Reporter's Notebook: Dick Cheney photo shoot

Dick Cheney photo shoot After the restraining orders against former Bellevue schools Superin
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Dick Cheney photo shoot

After the restraining orders against former Bellevue schools Superintendent Jim Lahoski were thrown out by a judge, Lahoski turned to a Register photographer, asking if she shot his "best side."

The Bellevue school board leaders that filed the orders against Lahoski -- Martin Shelley and James Linder -- left with little comment. Linder, asked for his reaction to the judge's opinion that more attention should be given to educating students than a feud, said something about how he'd only comment when a very hot place freezes over.

Lahoski gladly discussed his viewpoints in front of a video camera, smiling and joking about wanting to make sure he looked good.

Did he ever.

A reader wrote on the Register's Web site at 5:58 a.m. Wednesday:

"Okay, was there a Dick Cheney look a like contest the Register covered recently. This Lahoski guy is the winner!"

Throughout the day, people made similar comments -- asking if we'd seen Dick Cheney on our front page.

-- Cheryl Welch

Sandusky's own Mardi Gras

At Monday night's Sandusky City Commission meeting, the topic of last weekend's Mardi Gras festival came up.

As one commissioner was talking about his experience at the festival, he mentioned stopping at the Elks booth.

"The Elks was the beer booth right?" another commissioner interrupted.

Everyone enjoyed a laugh.

-- Jennifer Grathwol

Garth Brooks managed to have a career after all

Can't win the 26th Annual Colgate Country Showdown talent contest? Maybe you can become the biggest country music star of all time instead.

The annual nationwide talent hunt, which is hosting a contest at the Erie County Fair, brags that it has "past winners" that include Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and Martina McBride.

Now for the fine print: None of those "winners" won the national final. They won local, regional and state contests, but the national championship was claimed by singers such as the Randy Lee Ashcraft Band and Jennifer Horne.

We don't know who most of the national winners are, but we're pretty sure they haven't matched the 115 million album sales Brooks has chalked up in the U.S.

Colgate Country Showdown spokeswoman Erin Burr said many of the top country stars who competed were likely pretty young and hadn't hit their stride.

She demurred when asked which singer beat out Garth.

"I wasn't around back then," she said.

-- Tom Jackson

Resident protects Derby Pond

After Port Clinton Councilwoman Debbie Hymore-Tester announced the installation of an aeration system in the Derby Pond, Gary Philbaum felt the need to speak up during Tuesday's meeting.

Philbaum, a Port Clinton resident, saw kids throwing rocks at the aeration system and felt compelled to do something.

"I pulled in there and I told them to get out of there," Philbaum said.

At least one council member was impressed by his protectiveness.

"He's my Derby Pond watchdog," Hymore-Tester said.

-- Jacob Lammers

Last place is the best... Register-style

Two fellow Register employees and myself took part in a golf scramble for young professional at Thunderbird Hills Golf Course last week.

Between the divots, teeing off in the wrong spot and hitting balls into the pond, we felt somewhat confident in our game. After hearing there was an award for the last place team, our morale went up even more. Still we put on our best game, ending with a score of 43 for the nine holes.

When awards time came we thought we were out of the running by the looks of the other "young professionals," many of which appeared to be middle-aged and experienced golfers. It was looking pretty grim for our three-person team of novice players.

But alas we heard "Team Register" called as winners of the last place prize, taking a free stash of golf balls and tees in tow with us on the way out. Last place has its rewards -- at least on the golf course.

-- Holly Abrams