Sandusky High's new school clothes meet (almost) uniform acceptance

SANDUSKY A sea of navy, khaki and white flooded the halls of Sandusky High School Wednesday
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A sea of navy, khaki and white flooded the halls of Sandusky High School Wednesday morning.

The first day of school marked the first day the uniform policy was implemented at the high school and junior highs.

Dan Poggiali, high school principal, said school officials are very pleased with the student body.

"It was just like night and day. It kind of changed the whole demeanor of the student body, certainly for the better," Poggiali said.

He said the biggest problems they saw were shirts that were not tucked in and pants without belts -- nothing major. Three students were sent home for not being in compliance with the uniform, but all of them planned to be in uniform today, Poggiali said.

At least one student layered his shirts so the white polo was under a navy polo, visible when the collar was turned down.

Junior Brianne Forney said the uniforms gave the students a classy look.

"We just look right," she said. "I don't think we look as bad as we thought. Actually, we look hot."

Forney's friend Tiaycia Myers, 16, agreed and said the uniforms were more practical.

"It's cool, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, we didn't have to spend a lot on new school clothes," Tiaycia said.

Students added their own flair to the uniform. Some girls wore ties, and some boys added navy sweater vests.

There were still some students who dressed in uniform but weren't happy about it.

"I don't like them. We just don't want to wear the same thing every day," said Delonne Baker, 17.

Senior Skyye Amison, 17, said the uniforms don't really fit her style.

"The uniforms need to go back where they come from," she said.

Assistant principals checked every homeroom class during morning announcements to make sure students were in compliance.

Assistant Principal Bobby Langdon could hardly contain his excitement for the new uniforms.

"You guys look so good, if I wasn't married, I'd ask each one of you to marry me," he told one class.

Poggiali said he was grateful for all the parents' support, for making sure the students were dressed properly when they went to school.