Body found in burning car at Walmart

(UPDATED WITH 911 CALL) Police discovered a body inside a burning vehicle at the Walmart parking lot this morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 19, 2012

(UPDATED WITH 911 CALL) Police discovered a body inside a burning vehicle at the Walmart parking lot this morning.

Port Clinton fire and rescue and Ottawa County sheriff's deputies responded shortly before 5 a.m. to the 2800 block of East Harbor Road, where they found the car on fire.

The body was transported to the Lucas County coroner's office to be identified. The sheriff's office and the Ottawa County coroner's office are investigating the incident, according to a news release from the sheriff.

(UPDATE) Investigators from the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department have confirmed that the car, an Audi, was registered to a Walmart employee who was scheduled to work Wednesday morning.

Deputies say no foul play is suspected in the incident.

Fire officials said when they arrived at the scene, the car was fully engulfed and it was clear the man inside the car was not alive.

Officials would not speculate about what might have caused the vehicle to catch fire.

Read more about this incident in Thursday's Register.




I can't understand how this is "no foul play". Under the circimstances, it just seems a little early to make that judgement.


The man in the car had a heart attack and was smoking a cigar at the time. This is what caused the fire.  And quite frankly, some of you people are just cruel and unusual when it comes to things like this. The man does have a family, so could you be a little kinder. Ya know, have a heart or what they call human!


FYI to you weirdos who ASSUME the most bizarre stories....the man who passed away in the burning vehicle was a very nice man and no where near suicidal....and there was NOT foul play involved, it was just an unfortunate event due to the car...he was a very happy man who did in fact work at walmart...and he was NOT smoking a cigar at this time, the cause is being linked to the car as it was an older vehicle and he may have slumped over and put his foot on the gas and revved his engine to cause it to overheat and catch is UNRELATED to anything you people are talking about. It was simply a tragic event and leave it at that.

also, please. get a life and stop speculating. I know the family personally as well as the deceased for a very long time....move on and find something else to speak about.

Thank you


assume.  to make an a** of u and me.

the one that mi...

Sadly, autopsy reports cause of death to be self inflected gunshot wound. So yes, he did kill himslef. It is very sad to think that his life seemed that bad for him to do this, and no one knew he felt like this. He was a wonderful person and i enjoyed our talks at walmart. He will be greatly missed and loved by so many. I pray he is at peace now and my the Lord comfort all his family and friends and give them peace and strength to get through this.



 The person who claimed to know how this man felt and how happy he was probably should not have speculated themselves! Just because someone can put on a happy face and go to work or put on a happy face in front of "friends" does not make one a happy person! It makes that person a good actor or a very strong person up until the breaking point! Shame on you for getting on here and reading people up one side and down the other when it is you that ended up with egg on your face! Not saying anyone wants to be right about the situation and it doesn't make it any easier on the family who are dealing with this tragedy. It's a shame no matter how it all came about! No one ever really knows what is going on with someone! RIP sir!