Train derailed near Barrett Road

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Workers are cleaning up a train derailment that occurred Wednesday afternoon in the 5500 block of Barrett Road in Margaretta Township, near Hunter's Sports Bar.
Emil Whitis
Jan 19, 2012


(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Workers are cleaning up a train derailment that occurred Wednesday afternoon in the 5500 block of Barrett Road in Margaretta Township, near Hunter's Sports Bar.

Seven cars overturned, on the rail at about 3:30 p.m. including an empty petroleum car that leaked residual oil.

No one was injured and Norfolk Southern did not call local police or fire. Margaretta Fire Department heard about the incident and responded to the scene to offer assistance.

No road crossings were blocked by the derailment, but train traffic is stopped on that line.

For more on this developing story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



I hope Jim, Shawn, Sheri, Ron and anyone else did not mess their pants when that happened !!  LOL

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Shouldn't the EPA have been called for the " residual oil" leak?  Just a question ......


The EPA does not need to be called for a "Residual Leak" because not enough oil quantity leaked that would warrant an EPA investigation.  Also, since the derailment of the cars did not leave NS property, the police or fire department were not required to be called since the owner of the property did not deem it necessary for them to show up.


FlyBoy, thank you for your explanation and thank you for being polite in your response (which is hard for some people to do anymore) .... I asked about the EPA because I truly did not know.


Thank God no one was hurt.  Every few years, there is a train derailment out there. 


 I agree with "MOMMY25 says"  why does the article state "No one was injured and Norfolk Southern did not call local police or fire. "  or the EPA????? , this is just about in my back yard and they never even notified us or the exisitng neighborhoods ...... I too am glad no one was hurt, but think things could have been handled a little differently.


Reminds me of the current administration in The White House!


Amazing how many post why no EPA investigation etc.

In this case it appears it is not required. They made the right call and that was to handle it without the intervention of your tax dollars.

If you think an EPA investigation is warranted when not needed then maybe you should throw in your birth certificate with those American born rights when operating within the law.

Hats off to NS for NOT WASTING our time or resources in this case.



Think Twice ..... I am so glad to know that you are the all amazing know it all who never has to ask a question. If I ever have a question again, I will humbly throw you my birth certificate so you might enlighten me with your superior knowledge, oh great one. BTW .... amazingly there were 9 comments here and of those 9 comments there were amazingly only 2 ... count them TWO questions of EPA ....   Thank God there are still some polite people out there, like FlyBoy that will answer a simple question politely. Thank you again FlyBoy


I am glad this was NOT a Haz-Mat spill.  The EPA will be called if the area is evacuated and people are in hospitals or morgues because of a hazardous material spill.  None of you know what is being transported by rail or commercial truck on our highways.  NONE!  WHY are the haz-mat number placards placed on the sides and BOTTOM of all land transport vehicles?  So, someone with powerful binoculars from a long way can read the number and see what they are dealing with.  WHAT do those numbers and placards mean?  Liberal losers believe all products and hazardous materials are "beamed" to where they need to go by the tooth fairy.  You know, like all that crude oil from the middle east in cargo ships gets "beamed" to BIG OIL refineries for FREE.  Here is a tip.  When a rail car or a truck turns over and it contains one of the volatile classes from the dangerous goods list, it will be TOO LATE for you or anyone in a bar.  If it be TOO LATE for an entire neighborhood for some items.  You might want to educate yourselves about those placards and specialized containers.  If an explosive goes off, it will be quick.  If it is a gas, toxic, infectious, biological, poison or radioactive, it will be a slow and suffering death.  It will take the EPA 12-24 hours to get to a spill and do NOTHING except open the checkbook!  So GET OFF that lame liberal reliance thinking your federal government will save YOU!  Your first responders have the best training to deal with haz-mat spills.  There are losers who BLAME first responders for not running in to save the day.  It is STUPID to rush into a "hot zone" without checking from a distance FIRST!  With some materials, there is NO equipment, and NO saving of anyone.  They will try and evacuate the living getting total resistance from people who refuse and make excuses.  Sound familiar?  Good luck!


Love Mike's stttuuuttter about the boommmmm 


D@mn liberal railroads........................Who knows what IS in those cars? The railroad does, and it's called a freight manifest. I spent eight years on the old B&O railroad, now CSX, clearing train derailments in a four state area. Railroads are required  by law to notify the EPA, ICC, PUCO, and local authorities of any imminent danger to the public, or environment.


Any amount less than 100 gallons is considered "residual" in these cars, so how much really leaked?  Also, I know the EPA did not have to be notified, but what about the coast guard?  It is awfully close to the waterway!


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Truth or Dare

Guess they thought they would slide this one by?  Seems to be an increase in derailments along that stretch, too the Edison Bridge.  Fix the tracks already, or was this possibley human error?   Oh, darn good thing there wasn't anymore than just "residual" BS dumped, eh!


No problem Mommy25, glad I could inform you!  :)

As for you Taxpayer, I feel your training in regards to hazardous materials is inadequate.  The world does not come to an end if an event occurs.  Depending on the UN number, quantity spilled, and location of the event, a numerous different scenarios could occur for cleanup.  Before you go and spout it's the end of the world, get some education on the subject.

All Hazardous Materials that move via rail or air MUST have the following
- IATA Dangerous Good Declaration
- Proper UN Packaging
- Materials Safety Data Sheet (This contains cleanup information as well as who needs to be notified incase of an event)

When an event occurs, the problem has been assessed and cleanup crews have already been breifed on every piece of freight on the manifest the engineer and conductor have way before the public is even notified.



Let's review...  How about quickly perusing these two articles.  You might learn the TRUTH instead of speculation from those with limited thought.  Ha! Ha!

Hmm, imagine that??  So, if the location where the "bills" are kept on the train is involved in the wreck or the conductor is killed, or it is dark, first responders must use clairvoyance, extrasensory telepathy to read what 50 - 100 railroad cars contain??  OK, get into the telesthesia sitting position, raise your arms and begin chanting for a vision.....Hmmmmmm.  "Cleanup crews have already been breifed(?) on every piece of freight??"  I wonder if anyone does any THINKING before they make total FOOLS of themselves while living in FAIRYland??  Ha! Ha!

I WONDER what all those people in that little town thought at 2:40 am in the morning while they were sleeping?  Can ANY of you imagine??  Hey, let's call 911!  Oops, NO ONE could respond because the police, fire and EMS were NOT equipped, could not SEE what they were dealing with in the DARK and could NOT go into the "hot zone" to save anyone.  Some of that UNKNOWN substance took the paint off the first responder vehicles.  Hmm.  Let's call the EPA!  They were NO WHERE to be found at 2:40 am in the morning.  The EPA said they would be out the NEXT DAY.  How can that be??  The EPA is paid by tax dollars to save the day!  So, NINE people were KILLED in a VIOLENT, TORTUROUS agonizing death and 250 treated?  Let's review.  "When an event occurs, the problem has been assessed and cleanup crews have ALREADY been breifed(?) on EVERY piece of freight on the manifest the engineer and conductor have way BEFORE the public is even notified."  Yeah, YOU tell the people in this little town all about that!  Stop with the liberal LYING!  Like I posted before, "It will be TOO LATE for YOU or anyone in a bar..TOO LATE for an entire neighborhood."