100 gallons of diesel leaks into Castalia duck pond

The Ohio EPA is working to clean up a diesel spill that leaked about 100 gallons of fuel from a semi truck into a storm sewer that drains into the Castalia Duck Pond.
Emil Whitis
Jan 23, 2012


The Ohio EPA is working to clean up a diesel spill that leaked about 100 gallons of fuel from a semi truck into a storm sewer that drains into the Castalia Duck Pond.

Castalia fire officials say a juvenile attempting to drive past the truck while traveling east on Ohio 101 on Thursday slid into the side of the truck and ruptured the truck's fuel tank. The crash occurred at the eastern limits of the village.

Firefighters noticed the leak in the fuel tank and plugged it up, instructing the truck driver to get the leak fixed. The truck, however, was left alongside Ohio 101 just a short distance from a storm drain.

Sometime over the weekend, the fuel tank began to leak, sending about 100 gallons of diesel trickling down the storm drain and into the duck pond.

The fire department received a call about the leak late Monday morning. Since then, workers have set up oil booms at the pond's drain outlet. Officials believe the wind kept most of the fuel at the north end of the pond.

The fuel will not dilute, so the Ohio EPA has contracted a company to sop up the spilled diesel from the pond.

Fire and emergency management officials said wildlife is not in danger.


Phil Packer

 Nice work.


Nice work indeed! Tryin to get rid of those ducks for years.


The bad old EPA wasting our tax dollars . Who needs the those ducks anyway . ; )


Just think of all the revenue the county could make if we used the pond to dump used frack drilling material , and then trash and then cover it with dirt and build a factory on it . Come on !!! We have to make money somehow . If you agree with this statement I REALLY feel sorry for you .


Whew!! Glad it didn't come downstream and kill our trout !!


ahh it's only 100 gallons, that's nothing compared to the coal tar flowin into the bay. Who cares? 

Taxed Enough Already

 what ducks...the Canadian Geese have taken over....let it take em out!



Bluto, you talking about love canal again, only problem after knowing the Hooker company was using the old clay lined canal as a dump, they built an elementary school on top of it!!!


 they are finally figuring this out? omg its castalia for ya.


bigbirdblue: I know every town has problems, but we can proudly say that our "village" does not have street thugs shooting and crack hoes hoing!!  G'day!!


 Huh? You people don't like the ducks ?


 margaritaville, i grew up in castalia it s ucked! everybody knew your business before you did, im glad im out of that place


sounds like where i work too!


 oh an margaritaville castalia does have street thugs an exspecially drug dealers, look around once because i believe a margaretta student od at prom a couple years back. so dont go be braggin about how good your "villiage" is.


 The duck pond there use to be the best place to go when i was a kid... but when that person had to put a house right next to it, had to go take the fun away from everyone... im for one of going there and toss a lot of bird and duck food near the pond


Alot of bread crumbs, a match, Free duck dinners for the homeless. The oil will be gone, charity will have happend and no ones new car will have its paint job ruined, Its a win win for everyone. (See multitasking can be fun!!)


JEEZ people. You wonder why this area has gone downhill so much? Re-read the comments left here and ask yourself that again. Some of you people really have an attitude that sucks.


someone is going to need a whole lot of Dawn detergent to clean those ducks and geese. That stinks.


Kinda weird you said that mama222. Back in the day, we use to hunt and put the birds in hot water with Dawn to pluck/and get pin feathers....very ironic


And the bill better be sent to the truck owner. how stupid to leave it sitting by the water or a drain. come on people THINK...



are there ducks there anymore? .... i have pictures of my oldest daughter when she was about 7 feeding the thousand of ducks at that time. it was a sight to behold ..... thank god for pictures!


 We used to take our kids there in the '80s- '90s...  Fed the ducks.  One visit was AWESOME!  A goose came up to the bench we sat on, and LAID AN EGG!!!  No kidding!  The next time, we were witness to a HORRIBLE sight!!  Ducks lined up to stomp and bite another duck!  Never have I before or since, seen such an AWFUL sight!  They lined up and took their turn stomping and pecking at the poor duck!!  It was in the water, so it appeared to me that they were trying to drown it... They literally lined up to stomp and peck on that poor duck! Had to be 50 or so...  Just an obsevation....

I am sick to death of the abuse of our natural resources...We have oil/gas co.s  knocking on our doors to "drill, baby drill!" They are offering us a lot of cash for mineral rights for 5 years...What with them wanting to ship PA. and TX.  fracking waste into our state, with no regulation, The little bit (bt comparison) of diesel or the 100's of thousands of gasoline, "accidentally" dumped into our waterways....Is minor compared to what is proposed with the 'injection wells and fracking sights in our state parks and farmlands!  Get educated, folks!  It is a DIRE situation we are in!   


Both fire and police should have made sure that the truck driver unhooked his cab and had it towed out of the area and not have the truck sit there for days and still left it sit after the complaint was filed.  I hope this cleanup will get billed back to the trucker or his company. 


Call me crazy but I don't see how 100 gallons of diesel won't harm any wildlife... not even plants, animals drinking the water, not to mention ducks/geese/other birds who go in the water or use it to feed.


It takes one gallon of fuel to effectively pollute a million gallons of clean water.

Now, is this story talking about what used to be called, "The Blue Hole?" If so, this body of water is part of an extensive aquifer stretching from Seneca County to Lake Erie.

There's a lot of wells tapping that aquifer - hope they can get the fuel out of the water before it migrates.

Material Safety Data Sheet says, "Health Hazards/Precautionary Measures: Causes severe skin irritation. Aspiration hazard if swallowed. Can enter lungs and cause damage. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Do not taste or swallow. Wash thoroughly after handling."

Remember, what you can't see can hurt you.


This contaminated Duck Pond is not the famous "Blue Hole". However it is  a very important part to the Castiala community. There are only a few streams that flow off the Duck Pond. The few that do, they enter in to Resthaven, the Trout Farm, and the "Blue Hole". But this is NOT affecting any of the water past the banks of the Duck Pond.


I think it is a damn shame the way people feel that the ducks who BELONG to the pond shouldn't be there.  People buy a home near a pond to have the beautiful view but only to have the clean pristine view that is picture perfect.  The people that knowingly moved there and are "Anti-duck" should be ashamed of themselves.  Move if you don't like it. You can say ohh you don't understand but I do. I live in Berlin Heights.  I go to/from Sandusky twice a day, up Mason Road and have almost hit deer on several occasions.  However I also have seen the most majestic sightings of deer along that route as well...where I pull over and enjoy the very glimpse of them.  Shame on you for not helping to save what is only ours for such a short time...

Where there is injury, your pardon Lord...


what does spilltech only work 9 to 5 ???  they should be out there cleaning till the job is done not going home when it gets dark out...