Let the bricks fall where they may? Not hardly

Thumbs DOWN to the neglect that let the Rieger building -- or is it still the Sanduskian? -- turn into a brick bomber Tuesday. Amid
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs DOWN to the neglect that let the Rieger building -- or is it still the Sanduskian? -- turn into a brick bomber Tuesday. Amid the signs of success of Chesepeake and the promise of the Marina District, this is one historic old pile that's not living up to the promises made by its developer. We fear this is but a metaphor for what's happened to the Rieger Lofts project -- about which we've been riding the roller coaster of hope and skepticism for years.

Thumbs UP to people such as Sister Paulette Rudzki, one of the many of her generation whose photo in the dictionary could serve as a completely adequate definition of the phrase "work ethic." After 55 years at a string of Sandusky hospitals that have melded into Firelands Regional Medical Center, she can still "run circles around everybody," according to to colleague Marcia Renande. Now she's heading off to her order's Motherhouse in Sylvania, near Toledo, but one suspects her mind will stay as active as she has these last five decades and more. We salute you and we'll miss you, Sister Paulette.

Thumbs DOWN and a block of granite to the possibility the Perry Monument is fundamentally damaged by the ravages of time. In addition to being a symbol of a significant bit of local history of global significance -- you didn't really need to be told it commemorates Commodore Perry's victory over the British fleet at Put-in-Bay in 1813, did you? -- it's a symbol of local pride for Put-in-Bay and the surrounding area, and a symbol of long-standing peace with our neighbor, Canada, a former British dominion. Let's hope the majestic granite column can be made to last for decades to come.

Thumbs UP to a fresh set of experienced eyes making sure the scandal-ridden Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation gets back on the straight and narrow after years of not-so-benign neglect and creative accounting on the part of political cronies. While we're at it, we wish Port Clinton businesswoman Alison Falls well in her efforts to help right that sinking ship -- she's on the board of directors named this week by Gov. Ted Strickland -- and we hope she represents her field and her chosen home ground well. Good luck.

Thumbs UP and best wishes, too, to Pam Colbert, who will take the advocacy attitude with which she approaches her job as victims' advocate with the Erie County Prosecutor's office with her when she takes the helm of the United Way of Erie County. She succeeds the idiosyncratically successful Jack Haplea, who has high hopes for his successor.

Thumbs DOWN to the folks who feel the need to share the music, even through the earbuds of their iPods. In addition to the damage you're doing to your own ears, you're irritating, right up there with folks who think the whole world's interested in their cell phone conversations. One thing we don't understand, though, is the media attention aimed at the iPod, as though Apple's little music box is the first in the history of the world to be annoying in a loud, rude sort of way. Geez, doesn't anyone remember the Walkman anymore?