as a Danbury Township Trustee. As a township resident, I contin
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


She makes Danbury run

Dianne Rozak is running for re-election as a Danbury Township Trustee. As a township resident, I continue to be impressed with Dianne's enthusiasm and accomplishments in office. From what I have observed in my dealings with the township, it appears that Dianne is often the catalyst for getting ideas implemented and work performed.

Dianne's skills and accomplishments include successful grant writing projects, implementation of a Danbury Township Long Range Plan, a Township Cleanup Program and a communication program which include a quarterly newsletter, local "Focus of Danbury Township" newspaper articles, as well as maintaining the Danbury Township Web site.

Thumbs up should be given to Dianne for her part in the beautification project at Sackett Cemetery as well as various park improvement programs, specifically Lake Point Park, Battlefield Park, and the Meadowbrook Marsh Project.

Richard Minto


Huron needs Graham

These are times that require good, experienced candidates for public office. That's why I ask that you return Terry Graham Sr. to the Huron City Council. He has been with the council for 8 years and has gained knowledge and insight into the issues that face the Huron. This candidate will move the city in a positive direction.

Terry has served as Mayor of Huron and has been involved in many Erie County activities. I have worked with him in connection with these activities and have known him to be hard working and always concerned for the citizens of his community. He understands the importance of Erie County's role in Huron's success.

His credentials speak for themselves and make him a good choice for a good community. I sincerely hope the City of Huron will return Terry E. Graham Sr. to the Huron City Council on Nov. 6. Huron needs his experience, as does Erie County.

Nancy McKeen

Erie County Commissioner

Krabill fights for schools

Jeff Krabill and his wife Laura Lee have been staunch supporters of Sandusky and its schools.

Jeff Krabill works for the common good. I remember the service that Jeff has done a short time ago with the school board and it has been one of Sandusky's most progressive periods. New technologies and programs were implemented during this time with the board members working as a cohesive unit. The goals still remain the same for Jeff and now with the levy coming up in November, Jeff has even more of a drive to better our town with the development of its schools.

It is possible to see the decline of a town and its people with the cutting of fundamental positions in our schools such as Title I teachers who help to provide some of our needier students with the academic attention they require, our vocational programs that help our high school stand out among the rest of the area with its ease of access and high standards, and sports programs that keep our kids active while teaching valuable life skills like leadership, discipline, and sportsmanship. Jeff Krabill has fought before to keep these assets in our community and Sandusky has become progressively better.

Robert Burch


Vote for commerce

I hope you will vote to make Port Clinton and the area a better place to live, work and play for our generation and those to come. Many small business owners and their employees have much at stake. Over the years many changes have taken place, including condominium growth and development. However, we have also seen decline in vital "commerce" despite their proliferation. That is why a hotel/marina/waterpark/convention center is a better choice.

Issue 10 calls for change, which some may resist. However, the need for more exchange of dollars for goods and services rendered, is at the forefront of Port Clinton's needs. The vitality of our town, and more, the very viability of it to even exist as we know it may depend on this vote. Development leading to "commerce" can be a possibility with approval of Issue 10. There are many inquiries about new businesses which may come to Port Clinton that hinge on the passage of this issue.

For your benefit and the betterment of those who follow us, approve this chance for improved "commerce." Vote YES on Issue 10.

David George

Port Clinton