Local pit bull owners support bill dropping 'vicious' label

Lawmakers who don't know Zoey, a 1-year-old pocket pit bull, have unfairly labeled her as a terror and a threat.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 10, 2012

Lawmakers who don’t know Zoey, a 1-year-old pocket pit bull, have unfairly labeled her as a terror and a threat.

Pit bulls are the only dog breed in Ohio considered vicious upon birth. State law defines a vicious dog as dogs with the ability to seriously hurt or kill another dog or human.

A vicious label means pit bull owners must take special precautions in owning one. This includes keeping pit bulls on a 6-foot, chain-linked leash while outside and purchasing liability insurance in case the dog attacks someone.

The label, however, could soon vanish.

House Bill 14, which awaits Gov. John Kasich’s approval, aims to:
• Remove the reference of calling pit bulls “vicious.”
• Create three labels to classify all dogs, which would be assessed to them based on an individualpooch’s past behavior.

A county’s dog warden or a judge would determine how hazardous a particular dog — from a basset hound to a sheltie — really is by using evidence such as biting history to classify the dog.

Police dogs are exempt from being classified as dangerous, vicious or a nuisance.

Today, no such ranking system exists.

Other than pit bulls, no legal recourse exists to punish a dog owner if the animal bites or attacks a person, said Jean Keating, president for the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates organization. Keating helped author the bill.

If a pit bull is running loose, for instance, the dog warden or police will charge someone with a misdemeanor. If any other dog does something similar, the owner receives a minor misdemeanor, a lesser charge.

If a pit bull bites or tries to attack someone, they could be put down because of the breed’s vicious label.

No other dog breed would face such a harsh, unfair penalty, said Keating, who owns two pit bulls herself.

“If you get bitten by a dog, and it’s not a pit bull, there is nothing you can do about it,” she said. “Instead of confiscating and killing pit bulls, now we can identify a specific dog as a problem before it hurts someone.”

Read more on this story and about how one local family feels about the bill in Friday's Register.



to my opinion is:   your name says it all.  It is your opinion and you can probably state as many statistics supporting your point of view as I can mine.  That does not make either of us an expert. 

However, what I said, if you had read it CORRECTLY, was that if ANY dog bites someone it is the impending lawsuit that will cover it and not the "vicious dog" law. 

Unfortunately, courts take a dim view of cases where pit bulls are concerned...a fact, not fiction or dreaming or "dark ages" thinking.   And when they rule, they take the breed of the dog into consideration.....pit bulls do not fair well in court cases. 

So I am not rapping against your dogs her, madame, but simply stating facts as they appear each day, widely stated around the country in court cases near and far. 

I don't make the rules.  If I did, the world would indeed be a much different place. 

Unfortunately for you, I am far from ignorant  (although you are certainly entitled to your inaccurate opinion just the same....lol)   

I may seem to come from the dark ages, but just because I am old, I am not THAT old....lol..   It just appears to you that I am.  LOL.  


@ Kimo says: People don't buy a pit because it's cute.

People buy a pit for the fear factor. 

I did not buy my pit bull, i adopted him.

I kept him because he makes me laugh and he is a great foot warmer.

All my grandchildren adore him, and he adores them.

Yup, must be the fear factor.


I keep seeing comments on any dog can bite.  And they all can.  But with some dogs I think it is referred to as being ripped open, torn apart.  Those are the dogs that need to be closely watched.


Why would I want to extract all my teeth?

Clarity, sonny, 

You ain't got it.




Captain Gutz

Confidential for big_d only:

Arm everyone with their own personal pit bull, but first extract all  of those pit bulls'  teeth.

Cognitive linguistics skills, pops. You aint got 'em. 

PS You probably DON'T want to extract all of your teeth, but I' be okay with you doing so.



I like that.  You cant tear anyone apart without any teeth.  That means 70% off the people in Sandusky would no longer care to have a Pit.  The ones that should not own one in the first place.


Here's a terrific analysis of the behavior of the dog rescued from an icy lake, who bit a Denver anchorperson on live TV 16 hours later. Superb, detailed discussion of body language and stress:


Excellent blog link included as well, regarding the actions of the owner and news crew:




Could there be more to this story?



Ever notice dogs like "Pomeranians" and such that were bred for royalty dont bite quite as often? (They must be sensable conservitives, Unlike the Liberal "Pit Bulls"(You know that those inner city dogs would vote democrate))

(Here Tax, Here boy i started the liberal bashing)



Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog October 09, 2000   The dog was a pomeranian.....

To SarahTonin & MyOpinion is:  The website is http://www.dogsbite.org/  Not dogbite

Really strange things happen, I guess.  I never had the "edit button" disappear.

BW1's picture
SarahTonin : OK! You love your PitBull. You make all kinds of unsupported lame excuses. Here are the statistical facts from dogbite.org for 2011:

Those statistics are from an organization with an axe to grind, and our worthless.  Misidentification of breeds involved in attacks is rampant.  Any time police want to cast a dog in a bad light in a report, they say it's a pit bull.  In several cases where police shot family pets, where they had no business even being on the property (such as a drug raid where they got the address wrong by a couple blocks) the police said in their reports that the dog was a pit bull, to cover their behinds.  I have first hand knowledge of an animal control officer, who should know breeds better than most, referring to a purebred, AKC pedigreed Labrador as a pit bull in a report of a barking complaint, because, when he was attempting to impound the dog, it slipped its collar and ran off.

The genetic difference between different breeds of dogs is comparable to the difference between people of different races.  Even if all the scary pitbull statistics presented here were fully legitimate, they would not represent as strong a correlation as the link between race and violent crime in humans.  The logic behind breed specific dog laws is no more sound than that behind race-specific criminal laws.  Do you really want to rely on that?


kimo, very good question. See my post directly below yours for a detailed response. It is actually the DOG that was the victim of humans, once again, who made very poor choices. And yet....again....the dog and the breed's reputation....will pay the price. The owner was irresponsible to begin with. The dog had been traumatized and was not properly treated. The news crew sought to sensationalize the story. The owner was irresponsible yet again. The news anchor--a dog owner herself who should have known better--made extremely poor choices in dealing with the traumatized dog, in spite of the signs the dog was showing signs of being fearful and under duress. When the dog reacted--a totally normal response to the chaos going on around him--suddenly he is a monster. As humans, we set these animals up for failure, and then threaten to destroy them when they fail. Explain the logic behind that to me.

For the record, “reconstructive surgery” can mean as little as having a plastic surgeon come in to do the needed ten stitches to avoid leaving a visible scar. If she was mauled to the point of losing half of her face, I’m sure that would have been part of the story.

To those who think that Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, or other small dogs don’t bite or act aggressively, watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer. Those little dogs can be nasty. Cesar Millan addresses it often, stating that due to their small size, they are often more aggressive to overcompensate. It’s just that when they constantly harass people, cause friends/family to become fearful, and yes, even bite, it doesn’t sell papers or make for great nightly news lead-ins.


@ What the Heck: ' I hope we don't read about this lovable puppy chewing up that newborn in thier house. just sayin'' 

I'm gonna take a guess and I may be wrong, but you have not interacted with a pit.  My son has a Pit  and a four month old baby...the Pit is protective over her whole family and house.  She's a big baby UNTIL SHE FEELS HER DOMAIN AND FAMILY IS BEING THREATENED!! ie someone walking into the house without knocking, someone hanging around the house outside that should not be there and people that she gets a feeling about and does not like.

She has never looked at my grandbaby as a snack, she has never attacked another animal, and she has never attacked or bitten a human. 

The problem that I see is that people who should not have a dog in the first place gets a pit.  I agree that it is for the fear factor because alot of people are afraid of pits.  They train the dog to be vicous and when the dog bites someone and they have to destroy the dog. they want to cry my dog my dog.  If they would train their pit properly they could control his every move.  

It is people like this that gives the pits a bad reputation.  If people would listen to pit owners that are responsible owners (they know their dog better than anyone else) the pit's rep might get a little better. 


http://www.dogsbite.org/dangerous-dogs-pit-bull-myths.php  which ones are myths and which ones are factual?


OMG! What a fun story. Pit Bulls, the gentle giants of our society  wooof !

FruGalSpender ... They are all MYTHS! and you will see everyone of them used below to explain why Pits are such nice doggies. If you bother to actually read the page, you would not have asked that question.

CaptainGutz ... Yes, my typing is tough these days. I was petting a Pit and it bit my left hand. That's why I missed the "S" in DOGSBITE.COM.

BigD ... Actually I am an extreme dog lover. I've been around dogs all my life. Dated a few too! When I die I want to go to doggie heaven beacause of the quality of the souls that I know I'd meet. Besides, going to human heaven would be frightening with the likes of what I would meet there! I could start naming names but this is not a political comment! Human heaven should have self distructed by now because they probably would have voted God out!

BW1 ... Oh I see. Now we argue with statistics because those who compile them are stupid! OK and dogsbite dot com has an axe to grind with     Oh my heaven.  Get another Pit for yourself. You deserve one!

I can just see the picture now. I'm having a great day skiing in the Swiss Alps and my ski breaks and I fall and break my ankle. Two hours later, slowly freezing to death, I look up and here comes a BIG PIT BULL, with a keg around it's neck, right at me. Uh huh!



Re:kimo, very good question.

We know about the dog's pedigree.



From the article in Friday's SR,

Zoey's [the doggie] favorite spot, however, is beside 2-week-old Kaiden Price [the young couple's newborn].  "She puts her head on him," Kim said.


I'm sorry, I just don't have that trust.


According to the American Kennel Club, a non biased organization, this dog is considered "extremely courageous and obedient, highly intelligent and affectionate with a sense of humor. This, coupled with its affection for its friends, and children in particular, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, makes it a foremost all-purpose dog." 


 This is an issue that will never be agreed upon. I dont respect nor disrespect anyone's opinion about the matter. I do think EVERY dog owner should learn their pets body language. The dogs owner in the video SHOULD have noticed that his dog was uncomfortable and should have removed his dog from the situation. At least..told the woman to back off ! I think if the dog was not on a leash he/she would have removed himself from the situation without incident...But he was being restrained and had no where to go..Sad, Sad, Sad. Personally, If I have a dog, it would attack any and every thing I told it to..and I would want it to know/ sense the difference of a threat and non-threat...I dont want to commit the time, money nor energy...that is why I have a TURTLE named Cujo...lol



According to czechurself the AKC is a non-biased organization. Sure they are! They also classify Long Haired and White German Shepherds as "faults" and these dogs are neither able to be registered as such nor participate in AKC "best of" events, despite their popularity! I have yet to see a Long Haired Shepherd as anything but a beautiful German Shepherd!

The courts of the land look at the Pit in an entirely different manner. So much for the AKC.

Peninsula Pundit

Pit Bull = Ghetto Prestige.

That's the only reason these dogs and those like them are kept.

Take a pic of your dog, then go outside and take a pic of your domicile.

Post it here.

Case closed.

PS to Mutley: Isn't that the same 'threatening' position the anchorwoman did, put her head down by the attacking cur? I'm sure the little girl knows all the innocent moves she might make that this killing machine would take for a threat. Next week headline,'Little girl undergoes reconstructive surgery after vicious pit bull attack'.

There, no one has to worry that I got the genus/species wrong. A cur is a cur.

A bullet to the head is the best treatment for 'em.


Pundit says:  Pit Bull = Ghetto Prestige.

That statement is just pure ignorance. 

So if my son who has a Pit, lives on the east side of town, and owns his own 4 bedroom home, for whatever reason moves to your neighborhood....it would still be ghetto prestige?





Michigan 2009: A 5 year old family pit bull jumped up on the bed where a one-year-old boy was standing, with the parents nearby, and supposedly without warning started attacking the victim, the attacks being directed towards the child's head, and the dog would not let go. The father killed the dog by shooting him eight times with a 45 caliber handgun. Neighbors say the dog was aggressive by nature and were afraid to walk by the house on certain days, but family members told police that the dog had displayed no signs of aggression prior to the incident, and no previous attacks on humans by this dog were on record with animal control. In Eastpointe on April 22.

Let me see, but family members told police that the dog had displayed no signs of aggression but the neighbors said they were afraid to walk by the house on certain days.

you guys are fooling yourselves. no insurance problem no law suit but pleanty of punishment on this one.


 SmithBrothers..The owners probably didnt even KNOW the signs to even notice them. The dog hadnt bitten anyone, cause it probably was allowed to do anything it wanted to..and had no need to. You know..King of the House..allowed on furniture, (obviously, beds) walking through doorways BEFORE his human family, begs for food and attention and gets it right away without WORKING for it...and so many other things  they may not have known to show weakness,on their part. The CHILD was probably on the DOGS bed.(in the dogs mind) Sad !



Because no one is taking the time to look into their history and understand the Pit. They were not bred to be killers like people use them for today.  They were family pets; they were working dogs, like the shepherd, the lab retriever (which is also considered a 'pit bull type' dog).


After all that has been written about the Pit Bull breed, the links to the history of the dog, right here in this forum, WE HAVE THIS KIND OF COMPLETE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, in fact, WRONG INFORMATION ABOUT THE PIT BULL from somebody called "seenocolor".

This has to be a troll! Maybe I should be laughing.

THEY WERE BRED TO BE KILLERS! They were thrown into Pits to kill Bulls thus the name PIT BULLS, They don't know the front from the back of a sheep or cow and if they could find it, they would kill it!

Now that seenocolor is laughing his/her bupkis off, I'm going to take a pill. Just rediculous!


MYTH: The pit bull was bred for dog fighting only.

Fact: The history of the pit bull far predates the time when bans on bull baiting caused blood sport fanciers to turn to fighting dog against dog. The very name "bull" or "bulldog" gives us the clue as to what the original purpose of this breed was.

Far back into history - too far for us to see - man had bred dogs for gripping large game like boar and bear. From these dogs developed the Butcher's Dog, or Bulldog. The bulldog was an animal from 35 to 80 pounds, long of leg, sturdy in body, athletic, with a strong head and muzzle. The pit bulls of today descend directly from these animals.



And for your information I am not a troll.  I am a college graduate with a Masters in Social Work, thank you. So before you start name calling, you should think about the person on the other end...they may be way smarter than you think.

I'm not from here; I'm a Memphis person.  I should have listened to my parents when they told me that small town people have closed minds....I'm out.


seenocolor  ....  Well, excuuussse Sarah! So you're from Memphis with a collage digree and hold a Masters in Social Work? Do you have all of yore teeth?

I don't think that anybody around here said that Pits were bred for dog fighting only. According to the Wikipedia the breed was developed around the 1900's in the British Isles for participation in BullBaiting from whence it's modern name has been derived. That information was posted, with links, early in this story.