Ohio Turnpike westbound lanes closed for fatal crash

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) The Ohio Turnpike's westbound lanes closed for several hours Tuesday at the 91.8 mile marker near Ohio 53 in Fremont after a fatal crash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 24, 2012


(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) The Ohio Turnpike's westbound lanes closed for several hours Tuesday at the 91.8 mile marker near Ohio 53 in Fremont after a fatal crash.

At least one person has died in the crash, Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed. The crash occurred at about 10:30 a.m.

(UPDATED 12:26 p.m.) The crash was apparently caused when a tractor-trailer collided with a maintenance vehicle. Traffic is backed up at least four miles.

(UPDATED 12:47 P.M.) Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers at the scene say the tractor-trailer ran into two pickup trucks and a dump truck being used by an Ohio Turnpike maintenance crew.

The crew was set up to the right side of the road filling seams at the railroad over pass. The person who died in the wreck is believed to be a maintenance worker. Two other maintenance crew members have been taken by medical helicopter to Toledo hospitals.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was also taken to Toledo by medical helicopter. Troopers said he was conscious and talking before being loaded into the helicopter.

(UPDATED 3:20 P.M.) The maintenance worker killed in the crash has been identified as Assistant Foreman John Fletcher, 53, of Perrysburg. Another worker who was at the scene, but uninjured, said an air horn had sounded to alert the workers when the tractor-trailer started veering toward them, but the men couldn't get out of the way in time.

Other maintenance workers injured were James Roudebush and Anthony Stout, no ages or hometowns listed. Both were flown to Toledo hospitals to be treated.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was Edward Mills, 53, of Doylestown, Ohio. He had been driving the truck, filled with a corrosive liquid, from Seville, Ohio, to Lima, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers.

Troopers say the turnpike's westbound lanes should reopen sometime in the next hour.

(UPDATED 4:32 P.M.) The left and center lanes of the Ohio Turnpike westbound have reopened. The right and shoulder lanes remain closed.

Check back for more as information becomes available.



It breaks my heart to hear news like this...


to bad for workers ........maybe a cop should have been there with lights on


Prayers go out to all involved and to their families.


@nobodycares....how can you be so cold hearted? What if this was someone you knew, or a family member of yours?


 sanduskygirl28 ,,,,how is wishing a cop behind them with lights  on to protect the workers as they sometimes do cold hearted ??


My prayers go out to the families who are touched by this terrible accident. But lets be fair. Should we name a bridge after the maintenance foreman? Should we? These people are working to make our lives easier, safer, and better just like a police officer. Not to take away from the deaths that the nations police force have incurred, but what is the difference. These people both signed on to do a job that has dangerous points. Is this fair?


i drove by the accident on my way back from toledo and the scene was horrible. vehicles were mangled. prayers to the workers



 Well first of all, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to all involved in this accident ........

Second of all, maybe the turnpike "cops"  need to be more worried about all the unsafe equipment and all the drivers who are not paying attention to the safety of themselves and others and falling asleep behind the wheel, and be less concerned in stopping a semi with straight pipes twice in 1 week , REALLY!!

Again, this was a horrible accident and my prayers go out to all the workers and all the families of all involved...........But these cops really need to get their priorities straight and start watching for vehicles swaying in and out of traffic and driving  excessive high speeds and stopping drivers who have JUNK on the roads and are a hazard to everyone around them.......



Really? You had to make this about you? With millions of cars traveling the turnpike every year, it's impossible for the Highway Patrol to anticipate and stop every driver who gets distracted for a few seconds. It was a tragic accident, but it was the truck drivers fault. Trying to blame the cops for the accident because you got a ticket is sickening!


 Really I don't think this is about me at all, and yes it was the drivers fault, this column is for comments and I am simply making a comment on my personal opinion, OK back off , I read these every day and it's ones like you , that entertain us all who JUST read, Im simply saying , DO THEIR JOB< watch and stop the ones who really need it, OK........WOW didn't know having my own opinion of something could really get things heated up.....hmmmm could be interesting though lol


My heartfelt sympathy goes to the family of this worker and to his co-workers.  These men take their lives in their hands to work on our roads why we drivers go speeding my every day.  I have often wondered about them out there in the cold, rain and other adverse conditions, doing their jobs and have seen drivers who could care less about their already terrible driving habits.

They go wizzing by as if they own the road, ripping around, not caring who's lives they put in jeopardy as long as they get where they are going in record time. 

We should all show some respect for these guys and switch to another lane and slow down some to give them room.  It also puts us in a safer position. 

I am sure this truck driver never intended to 'kill' anyone, let alone hurt anyone. But he has.  How sad that is and what is done now will haunt him the rest of his life. 

I hope the two other workers survive their injuries as well, although it sounds pretty bad as they were flown to a hospital.  I am sure their families are praying for their recoveries as well.  My prayers are with them as well. 

May God hold the dead man's soul in his hand for all eternity. 


My heart goes out to the workers families! My husband is a road worker for the Ohio Turnpike Amhurst Divison and they were all very upset when they heard the news!! My prayers and sympathy to the families!


@nobodycares says, "to bad for workers ........maybe a cop should have been there with lights on."

I doubt that would have made a difference, from what I heard from someone close to the investigation is that there is evidence that the truck driver may have suffered a medical event leading to him becoming unconscious before the accident happened.


yes they think he had a heart attack


 All drivers need to slow down. I feel 70 is fast enough! Slow down when entering & exiting! I can't tell you how many close calls I've seen just because people don't use their mirrors. My heart goes out to all involved in this horrible accident.


@nobodycares...I made that comment cause you are so quick to place blame. Its always about police officers or workers not doing their job/jobs. This is someones family member/co worker...have some sympathy.


The latest word is the other two injured workers are going to survive, but they have a long road ahead of them!!! Prayers to them and the deceased worker...Also prayers to the injured trucker and his family!!