Huron teen full of ideas

HURON Though weak in turnout, Tuesday's Register teen meeting was strong in results.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Though weak in turnout, Tuesday's Register teen meeting was strong in results.

Due to various sporting events and practices in the area, many were not able to attend the meeting held at Jim's Pizza Box in Huron.

Lynsie Schwerer, an 8th grader at McCormick Middle School, voiced her opinions strongly encouraging the Register to speak in layman terms when addressing students, not overly complicated words or explanations.

"Nothing makes sense when you're in the 8th grade," she said, "Talk like you're talking to your friends. Nobody our age appreciates words longer than seven letters."

Schwerer provided several ideas over pizza, including picture and message boards, an option to rant about a complicated day and be given positive feedback as well as a write-in question/answer column similar to Dear Abby but focused on teen problems and angst.

Although she and many of her friends skim the front page for interesting headlines and pictures that catch their eyes, she said news in small doses is best.

"After reading stuff and clicking from one page to the next," she said, "People get bored. I hate having to read a million things."

Other ideas include movie, book, music and video game reviews, top 5 polls, random facts of the day, Internet links and brief entertainment tidbits.

Schwerer is just one voice and one opinion. The Register is looking for more student voices to compile a Web page and teen page in the newspaper designed to pinpoint what teens want to know about and read.

If you're interested in being heard and contributing to the layout of this page designed specifically for you, look for the next meeting which will be at Jim's Pizza Box in Milan later this month.

Students ages 13-18 are welcome and will be provided free pizza for participating.