Zoning board gives approval to tourist rentals

A Curran Street couple received the OK to keep renting out their two homes to tourists.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 21, 2012

A Curran Street couple received the OK to keep renting out their two homes to tourists.

The five members from Sandusky's zoning appeals board unanimously approved a request from Ann and John Arnold, allowing them to continue renting their properties as vacation homes.

Previously, city officials told the Arnolds -- along with five residents living on or near Cedar Point Road -- they violated Sandusky's zoning code by letting tourists into their homes for a fee.

Board members rejected an appeal from all those involved in December to reverse the decision.

Recently, however, the Arnolds asked and received a special permit to keep renting out their Curran Street home.

"We gave them a conditional use permit," board member John Feick said. "It doesn't change the zoning law, and (the Arnolds) can use the permit for rentals."

Feick's decision came from the overwhelming support nearly 20 neighbors and community residents displayed during a Thursday hearing in City Hall.

Many spoke about why the Arnolds should be allowed to rent out their homes.

For one, the couple rejuvenated a street once infested with criminals and drugs, Cove Street resident Don Mather said.

"We had a deteriorated neighborhood," Mather said. "But we got people out of town investing in our homes, and now it's just a wonderful place to live."

Another reason includes the benefits city officials reap from the Arnolds' initial investment, city resident Bob Warner said.

"I have watched hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction go down there," Warner said.

Better homes also elevate property values. Nicer-looking homes also encourage people to come to Sandusky.

"They continue to do good things for the street and the city," Warner said.

The Arnolds began renting homes on the street 24 years ago.

John's motivation for sprucing up the street came from growing up in the neighborhood and wanting to stay there.

John's just happy this months-long saga has concluded.

"People want to live and stay down here because it's a great neighborhood," John said.

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The Answer Person



Why not let all of them continue renting with the condition that they pay the bed tax to the city on any rent received? 


I believe the zoning board should issue conditional use permits to all the home owners who want to rent their home to vacationers if their neighbors do not object.

my oh my

Along with this also comes different homeowners insurance too which I hope they have since they will be running this as a business at times....






Not being mean but why even own a house in Sandusky in a town that is 50 to 60% rental property?I'm black and I will try to sell my house because Huron here I come!!!Really Sandusky really?Rentals are not the answer


 Good People + Hard Work Ethic = Better Sandusky  


You're kidding right??!!  Once again,  special treatment for John Arnold.  Why? 

For one, the couple rejuvenated a street once infested with criminals and drugs, Cove Street resident Don Mather said,  speaking of criminals,  is trapping cats and throwing them in the bay criminal activity?  Just curious.

I also agree with tq402000, why buy here in this town with nothing but rentals?

What about all of the partying that goes on at his home?   What makes you think people (that have also invested in this city) want to listen to that all of the time?  Is this the reason he gets special treatment on every issue?   Is it the people that attend his parties?   Why is he any different than any others mentioned in this story?   I would like to know of his connections!

I wish I would have known about this City Hall meeting with 20 people and community residents (i wonder who they could be?)

Maybe we are in of a petition from all others against this situtation??  Maybe a petition with names of people that are furious about his animal cruelty acts as well!



The owners need to register their vacation home rentals with the city and the city needs to keep track of this kind of revenue including the owner's income tax revenue off the rentals.  If one can slide by the zoning, others will do the same.  It is not enough we have foreclosures to deal with in the neighborhoods, now we have daily and weekly rentals as if permanent rentals are not enough.  The city has gotten themselves into a bind and will now open the door for a lot of these homes to open their doors on daily and weekly rentals including Cedar Point.  When you can't get these vacant homes off the market, creative thinking becomes an option when it comes to renting. 


once again, here we have to many ordances, i dont see why we have to ask who we can rent to. if the owner is doing something wrong doesnt mean everyone is. i think governments make up these laws and never tell anyone so the police and court systems stay full?

Julie R.

If somebody is really trapping cats and throwing them into the bay has anybody reported it?


 What about the unpaid rental tax, why didn't the register ask him about that? 

What about all the remodeling that was done ILLEGALLY? Why didnt the register ask about that? 

What about all those who modernized their homes and was sited by the city for not having permits, will they get their money back? Why didn't the register ask about that? 

Seems its not only the government that gives this man no accountability but also the Register. 

I would also like to know what if any criminal charges were against Arnold in the past, anything sealed? 

Captain Gutz


Why don't you look for Arnolds record yourself?


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks and libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


In 1958 I was born into a house on Cove St. Growing up in that nieghbor hood was both adventurous and dangerous. As a kid it was great to be so close to the water; oh the fun we had fishing and swimming the summers away and  iceskating in the winter time. But I also remember the vacant lots that never got mowed and the delapidated boathouses and the run-down residential houses. It was'nt safe to venture out at night because the crime rate for that area was so high. Back then; being from the East side of town was not a good thing; people looked down on you as if you were "dirt". In 1982 I move out of state. Over the years I would come back home to visit my family which still lived in the same neighborhood and each time that I came home I would see CHANGE; the vacant lots had beautiful boat houses with living quarters in them; the old boathouses were either gone or replaced with nice docks or new boathouses; the run down houses had been rejuvinated. John and Ann Arnold had a vision, they wanted to be a part of this change. They started buying property on Curran St. one at a time they fixed them up into desirerable places to live. Others took notice of the improvements and they to purchased property and fixed the up and moved in. Today the once "old" nieghborhood is a wonderful place to live. My older sister lives in the same house that we were born into. My younger sister bought a house two houses south of that and is fixing up to live in. My brother lives on Curran St. just around the corner . When I retire I plan to move back to Sandusky and live in the same nieghborhood that I grew up in because it is now beautiful and safe thanks to my brother John Arnold, his wife Ann and all of the people that believed in them. My name is Randy Arnold and I am proud of John and his accomplishments and for standing up for what he believes in.



Been reported JULIER.    Fell on deaf ears.   We are still looking into it.


Gee Whiz how in the world did this turn into a tirade on prescription pill usage?  Whoa...


and btw...I don't know a single person addicted to pain pills.  Maybe you should reconsider the company you keep.


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RD2 says.................Forclosure, draging Elderly Women out of there homes because arnolds dont like there cats




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained libelous or defamatory statements. Discussion Guidelines


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Are there any city or county "bed taxes" that must be collected, reported and paid? I am all for fair play as long as the decisions were based on the same idea AND...due payments (taxes) paid. Otherwise...the Arnolds' have an unfair (and illegal) advantage against other motels, hotels, b&b''s and law-abiding tourist accommodaions. NOT cool. Also (and i'm not clear on this) are there particular zoning mandates/requirements that go hand-in-hand with this type of BUSINESS (and a BUSINESS it is.).


I know that people from the City read these posts, so let's hear it: Why have complaints of animal cruelty not been addressed? I've seen them more than once and from more than one person. The LEAST you could do is talk to people and find out what's going on!

I recognize that zoning laws and City ordinances must be complied with, and it seems everything here is being done as it should be. But animal cruelty laws are laws too, and if Mr. Arnold is doing anything REMOTELY resembling what's been described here (and on previous posts), he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law (BEYOND the fullest extent, in my opinion).

So let's hear it, City employees: What's up? And why haven't you done anything about it?

Julie R.

@ peachestoo: I find it hard to believe that ANY street in Sandusky is safe anymore but that's beside the point. If it's true what other commenters are saying about your brother and what he has done to cats, your brother sure doesn't sound like a "wonderful"  person to me. Sorry, but evil is the word that comes to my mind. I also would be curious to know what is meant by "foreclosure and dragging an elderly woman out of her home." That sounds sinister. Would you happen to know what that means?  


@ Juiie R. John has never harmed an animal in his life! Thats a ficticious and vicious rumor. Prove it or shut up. As for your other issue, an eldery woman on Curran St. was removed from her house (BY THE CITY) for unsanitary living conditions and was institutionilized by her daughter. Some people blamed John for this. Again---VICIOUS ROMORS.



@ Juile R. Just to further clarify things the eldery woman that was removed from her home by the city was because she had @ 80 cats living inside her house and the citys animal control where trapping the cats and removed them from the area. Her house was eventually put up for pubic auction for any one to purchase. John & a neighbor bought the house and gutted the entire house because of the years and years of the cats pooping & peeing everywhere; I'm not sure what the status of the house is now.

Woody Hayes


Save your time, you can't reason with a wacko.


@PEACHESTOO You mentioned you moved out of state in 1882, how do you know what goes on at Mr.  Arnolds  regarding cats?   I do not start fictitious, vicious rumors.  Many of us know this to be factual.


good news!