Daily Log

ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF TUESDAY, AUGUST 14 3:19 p.m. -- Ohio 6 at Indiana Avenue, Vermili
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010




3:19 p.m. -- Ohio 6 at Indiana Avenue, Vermilion, Courtney E. Bartlett, 19, 1000 block of Sweetbriar Drive, Vermilion, cited for failure to yield at stop sign.


7:51 a.m. -- 300 block of Mason Road, Milan, Joshua Fox, 30, 4500 block of Oakhill Blvd., Lorain, cited for failure to yield.



7:11 p.m. -- 2900 block of Milan Road, Louis E. Milleson, 56, Lakewood, Ohio, charged with disorderly conduct.


12:58 a.m. -- 5900 block of Milan Road, Aaron Vonseggern, 22, 1300 block of West Ave., Marquette, Mich., charged with drug paraphernalia and drug abuse, Ryan Whited, 20, 300 block of Southfork Drive, Plainwell, Mich., charged with drug paraphernalia, drug abuse and underage consumption.

2:17 a.m. -- 900 block of Perkins Ave., Alon Aaron, 24, 2000 block of Foxborough, cited for driving under suspension.

8:55 a.m. -- 4200 block of Milan Road, Maribeth Sustar, 39, 700 block of Camino Drive, Eastlake, Ohio, cited for speeding.

10:33 a.m. -- U.S. 250, Brooke Turner, 22, first block of Spino Court, Norwalk, served with warrant.



12:53 p.m. -- 1800 block of Fourth St., Stephan Brown, 45, 1800 block of Third St., cited for failure to confine a vicious dog.

2:01 p.m. -- 200 block of Meigs St., Taywon Shawnse' Pool, 26, 400 block of Fulton St., served with warrant at police station.

2:42 p.m. -- 300 block of E. Boalt St., Michael J. Martin, 27, 1300 block of Huntington Ave., served with warrant.

4:17 p.m. -- 2200 block of Camp St., Cleveland L. Johnson, 53, 2200 block of Forest Drive, charged with possession of cocaine and crack cocaine, tampering with evidence, manufacturing of drugs and served with warrant for possession of cocaine.

6:43 p.m. -- Diana G. Sims, 39, 1300 block of Shelby St., cited for failure to control a motor vehicle and charged with operating under the influence.

7 p.m. -- 1000 block of Camp St., Otis Campbell, 49, 200 block of Neil St., served with two warrants for failure to appear in court.

10:49 p.m. -- 200 block of Columbus Ave., Frederick M. Williams, 52, 1200 block of East Larchmont Drive, charged with voluntary intoxication and persistent disorderly conduct.

11:31 p.m. -- 400 block of Huron Ave., Linda Madline Morley-Torok, 55, 3700 block of Venice Road, charged with voluntary intoxication and served with three warrants.

No time given -- Mark A. Dunlap, 34, 300 block of Decatur St., served with warrant for felonious assault.

No time given -- Michelle Andreian Price, 22, 400 block of Camp St., served with warrant for receiving stolen property.

No time given -- Shelly Heston, 41, 2100 block of W. Forest Drive, and Sierra Heston, 20, same address, served with warrants for making false alarms.

No time given -- Two boys, ages 15 and 17, served with warrants for unruly runaway.


12:40 a.m. -- 800 block of Fulton St., Gregory Black, 46, 300 block of Decatur St., charged with menacing.

1:41 a.m. -- 2100 block of Tiffin Ave., Stephen L. Wenger, 58, same address, charged with voluntary intoxication.

2:55 a.m. -- 500 block of E. Washington St., Durand L. Morris, 30, 500 block of E. Market St., cited for speed and driving under suspension.

7:31 a.m. -- 700 block of Fox St., Richard Pollard, 42, same address, charged with domestic violence.

11:07 a.m. -- 500 block of E. Washington St., April Smith, 26, same address, charged with three counts of child endangering.

2:10 p.m. -- 2100 block of Hayes Ave., Randy Walton, 18, 1500 block of Pearl St., cited for reckless operation, failure to control moving vehicle and obstructing official business.

2:35 p.m. -- 1000 block of Harrison St., Preston McCracken, 33, same address, charged with obstructing official business; Angela Faulkner, 31, 1500 block of Pearl St., served with warrant.

3:19 p.m. -- 200 block of Fulton St., Troy Ewing, 45, same address, served with warrant, charged with possession of drugs.

4:50 p.m. -- 1300 block of Tiffin Ave., 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl served with warrants.