Cartoonist tilts at windmills

In the Aug. 21 Register, Don Lee's cartoon "Green power for Sandusky" was about win
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


In the Aug. 21 Register, Don Lee's cartoon "Green power for Sandusky" was about windmills. Same date had Marcy Kaptur's quote about the Bowling Green windmills. Are you guys nuts? Even the most liberal of our senator's, Ted Kennedy says, "windmills will destroy vistas while harming the environment." Now what Teddy boy is really saying is, don't try to put the big ugly, high cost, heavy maintenance, animal killing, machinery in my backyard! Senator Kennedy is correct, Congresswoman Kaptur and Sandusky Register Editor Don Lee really don't want windmills in their backyard and I'll guarantee you this -- no ordinary property owner doesn't want them either. Research says this about windmills. They are high maintenance, they don't work consistently, they are noisy, they kill unknown numbers of wildlife, they deflect ground radar to the point that major U.S. military bases do not allow them to be in close proximity to the base. And last but not least, they really do destroy vistas! Wake up America.

The U.S. Navy has the answer in their nuclear power vessels. Ship after ship, submarines, aircraft carriers -- all nuclear power. The Japanese government at one time would not allow U.S. powered ships in their ports; who could blame them after Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Today they have nuclear plants generating the biggest portion of their electricity. Why? It's accountable and works. Personally I would like to think in terms of economic development such as an airport suitable enough to bring material into NASA, which in return would bring to Sandusky tax dollars and good paying jobs.

Come on Ohio people, let Marcy and Don play Don Quixote. We'll concentrate on jobs and real development.

Ben Gleason