Patten earns MVP honors in Save-A-Lot sweep contest

SANDUSKY In a competition where the aisles of a supermarket were the field and groceries wer
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



In a competition where the aisles of a supermarket were the field and groceries were the points, Randy Patten was MVP.

Bacon and detergent proved to be the winning combination for Patten in the Supermarket Scramble at Save-A-Lot Sunday, a contest that was similar to "Supermarket Sweep."

Patten, and five others drawn in a raffle, had three minutes to fill their carts and rack up the highest grocery bill.

Patten, the only male in the competition, spent $414.24, which won him a $500 gift certificate to the store. He said the secret to his success was ham, bacon, processed meat and detergent.

"I just looked for the highest prices I could find and threw as many of them in as I could," he said.

The excitement of the supermarket race could rival the feeling at other sporting events and even had spectators cheering the contestants on.

"Miss Hill, go to the chicken wings!" yelled Bobbie McEwn in support of contestant Karen Hill. "Go to the frozen food!"

Another contestant Marie Hill, wore a black sweat suit and brought along special tennis shoes in case she was picked in the raffle. Although she came prepared, after a grocery total of only $184.44, she decided she was too old for the scramble.

One contestant, Sarah Kaufman, placed third and won a $100 gift certificate, which she donated to Care & Share.

"This is a charitable organization, so I just wanted to give back," Kaufman said.

She said the race was exhausting and if she had to do it again, she would come to the store ahead of time to scout it out.

More than 300 raffle tickets were sold for the event which was sponsored by the Wightman-Wieber Safety Celebration "KidsFest" committee, Sandusky City Schools, City of Sandusky Recreation Department and the Sandusky Save-A-Lot.

Karleen Wieber said, in a word, the scramble was "awesome."

"It went better than I expected. We were kind of a little leery about it," she said.