Reporter's Notebook: Still a Browns fan, just not a fan of all their decisions

SANDUSKY REGISTER Lifetime Browns fan and Willard High School principal Jeff Ritz was not pleased ab
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Lifetime Browns fan and Willard High School principal Jeff Ritz was not pleased about Cleveland trading Willard grad Charlie Frye to the Seattle Seahawks this week.

Ritz has been hounded all week by media interested in what he thinks of the NFL franchise shipping one of the City of Blossoms' most beloved heroes thousands of miles away.

"I'm just not happy with the direction of the Browns," Ritz said. "I don't like how things are done currently."

Ritz said most of his disgust was with how the Browns chose Frye as their starter for their last preseason game, then yanked him from the role after less than one half.

"I just think you make a decision, you stick with it," Ritz said. "There's a time to make a change and there's a time not to."

Ritz said most people in Willard feel the same way he does.

He grew up with the Browns and cried as a child when they lost. He also lived through the horror of watching the former Browns franchise ship off to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

But like most Browns fans, his loyalties to his team outweigh his disapproval of its perceived wrongdoings.

He said Frye's divorce from Cleveland may be for the best.

"I will always be a die-hard Browns fan, and I will always cheer for them," he said, "but I think (Frye) is better off where he's going."

Frye is now the third-string quarterback in Seattle.

-- Chauncey Alcorn

'I'm kind of a big deal around here'

I was stopped by a few people at one of boat displays last week while on assignment at the annual Cedar Point Boat Show.

"Excuse me, miss, are you a reporter?" one man asked.

"Yes, I am," I replied with my notebook in hand.

"I know you," the man stated. "I've seen you."

"How do you know me?"

Apparently the man, along with a few other people on the boat, thought I was Angie Lau, the on-air reporter for the ABC affiliate in Cleveland.

I'll take that as a compliment.

-- Janet Nguyen

Schade goes to bat against rabies threat

Erie County Health Commissioner Peter Schade has taken the battle against rabies into his own hands.

The commissioner, who helped push through a new health rule requiring all Erie County pets to get rabies shots, noticed a bat near his health department office that seemed to be acting funny. Schade subdued the bat himself, and the animal was sent off for testing.

The bat tested negative, Schade reports.

-- Tom Jackson

Just call him grandpa (times two)

Perkins Schools' Interim Superintendent Dennis Rectenwald declared Wednesday he's going to be a grandpa -- not just to one new child, but to two.

His youngest daughter recently learned she is expecting twins.

"We have a large family, but there are no twins in the family," Rectenwald said, "Now her Canadian husband thinks he's quite the man because not only are they having twins, but twin boys."

Rectenwald pointed at Dr. Brian Printy, school board president and said, "Now she'll have to deal with someone like you."

-- Amanda Godfrey

Cable Concerns

A debate involving video service providers monopolized a good 15 minutes of the most recent Sandusky City Commission meeting.

After discussing potential Buckeye Cable competitors and what that would mean for the city's fee collection, Commissioner Brett Fuqua chimed in with another valid concern.

"If the video service provider changes, make sure we carry the Big Ten Network," Fuqua said.

The Big Ten Network is channel 67 on the Buckeye expanded basic cable package, or channel 645 on the HDTV basic pack.

-- Jennifer Grathwol

Ultimate Fighting comes to Sandusky

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings Saturday night with a couple of friends and co-workers to enjoy some wings and check out an Ultimate Fighting Championship event on TV.

With my eyes trained on the screen, my focus was broken when I heard loud shouts and some glass breaking.

In the corner of the restaurant two men were fighting, and they eventually wrestled their way near my table. Since I'm not much of a fighter, I tried to get out of the way, but I got pushed against the table.

The scuffle died down after one man was thrown out, while the other man was left with a bloody cut.

-- Jacob Lammers