Yacht Club request denied

SANDUSKY The Sandusky Yacht Club will have to keep its plans for development docked.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The Sandusky Yacht Club will have to keep its plans for development docked.

The club has brought petitions and requests to the city for months, many of which closely resemble aspects of the Marina District project.

At Monday's Sandusky City Commission meeting, Yacht Club Treasurer Mark Gacka requested the city vacate a portion of Perry Street or at least consider a long-term lease of the property to the Yacht Club. Such a motion had been previously brought before the commission but died for lack of a second.

"We believe that the city has already constructively vacated (the property)," Gacka said, referencing legal opinion obtained by the club.

"To put it simply, you're asking us to give up a piece of property for nothing?" asked Commissioner Dennis Murray.

"There is a legal issue," Gacka said. "The Yacht Club is not trying to grab land."

The Yacht Club sent a letter dated Aug. 17 to each of the Sandusky City Commissioners in regard to its request. Commissioner Murray pointed to an excerpt from the letter that stated the Yacht Club intended to fully proceed with the options available to it, which may escalate public debate, as quoted by Murray.

"What do you mean 'will escalate public debate'?" Murray asked. Gacka declined to specify beyond the possibility of negotiating a lease if the city chose not the vacate the property.

"Whatever options you have to take, I suggest you take them," Commissioner Brian Crandall said.

Commissioner Craig Stahl recommended that a lease proposal be brought before the planning commission.

"I'm kind of perplexed," said a frustrated Commissioner Brett Fuqua. "There are certain members of this commission and certain citizens that should be livid right now ...This decision shouldn't even be taking place until November. To me it just doesn't make sense."

The property in question includes property specifically mentioned in November's ballot language.

The commission ultimately voted on a motion to refer the issue to the planning commission. Commissioner Dannie Edmon was not present, so with a split decision of 3-3, the motion failed.

Murray then made a motion to deny the petition that the city vacate Perry Street, explaining that the land in question was intended to remain public property.

"We have been talking consistently about that property remaining public property," Murray said.

Commission President Dan Kaman abstained from the vote since it could indirectly influence the Marina District project. The motion to deny the Yacht Club's request passed 5-0.