Election letters, 10-19-2007

Krabill's integrity It is with pleasure that we support Jeff Krabill for the Sandusky City School Board. He is a man of highe
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Krabill's integrity

It is with pleasure that we support Jeff Krabill for the Sandusky City School Board. He is a man of highest integrity who is in touch with the community. Being a previous member of the school board, he is well aware of state policies, state funding and local ramifications.

Jeff's two children graduated from Sandusky City Schools. Since then he has continued to be involved in the Sandusky School System.

Please vote with us for Jeff Krabill, a caring man of great character.

Ben and Katharine Schneider


Two crucial issues

The Erie County Democratic Party Executive Committee endorsed the Sandusky City Schools levy and the Redevelopment Project (Marina District). You may ask why since neither issue is of partisan nature.

The makeup of our Executive Committee is reflective of our community; thus, our concerns are the same - economic development, excellent schools for our children and jobs that can and will enable families to enjoy a good quality of life. The Sandusky Schoosl levy and the Marina District Project will not only determine Sandusky's future, but also Erie County's future.

This statement has been printed and/or said many times over; however, it cannot be printed nor said enough: When business looks at a community in which to invest, the schools and overall quality of life within the community are first and foremost in thought. These two issues concerning the future of our schools and the development of our community will - if passed - be positive impacts to Sandusky and surrounding area. As Sandusky experiences positive steps forward, Erie County will also benefit.

Our Executive Committee consists of approximately 90 members throughout Erie County. We are thinking of the future for all of Erie County. There are no partisan politics when it comes to the future of our community. We encourage the residents of the City of Sandusky to vote for the Sandusky City Schools levy and the Redevelopment Project (Marina District).

Amy F. Grubbe, Chair

Erie County Democratic Party

A leader for schools

I have known Herman Robinson for 30 years. He has served in supervision at Ford Motor Co./Visteon Corp., and on the ministerial staff at Second Baptist Church and is on the ministerial staff at Porter's Memorial CME Church, Sandusky. He is the founder and CAF of the Acorns Ministry. He is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. Above all, he is a child of God!

Mr. Robinson would bring to the school board experience and knowledge from industry that would enhance educational programs and help develop future programs thatsurpass the educational needs of all of our students. He has no hidden agendas or self ambitions; his major concern is for the youth of Sandusky.

What you see is what you get, and I see a man of integrity. He accepts responsibilities readily and carries out duties with efficiency and dispatch. He can sense the needs and feelings of others and to make others feel they are a contributing part of the whole picture. In the field of community relations, especially, Mr. Robinson will be able to bring about positive community involvement in the education of our children. He sees our students as future leaders.

Bobby Langdon


Help library grow

The Vermilion Ritter Public Library is the crown jewel of the City of Vermilion.

It serves all of the citizens, whether you are a small child, a schoolchild, a senior citizen, and as a public meeting place.

The library expansion will provide more meeting space as well as more services to the public.

All of this is at a minimal cost to each of us taxpayers.

So lets join forces and show the Library Trustees how much we appreciate the Ritter Public Library and pass this small Levy with overwhelming support.

Ken and Jan Cassell


Tremendous asset

Dave Waddington is a tremendous asset to our community.

I have seen Dave over the course of five years give of himself time and time again for the betterment of Sandusky. He puts others above himself by his service to many different aspects of our neighborhoods.

He will volunteer at different non-profit organizations, such as Care and Share, or organize a team of people to clean up different underpasses in Sandusky. In addition, Dave is an honest man who believes in working hard and practicing what he preaches.

Dave not only cares about his community, but he cares deeply about the Sandusky City Schools. He supports the athletic programs, extra curricular activities and the students. Dave always has a kind word to say is relied upon to give "words of wisdom" and impart some of his weight lifting knowledge to the junior high athletes at Sandusky. Many people do not realize how committed Dave is to his family, community and school.

I commendDave for all he has done and all he will continue to do in Sandusky.

Steve Keller

Sandusky High School teacher

Works hard for Danbury

A vote for Dianne Rozak for Danbury Township trustee will keep one of the hardest working trustees we have on our township board.

I've attended the majority of meetings the past few years and have seen first hand the amount of time and energy Dianne puts into the improvement and future of this township and its residents.

It is evident in her tireless efforts that she's the one who does the research and corresponds with the different agencies that help in the acquiring of the grants she has gotten to help fund most all of the different projects, which are too numerous to list here, that she has launched.

Through her years of service she is able to listen and talk with our residents and help them resolve the problems they might have.

She is very organized and has tremendous follow-through. We need to keep Dianne and her knowledge and unwavering dedication to Danbury's future as a trustee.

Vote for Dianne Rozak and keep her visions for the township thriving.

Chris Timko-Grate