Eagles fly

Thumbs UP to the bald eagle and its bounce back from endangered status -- and to the possibility more of us may be able to see this
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP to the bald eagle and its bounce back from endangered status -- and to the possibility more of us may be able to see this majestic raptor at its various nesting sites in Erie County as Erie MetroParks reconsiders its eagle-watching policy. Human encroachment on the national bird has been limited because its foothold on survival was tenuous for so many years, but its removal from endangered status says we've been doing something right environmentally. Let's not undo it.

Thumbs UP and a wave of the magic wand to Harry Potter, teenaged king of a book and movie empire, for keeping kids interested in reading and in the oddly traditional values of sticking with your friends and staying true to yourself. And to those who denounce the young wizard as "anti-Christian," -- hey, if you know of any kids who've run off and formed covens and unleashed the Dark Arts on us unsuspecting muggles, you let us know. Ahh, who are we kidding? You probably cheered for Professor Umbridge anyway.

Thumbs UP to Bellevue track coach Shawn Beamer, who's going to the Olympics -- well, not quite the Olympics, and not for a chance at personal glory, but for a chance to learn how to teach his young charges even better than he apparently does now. He'll be learning from those who coach those who go for the gold, and there are plenty of young Redmen who'll attest he's given them better than gold.

Thumbs UP and a large popcorn to Janet Doughty and Steve Witter, local cousins who are the new owners of Norwalk's Star View Drive-in. As this particular slice of Americana fades from the landscape -- most notably, for us, the Sandusky Drive-in which will become a park -- it's nice to know it'll stay alive and well close by. It's enough they're local, but knowing they have a long and happy history with the Star View is a plus.

Thumbs DOWN and a computer virus to some of the folks in the Register's online forum for what they've said about the people involved in the tragic shooting death on Grant Avenue over the weekend. We hope whoever's reading this to you tells you to be the front end of the horse for a change, OK?

Thumbs DOWN and a fizzled fuse to those who, for some reason, think it's great fun to hoax a bomb call. We can only hope the hot water in which our most notorious hoaxer, the ex-waitress who turned a scribble on a napkin into two nonexistent "Arabic" men and a threat against Davis-Besse, finds herself serves as an object lesson. We can hope, but we probably won't expect -- and our safety forces will waste time and treasure we'll one day wish they'd had available to spend on some real threat.

Thumbs DOWN and a cat scratch to folks who can't be bothered with the Humane Society, preferring the side of the road at night to dispense with inconvenient kittens. Fortunately, there are people such as Dan Rodgers, who was in the right place at the right time on Ransom Road with his bicycle.

Thumbs UP for the Put-in-Bay community mural. Two Cleveland artists framed the basic sketch, but the texture of the painting, with all the little facets of life on the island including a hunk of wood from a historic house, was applied by 230 islanders and island lovers. Without a doubt, that painting IS Put-in-Bay.