Toledo police donate plaque honoring Ofc. Andrew Dunn

Toledo police donated a memorial plaque honoring fallen Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn at Monday's city commission meeting.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 16, 2012


Toledo police donated a memorial plaque honoring fallen Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn at Monday's city commission meeting.

Toledo police Lt. Randy Pepitone presented the plaque, explaining that Toledo police have a similar memorial to one of their fallen officers in the Toledo police building. Toledo officers said their plaque brings them comfort, so they decided to have one made in memory of Dunn for Sandusky police.

Officers organized a fundraiser to pay for the $1,500 plaque. Excess money raised has gone to Sandusky police to assist in travel costs for officers who want to attend the ceremony adding Dunn to the list of names on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. this year.




 Its absolutely beautiful.  Good Job. Thank You.


Very, very nice tribute.


i agree. very nice tribute to police officer andy dunn.


Three cheers for the Toledo PD! What a beautiful memorial!

Kottage Kat

Thank you to Toledo PD for remembering this fallen brother in blue.      Kat


 What a wonderful gesture. Thank you Toledo Police for such a wonderful tribute to officer Dunn


Kudos to the Toledo police department for a wonderful and thoughtful idea and gesture.  Nice to know that neighboring communities would honor one another like that.  Our heartfelt thanks. 

Erie Countian

A lovely gesture and a beautiful tribute. THANK YOU, TPD. God Bless.


What an awesome thought and tribute. Kudos to Lt. Pepitone and the rest of the Toledo Police Department. RIP #2083


Hey Andy Ouriel, thanks for the video capture for this presentation.  You cannot do that with the print version.  I see a lot of individuals who are involved in this memorial presentation.  This is a great endeavor.  I believe Randy worked for ECSO in the beginning of his career.  He is still well remembered in the LE circles of Erie County.  This might be the FOURTH year in a row the "anointed one" will snub, with impudence, this event by not even recognizing or showing up with the thousands of police officers who will attend the yearly event in Washington, DC.  Every year they place the names of the fallen officers who gave their lives as the ultimate sacrifice at the National LE Officers Memorial.  There will be over a hundred names added to the memorial including Andy Dunn.  0bama has FAILED to attend ONE!  I remember President George Bush attending many times.  I guess 0bama still believes, "police acted STUPIDLY."  (Barack Hussein 0bama judging Cambridge P.D. at a white house press briefing without being at the scene for his liberal "buddy" Henry Gates. July, 2009)  Did all of you forget about that gem of presidential leadership in the direction of our nation?  Why don't YOU ask the area LE officers who attend this annual event how they feel about that presidential SNUB.  Oops, I forgot, it is typical for liberal, socialist, democrack losers to BLAME an entire group to make themselves "FEEL GOOD" and justify their ignorant prejudice and bigotry.  FOUR MORE YEARS!!             


 What a beautiful plaque!