Wolf wrote unsigned letter to Sandusky Yacht Club

SANDUSKY Carl Wolf, Battery Park Marina general manager and candidate for Sandusky City Commission,
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Carl Wolf, Battery Park Marina general manager and candidate for Sandusky City Commission, wrote the unsigned letter making waves with the Sandusky Yacht Club.

Wolf admitted Wednesday he wrote the unsigned letter to club members using the club's return address, an act club leadership calls unlawful.

Wolf said he sent the letters to roughly 425 to 450 local club members.

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Mark Gacka, treasurer of the club, said the intent of the letter was to stop the yacht club from petitioning the city for vacation of some property. He characterized the letter as "damaging" to the club.

Wolf said his intention was not to confuse or mislead the membership, nor was it meant to ridicule club leadership. He simply wanted the membership to be aware of possible litigation with the city over the vacation of the Perry Street right-of-way.

He said no one from the yacht club leadership attempted to contact him or Sandusky Bay Development Co. at any point, even after the postal service identified the mailing as coming from that company.

"What can I say? He wrote a very damaging letter and I feel badly about it," Gacka said. "I feel very badly that it was him."

Wolf emphasized that he was acting as an individual in writing the letter and that it had no connection to Sandusky Bay Development Co.

As to whether the club or Gacka personally would file any kind of civil suit against Wolf, Gacka said he had no comment.

"I've spoken to the postal inspector ... he said he did not believe there was any criminal violation," said Kevin Zeiher, Wolf's attorney. He added the postal investigation is now closed.

Zeiher said the letter was not an attempt at fraud or an attempt to solicit money.

"This was a letter from a member of the yacht club to other members," he said. "There was nothing more that he intended. As far as I'm concerned it's much ado about nothing."

Wolf has been a member of the club since 1991.

Yacht club member and Sandusky City Commissioner Craig Stahl said he remembered receiving one of the unsigned letters the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, but does not recall having a notable reaction to it.

"I'm hopeful that everyone can sit down and work all of these issues out in a very harmonious way," Stahl said, adding that he hoped this letter would be a "line in the sand" from which all could move forward.

"I hope things don't get any worse than they are," Gacka said.

Wolf said that he plans to continue with his campaign to be elected Sandusky City Commissioner regardless of the letter.

"If (the letter) affects (the campaign), it affects it," he said. "There's no thought whatsoever about me dropping out."