Reporter's Notebook: A video you probably don't want to watch

SANDUSKY REGISTER During a break in a case at the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court, several people g
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



During a break in a case at the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court, several people gathered around a television screen displaying security video in the courthouse.

On the screen, a white, elderly man can be seen on the second floor across from the Auditor's office. He appears to shift his pants around and then subtly drops something out of the bottom of his pants.

A nearby deputy explained the man in the video had knowingly dropped a lump of feces on the ground.

The quality of the video makes it difficult to determine the identity of the man, and the deputy said the sheriff's office is still investigating.

"It's a crappy video," he said.

-- Jacob Lammers

Cujo or Snoopy?

Customers stopping by Slater & Son Auto Trim and Marine Upholstery and Custom Design & Remodeling better watch out.

The owners recently equipped the auto shop with security -- a high-tech, state-of-the-art Maltese dog.

The cute, furry, gray dog barks up a storm when a new person steps into the shop, alerting the staff that a stranger is in the room.

Appropriately enough, the dog's name is "Tuffy."

-- Janet Nguyen

Park provides leadership for parks

The folks helping the Erie MetroParks board find a new parks director have the right name for the job.

The board has hired the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association to help it find qualified candidates. And the OPRA employee who is helping them is the group's executive director, Michelle Park.

So, Ms. Park, do the folks in the park business ever mention your name?

"Every day," she said. "It must have been fate. I've been in the business more than 30 years."

-- Tom Jackson

Nuthead fills in on county government

When I attend Ottawa County Commissioners meetings, I never know what to expect.

Sometimes the meetings revolve around a multi-million dollar development and sometimes they deal with not-so-pleasant duties like deciding to terminate an employee.

When I walked into the commissioners meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Carl Koebel saidBrutus would be filling in for Commissioner Steve Arndt.

When I heard that, my reporter's instinct went into overdrive.

My first thought was Arndt had resigned. If so, why? Was he forced out?

When Commissioner James Sass returned to the meeting, he brought with him a stuffed doll, otherwise known as Brutus, the mascot for The Ohio State Buckeyes.

"Hello, Brutus," Koebel said. "Steve is now just a figment of my imagination."

-- Jacob Lammers