Big on plans but short on cash, city eyes small fixes to police station

In a perfect world, the city of Sandusky would have $700,000 lying around to pay for upgrades at the Meigs Street police station. In this imperfect real world, the police department will instead have to settle for about $48,000 worth of short-term fixes.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 21, 2012


In a perfect world, the city of Sandusky would have $700,000 lying around to pay for upgrades at the Meigs Street police station. In this imperfect real world, the police department will instead have to settle for about $48,000 worth of short-term fixes.

An International City/County Management Association study completed last year outlined numerous problems at the police department, chief among them personnel issues and records management.

But the police station itself also needs about $700,000 worth of fixes, according to the study. The city pieced together a task force made up of residents and city leaders who set out to identify affordable upgrades at the Meigs Street facility.

Given the limited funds available, the committee determined $48,000 is enough to pay for various patch-up jobs, including:

- upgrading the lobby, records office and the report-writing room with new paint, ceiling, flooring and furniture. “Currently, it reminds us of Mayberry, circa 1956,” said task force member John Bauer. “It is long and narrow and unwelcoming.”

- installing a bullet-proof glass window at the records window.

- updating technology, including the installation of new security cameras throughout the facility.

- removing several 1980s-era TVs in the report-writing room and replacing them with flat-screen TVs.

- improving private areas for officers, such as the training area, locker rooms and fitness center.

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 The headline speaks the simple truth. "Big on plans, short on cash."

Politics and beauracracy at it's best.

All government agencies need to stop this madness. Federal, state and local levels need to operate under a new policy. No credit. No borrowing against future generations.


" Upgrade the lobby. "

" new paint, ceiling and funiture." 

Yep,  it's always been my policy to not to solve major issues and go out and buy something pretty.

That always helps. Not !



Where are the plans and goals for projects and the budget for the coming year?  The commissioners are spending money without knowing if we have it  to spend.  They think all they have to do is order up the expense and the treasurer can just zap up the money.  Ordering notebooks for everyone whether they want them or not shouldn't be a top priority and neither should re-arranging the podium and meetings.  The commissioners need to get their feet on the ground soon and start acting in a leadership role.  The city has more important things to deal with then nonsense such as this.  The treasurer needs to just say no to the commissioners.  If it is not planned in the budget, you don't spend it.  It is all in planning properly for the budget. 

Team Striker

Why are there TV's in the report-writing room to begin with? Seems like a want, not a need.

Also, instead of pumping hundreds of dollars into new workout equipment, why not get yearly passes at the Y for the officers to use or better yet, let them use the Fire Departments workout facility room that us taxpayers already paid for??  I understand updating the locker room and training area, but why reinvent the wheel?


I can see re-painting. That's something that needs done on a regular basis. But why does the lobby need to be upgraded? Police stations don't have to be "welcoming." They need to be FUNCTIONAL. And do the old TVs still work? Then why replace them with the latest and greatest? Is the furniture in adequate condition? Then why buy new?

Once again, even though they're not spending as much as they'd LIKE to spend, it sounds to me like they're spending money because they CAN, not because it's a necessity. And ten to one they'll be crying "poverty" again in a minute, just to add insult to injury...

Gosh, I'd like a brand new flatscreen TV, too. Especially one with 3D capability! And I'd sure like to upgrade my computer, put in new kitchen counters, and get a brand spanking new refrigerator. But these are things I WANT, not things I NEED, and until I have the spare cash, what I have is perfectly functional. Individuals (at least responsible individuals) get it. Why is it that government workers DON'T?


That police station is extremely outdated, as  most of you will say "who cares if it is or isnt" But come on! These guys risk their lives everyday to protect our city, don't you think they deserve a welcoming place of employment. One that is refreshing, updated, and has resources for them to use (like the gym) Give these guys a break.



My children are hard  working straight A Honor Roll students. They want and deserve much more then they have. Unfortunately me and mom are taxed half to death and can barely afford the necessities. I can guarantee my job is way more dangerous than any cop job.


Use that the $48,000 and pay Wendy to sit at the records window and then get rid of the phone in the lobby.  Rather than welcoming, what could be more effective and efficient than a live person to address your needs immediately...



This isn't about what the police officers DESERVE. Frankly, I don't think they're thanked anywhere near enough for the job they do! It's about what's AFFORDABLE and what's NECESSARY.

In boom times (if we ever see them again), by all means: Gym, comfy chairs, TVs, computers, whatever to make their job easier and their workplace more comfortable. In the midst of DOWN times, you spend only where you MUST. At least, that's the way people who are fiscally resonsible do it...


wait, why do you need a TV in a report writing room???  Or bullet proof glass in a records room?  Who would shoot a records clerk?  

Paint, maybe  New furniture for the waiting room.....I don't think it necessary .  New camera system....yeah. 

But the rest is just a bunch of nonsense.  What they really need is to move the entire thing OUT and get a whole new place.  That building is too small for what is needed . 

But we don't have the money to do it, so it is a pipe dream.  The police department and court system could use a new place....someday in the future.  New jail, new court rooms, new clerks offices. Yeah, when the city has tons of capital. 

BW1's picture

"“Currently, it reminds us of Mayberry"

Who do they think they are, NYC or Los Angeles? 

Given the size of the city and the current state it's in, Mayberry seems like a fine example that they should strive to be like.


Just some more items that the $60k ICMA study suggested, that the city can't afford, or will not ever do. And for those talking about the TV's, they are "camera monitors", not personal use TV sets. So the city wrote a check that their coffers can't cash.


here in ohio

$700,000 worth of fixes ????? YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING RIGHT for  $700,000  you could tear that building down and start over......... WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!      this city is a JOKE !!


Why not privatize it?  Isn't that the Republican way?


I believe we "THANK" them every two weeks.

What is Judge O'Briens plans? He has the money to expand, shouldn't the police wait till he is doing his update and incorporate the police upgrades then? 

Are these upgrades going to improve their performance? 

What are the upgrades other departments want?