Reporter's Notebook: School buses spotted at The Pump

Don't get the wrong idea if you see school buses at The Pump. "I don't know if you've gotten any calls on this - it's kind of unusual,' Sandusky Schools transportation supervisor Ted Peters told school board members. The bus drivers aren't going into the bar, Peters said, just using the parking lot as a rendezvous point.
Susan McMillan
May 23, 2010


Don’t get the wrong idea if you see school buses at The Pump.
“I don’t know if you’ve gotten any calls on this — it’s kind of unusual,” Sandusky Schools transportation supervisor Ted Peters told school board members.
The bus drivers aren’t going into the bar, Peters said, just using the parking lot as a rendezvous point.
One special-needs student who lives in Sandusky attends an educational unit in a Perkins Schools building, and Sandusky and Perkins each have a student who attends a unit in Huron. So the Sandusky bus drops off a student to be taken to the Perkins unit, and then picks up a Perkins student to take the two to Huron.
The intersection of Strub Road and Hayes Avenue just turned out to be the most convenient place to meet, Peters said.
— Susan McMillan

Celebrating the big 4-0 in style
Eight Clyde area women gathered for a special birthday in grand style Friday night.
Dining at TGI Friday’s on Cleveland Road to celebrate No. 40 for Monica Camarata, they enjoyed the moment filled with a good meal, hearty laughs, a couple of beverages and some unique presents for the honoree from Spencer’s Gift Shop. If you know anything about Spencer’s, you can only imagine what they got her.
To add to the occasion, the women made the trip in a
limousine for the smart way out.
— Butch Wagner

Rock band Asia — one of them — to fill in
The redneck woman has been replaced by a rock band.
In conjunction with Ohio Bike Week, the Charlie Daniels Band is scheduled to headline a show that starts at 6 p.m. on June 7 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk. Gretchen Wilson, best known for her hit, “Redneck Woman,” was booked as the top guest star.
Wilson isn’t going to be able to appear, after all. Her issues included the loss of equipment in recent flooding in Nashville, promoter Dale Sutton said.
To replace her, Asia Featuring John Payne has been booked.
Confusingly, there are two versions of the rock band Asia. One version, a progressive rock supergroup, features original members such as John Wetton, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer. Payne, however, was lead singer in Asia from 1992 to 2006, and from 2007 to the present. Both versions of Asia are on tour and have separate official websites.
Booking Asia featuring John Payne provides a credible act to the show on short notice, Sutton noted.
— Tom Jackson

Drew Scheeler not quite yet a millionaire
The Sandusky native and Case Western Reserve University freshman fell short in his appearances on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” that aired last week.
Scheeler walked away with $25,000 after giving the wrong answer to the $100,000 question: “Reportedly completed when the artist was as young as twelve, the painting ‘The Torment of Saint Anthony’ is the oldest known work by whom?”
The painting is the work of Michelangelo.
Although he apparently didn’t study enough about the Renaissance masters, Scheeler spent weeks intensively preparing for his appearance on the show. He had experience with hot lights and being on stage from both experience in school theater and a previous appearance on “Jeopardy!” but was not accustomed to the tension-building score to “Millionaire.”
“I spent the month after I got the first call just blasting the “Millionaire” music while I studied,” he said.
It seemed to work. When Scheeler got out of taping with his mother, “the first words out of my mouth were, ‘Was the music playing back there?’”
Scheeler collects and trades Disney pins. Before his appearance on the show, he said if he won at least $25,000, he would take two friends to Tokyo Disneyland for some “cross-cultural” trading.
— Susan McMillan
Ravens pullover has deeper meaning
  When I sat down for an interview with Cleveland Browns legend Dick “The Mule” Schafrath last week, it surprised me to see him wearing a Baltimore Ravens pullover.
  “Why not a Browns pullover?” was one of the first questions I asked him.
   It turns out Art Modell, the iconic owner of the Baltimore Ravens, gave Schafrath the pullover as an apology of sorts for moving the Browns out of Cleveland in 1996.
  “It’s kind of a truce,” Schafrath said.
  Amazing. I was looking at a historically significant object in the world of sports — reparations for the four years Cleveland didn’t get to cheer for their football team — and I didn’t even know it.
  On a side note, Schafrath was incredible. He had stories about Jim Tressel, Woody Hayes, Paul Brown, Jim Brown and many others. He knew and still knows everybody.
  Nonetheless, I don’t think a pullover will mollify the deep anger most Browns feel toward Modell. Those are four years of our sports lives we’ll never get back.
-- Jason Singer


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