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It is a sports bar, after all I feel the need to be "fair and balanced" regarding a recent restaurant review of Manny's featu
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


It is a sports bar, after all

I feel the need to be "fair and balanced" regarding a recent restaurant review of Manny's featured on

If you want fine dining with a quiet, intimate atmosphere, then don't go to Manny's. That's why it's called a "sports bar and restaurant." If you happen to go during a sporting event of local interest, then you will likely find loud and energetic people cheering for their team. Maybe you will even hear "barks of laughter" occasionally, but that's why it's called a "sports bar and restaurant" and not a library.

Perhaps the reviewer's experience was bad, but I'm writing this to defend the "Best Place to Watch the Game" as voted on by readers of the Sandusky Register in the 2007 Readers Choice Awards.

If you base your decision whether to try Manny's solely on this review, then you are missing one of the most consistent restaurants in town. I know people who drive 30 to 45 minutes to come to Manny's. In my mind, that says something.

IF the reviewer's service was as poor as she indicates, then no one will be more upset than the owner of Manny's. I guarantee it. I also guarantee that she will get to the bottom of the issue and correct it. But I can also guarantee that this level of service is not typical of Manny's. In fact, I've never heard anyone say the service was anything but great.

The reviewer is certainly entitled to her opinion. However, I think those of us who frequent Manny's and wish nothing but success for a locally owned and operated establishment should come to its defense.

I encourage Register readers to stop in and let the folks at Manny's prove this review wrong ... and to show support for one of our area's own!

Doug Brown


New era for Geauga Lake?

What if this was the beginning of a new era?

What if they went out with the old and in with the new?

What if they created a Kalahari, Castaway Bay, or Great Wolf Lodge to accommodate the Cleveland, Akron and Pittsburgh market? New hotels, new condos, new golf courses, new indoor water parks to go along with their Soak City they currently have.

What if they could do this year round not just four months out of the year? What if they no longer had to deal with the liability an amusement park comes with?

What if they no longer competed against Cedar Point?

Donnell Butler