Restraining orders filed against former deputy

HURON Four female relatives of retired Erie County Sheriff's Deputy Don Casper, 61, filed restrainin
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Four female relatives of retired Erie County Sheriff's Deputy Don Casper, 61, filed restraining orders against him Thursday.

The restraining orders accuse Casper, who is married and lives in Huron, of kissing or trying to kiss three female relatives, fondling one of them, sexually propositioning two others and physically assaulting the fourth.

Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons said Casper has been retired for more than a year and had no history, to Lyons' knowledge, of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior while he worked at the Sheriff's office.

Lyons said, however, he is disturbed that a man who wore his badge is accused of this kind of behavior.

"I guess it disappoints you that you thought you knew the person better than that as a co-worker," Lyons said. "I do think the public holds us in law enforcement to a higher standard. They expect more, and they deserve more, quite frankly."

The sexual misconduct of which Casper is accused took place in three separate incidents beginning July 3.

According to the victim's narrative, the most recent incident took place Wednesday when one of the women went to dinner at the Huron Eagles Club with Casper and two other female relatives.

The woman, 26, said Casper fondled her and tried to kiss her when she went outside to smoke cigarettes. She said he repeatedly propositioned her, saying that she "liked it, wanted it."

The other two instances took place July 3 and during the week of July 16, during which Casper is accused of propositioning and trying to kiss two other female relatives.

The July 3 incident took place on the woman's 30th birthday while Casper was bringing a birthday card to her, according to her petition.

"He kissed me, trying to stick his tongue in my mouth," she wrote. "I pushed him away, and he said, 'Come on. You know you want it.'"

In the fourth restraining order, the female victim claimed that Casper "hit & slapped me in the past."

The fourth female relative also filed a criminal complaint against Casper on Friday, according to Erie County Sheriff Capt. Paul Sigsworth.

Lyons said Casper had been reprimanded at the sheriff's office in the past, but not for any sexually inappropriate behavior.

"Either tardiness, not being where you're supposed to be, that sort of thing," he said.

Lyons noted that Casper retired from law enforcement more than a year ago, and he hopes the public won't hold Casper's actions against the law-abiding deputies at the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

"Our folks, day in and day out, do a good job for the citizens they serve," Lyons said. "They work hard every day."

Attempts to reach Casper or any of his alleged victims were unsuccessful Monday evening.

Casper is not the first employee or former employee of the sheriff's office to be accused of sexual misconduct.

In 2003, former deputy David M. Collins was indicted on felony charges of gross sexual imposition for having sexual contact with a woman he subdued by force or threat of force, physically harming her in the process.

Collins later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

He was fired from the sheriff's office in December 2003 for failing to cooperate with internal investigations.