Reporter's Notebook

A bad case of the munchies A 46-year-old woman working at Save-a-Lot on W. Perkins Avenue told polic
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


A bad case of the munchies

A 46-year-old woman working at Save-a-Lot on W. Perkins Avenue told police a man approached her in the afternoon July 1 and asked if she had seen another man carrying items out of the store.

She told him no but then noticed that the man had a bag of chips stuffed down the front of his pants, the police report said. After being confronted about the chips, the man walked out the front door.

The woman told police she watched him get into a vehicle with Tennessee plates and head west on Perkins Avenue. Officers from Sandusky and Perkins Township checked the area but were unable to locate the man -- or the chips.

-- Holly Abrams

Want proof? Look at the lawyer's tie

Maybe lakefront property owners should ease their criticism of Gov. Ted Strickland.

The necktie of Strickland's lawyer shows the governor is serious about changing his policy on Lake Erie beaches.

Strickland has been under fire for not fulfilling campaign promises to protect the rights of Lake Erie property owners. The governor, who recently ordered a change in policy, was ready to show he was serious when he recently met with state Sen. Tim Grendell, R-Chesterfield.

During the meeting, the governor left the room to fetch his top lawyer, Kent Markus, who wears a necktie every day that reflects what he is working on.

"(He) was wearing a tie with a bunch of fish on it," Grendell said.

And sure enough, the governor's lawyer had been working on the lake issue all day, Grendell said.

-- Tom Jackson

Mute button malfunction

While listening intently to fellow Huron councilwoman Marilyn Shearer discuss fire levy statistics, councilwoman Nancy Thornhill decided to start her computer for a little Internet research.

The calm cadence of Shearer's speech was slightly interrupted by the sounds of Thornhill's computer coming to life.

Mayor Terry E. Graham Sr. did not serve Thornhill with a detention to stay after the meeting.

-- Wayne Baker

Forget the drag racing, I want ice cream

Last weekend at the Motorsports Park in Norwalk, a young boy was enjoying a day of hot rod racing when the heat became a little too much.

Mom was asked to take him to Wild Bill's Ice Cream saloon behind the grandstand for some Toft's ice cream -- $1 for a pound. The youngster jetted from his seat, dragging his mom along.

When they saw the line was at a healthy length, the boy said, "My mom said it's OK to wait."

Funny thing, though -- his mom's lips never moved.

-- Wayne Baker

More than just bird houses

Harold Bailey of Bellevue recently was featured in the Register for his unique, handmade bird houses.

But his real passion is making model, fictitious 1955-era restaurants along Route 66. He said he wanted a place for all the model cars to go while driving along the route.

-- Laura Collins

Teen running from cops

A young teen was riding a bicycle through Luther Home of Mercy, Williston, June 29, just after midnight. A boy matching his description was suspected of stealing a vehicle earlier in the week.

As he left the area, the boy told a woman, "Hi. I'm running from the sheriff."

Police did not find him.

-- Jacob Lammers