Local pit bull owners support bill dropping 'vicious' label

Lawmakers who don't know Zoey, a 1-year-old pocket pit bull, have unfairly labeled her as a terror and a threat.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 10, 2012

Lawmakers who don’t know Zoey, a 1-year-old pocket pit bull, have unfairly labeled her as a terror and a threat.

Pit bulls are the only dog breed in Ohio considered vicious upon birth. State law defines a vicious dog as dogs with the ability to seriously hurt or kill another dog or human.

A vicious label means pit bull owners must take special precautions in owning one. This includes keeping pit bulls on a 6-foot, chain-linked leash while outside and purchasing liability insurance in case the dog attacks someone.

The label, however, could soon vanish.

House Bill 14, which awaits Gov. John Kasich’s approval, aims to:
• Remove the reference of calling pit bulls “vicious.”
• Create three labels to classify all dogs, which would be assessed to them based on an individualpooch’s past behavior.

A county’s dog warden or a judge would determine how hazardous a particular dog — from a basset hound to a sheltie — really is by using evidence such as biting history to classify the dog.

Police dogs are exempt from being classified as dangerous, vicious or a nuisance.

Today, no such ranking system exists.

Other than pit bulls, no legal recourse exists to punish a dog owner if the animal bites or attacks a person, said Jean Keating, president for the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates organization. Keating helped author the bill.

If a pit bull is running loose, for instance, the dog warden or police will charge someone with a misdemeanor. If any other dog does something similar, the owner receives a minor misdemeanor, a lesser charge.

If a pit bull bites or tries to attack someone, they could be put down because of the breed’s vicious label.

No other dog breed would face such a harsh, unfair penalty, said Keating, who owns two pit bulls herself.

“If you get bitten by a dog, and it’s not a pit bull, there is nothing you can do about it,” she said. “Instead of confiscating and killing pit bulls, now we can identify a specific dog as a problem before it hurts someone.”

Read more on this story and about how one local family feels about the bill in Friday's Register.



 According to a study by the Michigan State University College of Law published in 2005, in the United States, dog fighting was once completely legal and was sanctioned and promoted during the colonial period (17th century through 1776) and continuing through the Victorian era in the late 19th century. The early 19th century saw the development in England of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, first imported into the United States ca. 1817. 

Seems like people have been ruining the reputation of dogs for years. Guess what ? I bet they weren't LIBERALS, either..Lmao



I beg to differ, The same as lincoln was a republican the dog owners have changed also, If Tax was around he could explain it better. Liberals own Pit bulls because they like gun control but love nature (Theres somthing about the unions having them for guard dogs but im not too sure about that after a bunch of them ate hoffa, Or was that pigs? Either way liberals these day like pit bulls) Its natures .44 magnum (the english mastiff is natures .445 Casull)


Idiot. They were not thrown into pits, they were not trained to kill bulls. Put on your hat, your stupid is showing through.

Staffordshire Terriers bred in England and mixed with bulldogs (hence the bull refenence). Transported to America and recognized as the American Staffordshire Terrier in the 30s. 

Lived it


They where bread to be work dogs with the Bulls,not kill them. If they showed any sign that they would hurt the  Bulls or any Human, then they where put down. PLEASE stop spreading Info that is WRONG. It only hurts the breed. The Pit part of the name did not start until people starting fighting them in a PIT ! There are people out there who are inbreeding these dogs for MONEY & that is why there is such a problem with them. There needs to be a law about this,just like there is with HUMANS not breeding with there own KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!


Re: pits get bad rap...

Maybe cause millions drug dealers own them for guard dogs?

Most of the time, the owners pedigree is more interesting than the dogs pedigree.

And let's not forget Mike Vick. His pedigree was more interesting than the pits he owned.






I think he is trying to say the answer to your question is YES



Where is dicktracey when we need him?



   I know that I always preach for less government but the Pit Bull law was passed for a reason.  Until I see statistics fro before the bill was passed and after I'd say leave it alone.  I always raised and had dogs but the worse kind of dog is one that barks because if it has bitten it should be dead and the ownere severely charged.  I'll never be bit "again" by a dog, police, guard or otherwise.

Super Judge

Most Pit Bull owners are liberal.


keep your pit bull inside your house. put a muzzle on that dog when in public. i have read up on this breed and found that most people who defend this breed will repeat and rehash the same old crap. ask the owners of a pit bull how they feel after it killed their baby or child. http://17barks.blogspot.com/2011/05/great-moments-in-pit-bull-history-march.html  A Pullayup, Washington couple who have so far gone unnamed in news reports were hospitalized after being mauled by what they claimed was a mountain lion. Wildlife agent Bruce Richards visited the hospital to record the testimony of the victims as part of his investigation of the attack. Richards then took a tracking dog, Mishka, to the couple's home in an effort to locate the mountain lion, but no trace of a mountain lion could be found. Instead, Mishka led Richards back to the house. They encountered a white pit bull, with the dried blood of the victims on its coat, lurking there.     now why would this couple blame a mountain lion? this couple needs to go to prison for telling lies and the expense of looking for that mountain lion. what is wrong with these people? anybody know who the unnamed couple is? they need to have their mug shots up for all to see.


Most Pit Bull owners are liberal.    where is taxpayer?


http://www.opposingviews.com/i/topanimalrights/pit-bulls-6-times-more-likely-attack-their-owners?page=15  Out of 143 Pit Bull attacks, 19 (13.3%) involved attacks on the owners

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SarahTonin : According to czechurself the AKC is a non-biased organization. Sure they are! They also classify Long Haired and White German Shepherds as "faults" and these dogs are neither able to be registered as such nor participate in AKC "best of" events, despite their popularity!

What's your point?  You seem to have a problem with basic logic.  The AKC is dedicated to the preservation of established breeds, and their competitions are designed as a means to judge peoples' success in that endeavor.  How does this establish a lack of objectivity in any way?  They are not on any crusade to eliminate long haired or white Shepherds (in contrast to your crusade to eliminate pit bulls) - such dogs simply don't have a role in their contests.  Your implication is logically equivalent to saying that the Pillsbury Bake-Off has a biased vendetta against grilled steak because they don't allow it as an entry.

BW1 ... Oh I see. Now we argue with statistics because those who compile them are stupid!

No, we question the veracity of statistics provided by those with an agenda, because those of us who are mathematically literate understand how statistics can be manipulated and distorted to serve an agenda.  We also question statistics based on data collected in an unreliable,  non-scientific manner.  Such questioning is a central tenet of science, in contrast to intuition-based hysterics.

Oh my heaven.  Get another Pit for yourself. You deserve one!

Because, you know, emotional exclamations and personal attacks are how adults make a point, right?

I can just see the picture now. I'm having a great day skiing in the Swiss Alps and my ski breaks and I fall and break my ankle. Two hours later, slowly freezing to death, I look up and here comes a BIG PIT BULL, with a keg around it's neck, right at me. Uh huh!

Which only further highlights your departure from any rational basis for your position.  In fact, back in the early 80's, St.Bernards were involved in a shocking number of unprovoked and unforeseen child maulings, because inbreeding for good temperament boosted the incidence of a recessive brain tumor gene.  Fresh bloodlines from Switzerland corrected the problem in a couple generations.  By the way, it's impossible to break an ankle in modern ski boots - maybe you should stick to what you know.


EVERY SINGLE breed of terrier was bred to be a killing machine.  So what?  Pits were bred for PHYSICAL characteristics that made them good fighters.  Those engaged in dog fighting spend long hours training their dogs to fight, because it doesn't necessarily come naturally.  Pit bulls are EQUIPPED to be killers, but then, all women are equipped for prostitution.


BW1 ... I suppose one can read many things into Mission Statements. Let's go directly to the AKC page and not have any slipped words, to quote the AKC:

"The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function."

Let's look up the word "bias" -- to cause partiality or favortism. My point  is quite simple! When an organization states that one of their basic goals is a dedication to uphold the integrity of THEIR OWN REGISTRY, they admit to a lack of objectivity and therefore bias! How is that an assault on BASIC LOGIC?

Oh BW1, BTW, did you ever see an AKC registered Pit Bull? There aren't any because the AKC refuses to put "killer" on their type and function description.

Now as to emotional attacks. You call them emotional attacks and I call them humor, which you seem to lack! The fact that Pits statistically have a tendency to attack their owners is, or should be, somewhat funny when you tell a Pit owner to go get another Pit. Dry, yes. Sarcastic, yes. Emotional attack, not in 27 days but watch out for that 28th day!

As to skiing, maybe I lost my balance in a mogul and hit a tree. Where is your sense of humor? My comment was supposed to be funny! Can you picture a Pit with a barrel around it's neck, coming at you? Stick to what I know ... are your shorts on too tight?

Not sure how some of you make it through without the Xanax. Unless the study has controls in place and accurate data collection it is almost useless. I can say, passenger cars fatalities are much higher than pick up truck fatalities. Based on that statement alone you could draw 20 different conclusions. Pit bulls killed 12 people in 2011, lightening killed 26; lightening is twice as likely to kill you. That’s circular logic.   “Hand me my meds, I have to shovel the walkway” after all 36 people died shoveling snow last year. That’s three times the number of pit fatalities. Home depot should carefully screen each snow shovel purchase. Isn’t “basic logic” fun?

 gilamonster...My doctor will NOT give me any Xanax..or any other drug of the sort...I must say, days seem soooo long....Maybe I will go shovel some snow. lol


The American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier,and the Bull terrier are all called pit bulls.   Aka, bull and terrier dog, pit dog and pit bullterrier, American bull terrier, and Yankee terrier.

Don't fall for the hype:  The AKC registry DOES register American Staffordshire Terriers (American Pit Bull Terrier), Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers. 

The difference in the names of American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier were acknowledged by the AKC in 1972 to distinquish between the breeds (in the United States, breeders developed the dog heavier in weight than the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of England). 

The UKC recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier as the American Pit Bull Terrier by name, and they also register them as well as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Bull Terrier. 

My dog had been AKC registered and then UKC registered.

Tugg, an AKC registered Bull Terrier won the ACE award (Award for Canine Excellence) in 2011. 



Sorry, people that reference wiki (a user edited website) as a source of real information should have the computer taken from them and replaced with a chew toy and drool napkin.

FYI genius, the American Staffordshire Terrier was certified in 1936 by the AKC not the 70's... you are kinda just making up sh_t as you go along aren't you?


"Don't fall for the hype:  The AKC registry DOES register American Staffordshire Terriers (American Pit Bull Terrier), Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers."

Please show me here: www.akc.org/breeds/complete_breed_list.cfm where you see American Pit Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Terrier as a listed recognized breed.

Besides, everyone knows the UKC is the alternative when you get booted from the AKC, generally for being a dirtbag or slacker. You ever see a UKC event on TV? Ever seen the UKC Westminster show? no, you don't because the UKC is a joke, that's why. Full of AKC drop-outs and puppy milling breeders.


@GeorgeB    Word for word from the American Kennel Club website................

 Complete List of AKC Recognized Breeds

Affenpinscher Afghan Hound Airedale Terrier Akita Alaskan Malamute American English Coonhound American Eskimo Dog American Foxhound American Staffordshire Terrier American Water Spaniel Anatolian Shepherd Dog Australian Cattle Dog Australian Shepherd Australian Terrier Basenji Basset Hound Beagle Bearded Collie Beauceron Bedlington Terrier Belgian Malinois Belgian Sheepdog Belgian Tervuren Bernese Mountain Dog Bichon Frise Black and Tan Coonhound Black Russian Terrier Bloodhound Bluetick Coonhound Border Collie Border Terrier Borzoi Boston Terrier Bouvier des Flandres Boxer Boykin Spaniel Briard Brittany Brussels Griffon Bull Terrier Bulldog Bullmastiff Cairn Terrier Canaan Dog Cane Corso Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cesky Terrier Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chihuahua Chinese Crested Chinese Shar-Pei Chow Chow Clumber Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Collie Curly-Coated Retriever Dachshund Dalmatian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Doberman Pinscher Dogue de Bordeaux English Cocker Spaniel English Foxhound English Setter English Springer Spaniel English Toy Spaniel Entlebucher Mountain Dog Field Spaniel Finnish Lapphund Finnish Spitz Flat-Coated Retriever French Bulldog German Pinscher German Shepherd Dog German Shorthaired Pointer German Wirehaired Pointer Giant Schnauzer Glen of Imaal Terrier Golden Retriever Gordon Setter Great Dane Great Pyrenees Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Greyhound Harrier Havanese Ibizan Hound Icelandic Sheepdog Irish Red and White Setter Irish Setter Irish Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Wolfhound Italian Greyhound Japanese Chin Keeshond Kerry Blue Terrier Komondor Kuvasz Labrador Retriever Lakeland Terrier Leonberger Lhasa Apso Löwchen Maltese Manchester Terrier Mastiff Miniature Bull Terrier Miniature Pinscher Miniature Schnauzer Neapolitan Mastiff Newfoundland Norfolk Terrier Norwegian Buhund Norwegian Elkhound Norwegian Lundehund Norwich Terrier Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Old English Sheepdog Otterhound Papillon Parson Russell Terrier Pekingese Pembroke Welsh Corgi Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Pharaoh Hound Plott Pointer Polish Lowland Sheepdog Pomeranian Poodle Portuguese Water Dog Pug Puli Pyrenean Shepherd Redbone Coonhound Rhodesian Ridgeback Rottweiler Saint Bernard Saluki Samoyed Schipperke Scottish Deerhound Scottish Terrier Sealyham Terrier Shetland Sheepdog Shiba Inu Shih Tzu Siberian Husky Silky Terrier Skye Terrier Smooth Fox Terrier Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Spinone Italiano Staffordshire Bull Terrier Standard Schnauzer Sussex Spaniel Swedish Vallhund Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Terrier Toy Fox Terrier Treeing Walker Coonhound Vizsla Weimaraner Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Terrier West Highland White Terrier Whippet Wire Fox Terrier Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Xoloitzcuintli Yorkshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier History

....In any event, it was the cross between the Bulldog and the terrier that resulted in the Staffordshire Terrier, which was originally called the Bull-and-Terrier Dog, Half and Half, and at times Pit Dog or Pit Bullterrier. Later, it assumed the name in England of Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These dogs began to find their way into America as early as 1870, where they became known as Pit Dog, Pit Bull Terrier, later American Bull Terrier, and still later as Yankee Terrier.

In 1936, they were accepted for registration in the AKC Stud Book as Staffordshire Terriers. The name of the breed was revised effective January 1, 1972 to American Staffordshire Terrier. Breeders in this country had developed a type which is heavier in weight than the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of England and the name change was to distinguish them as separate breeds. 

George this information for breeds list was found at the site you provided.  The information on history can be found at:  http://www.akc.org/breeds/american_staffordshire_terrier/history.cfm

Whether or not you recognize the UKC as a reputable registry, you would see that the UKC recognizes the AmStaff under the same name they originally recognized the breed in 1898, American Pit Bull Terrier.

Thank you.

BW1's picture

SarahTonin : Let's look up the word "bias" -- to cause partiality or favortism. My point  is quite simple! When an organization states that one of their basic goals is a dedication to uphold the integrity of THEIR OWN REGISTRY, they admit to a lack of objectivity and therefore bias! How is that an assault on BASIC LOGIC?

I'll spell it out for you, slowly, since this seems so difficult for you.  

The registry is the purpose of the organization. A mission to uphold that registry is not evidence of "partiality or favoritism"  - it simply means they have a mission, and they work to achieve it.  If my mission this afternoon is to wash the dishes, that doesn't mean I think the laundry is evil.   

With respect to what would constitute a RELEVANT bias, the issue at hand was accurate characterization of a given breed.  The AKC's mission in no way implies any bias that would be relevant to the credibility of their breed descriptions.  To use your largely irrelevant example, the AKC does not seek the elimination of long haired Shepherd, whereas dogsbite.org actively seeks the elimination of certain breeds.

Oh BW1, BTW, did you ever see an AKC registered Pit Bull? There aren't any because the AKC refuses to put "killer" on their type and function description.

Yes, in fact, on Thanksgiving Day two or three years ago, on national television, I saw one take best of class and best of show in the Westminster Dog Show.  The term "pit bull" is colloquially used to describe the Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bull Terrier; both are on the AKC registry.  It's interesting that you see fit to pontificate with such certainty on a subject about which you've demonstrated such ignorance.

Now as to emotional attacks. You call them emotional attacks and I call them humor, which you seem to lack!  The fact that Pits statistically have a tendency to attack their owners is, or should be, somewhat funny when you tell a Pit owner to go get another Pit.

First of all, since I'm not a pit owner, it's another display of ignorance and assumption.  Second, since no one in this discussion has wished harm upon you, it's represents a childish lashing out that is the epitome of an emotional response.  

As to skiing, maybe I lost my balance in a mogul and hit a tree.

Again, the conditions for the formation of moguls do not exist in proximity to trees, and one may be on a mogul, but not in one.  You seem unable to avoid your areas of ignorance. Is that why you're so invested in this issue - because you know so little beyond hysterical gut feelings?


Uh-oh             1of Helen Keller's Service Dog was a Pitbull.      Also a  Pitbull was the 1rst cannie to garner a combat award.   


"Walk with your face to the sunshine and youll never see your shadow" Hellen Keller


nosey rosey

People who are against any breed because of how they have been stereotyped will never be convinced otherwise.  But it would benefit everyone here to watch Westminster the next 2 nights.  Listen to the definition of each of the breeds.  Whenever it is mentioned that the breed requires a strong owner or someone who is not a novice to a particular breed, this means that the breed is willful and could present a problem if not raised correctly.  This could range from possible dog aggression, human aggression or not compatible with children.  They will also tell you that there is no such thing as a bad dog, just poorly trained.  Any breed can be trained to behave badly, especially a loyal breed who will do anything to please its owner. 


Just for fun......OMG ....The Little Rascals had a PIT BULL ...aka Petey.......Helen Keller had a PIT BULL.......The PIT BULL is the ONLY dog to have graced Time magazine 3 times......The #1 Customs dog, a PIT BULL named Popsicle......The RCA dog? A Pittie!..........Tige from the Buster Brown shoe ads.......President Woodrow Wilson had a Pitte and President Theodore Roossevelt too.  The Target dog from commercials was a Bull Terrier (labeled a Pit).  Dont forget Spuds Mackenzie he was a Bull Terrier too.



3 yr old Natylee Murphee’s Aunt had a sweet precious pit bull.

1 month old Kamryn Billingsley’s family had a pit bull, she was killed by the gentle puppy while sleeping next to her mother.

12 yr old Nicholas Faibish’s family had two pit bulls, he was mauled to death by the beloved fun-loving pets.

10 yr old Greg Jones Jr.’s family had pit bulls, he was bitten on his head, face, throat, chest, arms and legs when he arrived home from school.

I could go on and on, but what’s the use, there is no cure for ignorance to those that choose to be ignorant.


So by your very logic, it's the breed, not the upbringing?

I humbly beg to differ. Also, I would appreciate if someone could show me the recognized AKC breed of "Pit Bull".  It's called an American Staffordshire Terrier, stop trying to demonize the stupid breed. I don't own one cause I like my dogs for hunting purposes, but for crying out loud, educate yourselves instead of being mindless sheep following the herd! 

There is no such breed as a "PIT BULL!"  Pit Bull is the name generally associated with the Am Staff that has been bred and trained specifically to fight other dogs. I know some Am Staffs that would pee themselves if you startled them. The thought of them being vicious by nature is laughable, the simple truth is any dog can be trained to attack and be violent... ANY DOG!



Punish the deed, not the breed.

Little girl survives Husky Attack.



Peninsula Pundit

These last 2 posts sums it up nicely:

What parent in their right mind would have ANYTHING, a crib, a bassinet, a high-chair, whatever, that could possibly inflict such harm on a child?

But don't have a second thought about owning one of these vicious breeds of dogs?

It shows the parent is more concerned about keeping up his/her 'street cred' by owning one of these dogs than they do being a responsible parent.  There comes a time in life when you have to grow up.

If you are one of these parents, please have the courage of your convictions to place your name here so we can report you for Felonious Child Endangerment. A look at the picture below does speak a thousand undeniable words about these killer breeds and the mouth-breathers who don't see the connection.

The responses from the killer dog lovers on this page also speak volumes. 'We don't care that this animal may attack us,our children or anyone in our neighborhood unprovokedly. We just wanna be 'cool'.'

That anchorwoman who was attacked had to have her mouth stitched shut.

Don't let me catch your dog loose in my neighborhood.

Bang,Bang, out go the lights, for sure. And when the cops come, I doubt I'll be leaving with them as I have rid my neighborhood of a clear and present menace. Well, the canine cop may have an issue, but they're a little bit weird, anyway.


My daughter's leg was bitten by an Australian Shepherd about two years ago. By most peoples' logic who have posted here, that breed should banned as well.  My friend's daughter was bitten in her face by a cocker spaniel. Cockers are notorious for biting children, yet there are no cries for them to be banned. By all means, punish the uneducated trash that turn their dogs into weapons. But banning a breed because a few dogs have attacked or killed is tantamount to banning guns because some one committed a crime with one, or banning cars because someone killed someone else with one.

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buttermaker :. But banning a breed because a few dogs have attacked or killed is tantamount to banning guns because some one committed a crime with one, or banning cars because someone killed someone else with one.

Actually, it's more akin to banning people of a given ethnic persuasion because some members of their demographic committed crimes, which is why it's so hard to reason with some of these people - they're breed bigots.