Koonce, Krabill clash

Sandusky school board member Richard Koonce started the year off with a bang Monday when he asked fellow board member Jeff Krabill to explain his decision to run for county treasurer.
Annie Zelm
Jan 11, 2012


Sandusky school board member Richard Koonce started the year off with a bang Monday when he asked fellow board member Jeff Krabill to explain his decision to run for county treasurer.

Krabill, re-elected to the school board in November, has announced plans to run for the Erie County treasurer's spot.

Koonce said Krabill’s decision creates a perception he’s a politician first, merely occupying a seat on the board until he’s elected to the position he really wants.

Krabill, however, said Koonce is upset about the outcome of the November election, in which incumbent Tracy Shoemo and challengers Racquel Pace and Darwitt Garrett lost to newcomer Martha Stauffer Murray and incumbents Krabill and King Baer.

Said Krabill: “I just think there’s a better way to handle an election loss than the way Richard’s handling it. I’ve been around the block before, and I understand politics. This is political. I don’t worry too much about it.” 

Said Koonce: "I have a problem when partisan politics rule the day."

For more on this curious dispute, pick up Wednesday's Register.  



Koonce has made an excellent point.  Krabill just got elected in by the voters for school board and he is out looking around for another job.  That to me, is a slap in the face to the very people that elected Mr. Krabill. If Krabill was that unhappy, why not bow out and give someone a chance at the school board seat that really wanted the job and wanted to make a difference. Krabill has just about submitted his name for every elected position in the area that you can imagine is open to him whether he is qualified or not.  The last one just recently was city manager, the one before that was State representative. Krabill needs to make up his mind what job he really wants and stick with it, at least until his school board seat is up for re-election again, at least give it that kind of respect.  Announcing his intention to run for another seat two months into his re-election, is an absolute insult.  


 school board positions are not full time  jobs   even though members dedicate many hours of their day to the service of their schools and community.  while it might be  unique to see a member pursue another elected position, it is not unusal to  have or  seek fulltime employment.  leave the politics out and work together  for  our kids.


 school board positions are not full time  jobs   even though members dedicate many hours of their day to the service of their schools and community.  while it might be  unique to see a member pursue another elected position, it is not unusal to  have or  seek fulltime employment.  leave the politics out and work together  for  our kids.


This is silly.  If Krabill were seeking a new job in the public sector, would Koonce care?  Being on a board has nothing to do with what you do for a living. 


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hey koonce, plain and simple, none of your business


 Being on a school board is not a full-time occupation. If Mr. Krabill is elected treasurer there is no reason he won't or couldn't keep his position on the school board.

What's all the fuss about?

R U Serious

  Wow is it that hard to understand or what. The school board is a part time job that can and will be fulfilled with any full time job he may hold. I'm sure mister Koonce will agree that holding a full time job shouldn't interfere with the time neccesary to function properyl as a board member.


Heck, it isn't even a PART TIME job.  Board member receive a small stipend for their time.


Thanks Rich, give them another reason to sterio type the black race.

Just Sayin IMHO

Maybe he did it because he's an adult and can do what he wants? Maybe he doens't see his seat on the board as settling, but as a learning tool to help him in office, should he be elected. Why does it always seem like when someone wants to better themselves, they are made to feel as tho they are screwing someone else over? Why cant they just be happy and support their colleague?

Erie Countian

I don't see why it would be a problem for Krabill to be county treasurer AND a school board member. Having said that, I am always amused by Mr. Krabill, always trying and trying to get elected for ANYTHING he can think of, but never quite getting there (except for the school board). He seems like a guy who is DESPERATE to hold some kind of political office.


   Sandusky Residents, You think you have trouble with your board, I wish all of our Jack As#$@ would find another job.  They have never represented the will of the majority of the people.  After the screwing the Perkins board just gave all us residents, they could all resign.  It is costing all of us over 200 dollars a year immediately, we''ll get the exact number shortly.  I will "NEVER" patronize Schuster's Cookers or Perkins Pancake House again.  They just stole money from us plain and simple. 


Krabill is not a politician, he is a wanna-be amatuer version of a politician.


I agree with Just Sayin IMHO. I DON'T agree with Mr. Koonce.

Right now, Koonce's only complaint is that Mr. Krabill decided to run for County Treasurer. Later on, if Krabill starts missing School Board meetings to attend campaign events, or if Krabill starts defaulting on some other Board member responsibilities because he's busy knocking on doors, I'll listen to what Koonce has to say. But right now? Sounds more like Koonce has a serious case of puckered lips from all of the sour grapes he's been ingesting.

Man of the Republic

Like Jeff says in the video, he wouldn't take over for another school year and a half! If he thinks that there is a need to fulfill in the community, then what place is it for any of us to question that? I don't call into question what Koonce does in his spare time... stop the complaining and just focus on yourselves.


Krabill should have just said we all hold jobs outside this board position and left it at that. Even if the job starts tomorrow, its irellevent.


Koonce is only out for himself,  You saw he bought school buildings for almost nothing.


Krabill is a least educated and honorable


What stake does Koonce have in this? Talk about being a politician first, then leave the politics off the table. All you're donig is taking the focus off the kids, and putting it on yourself. Krabill has a great track record of being their for that school system and those kids, what is your track record, Mr. Koonce?


That meeting was NOT the forum for that discussion.  If he had a question like that it should have been brought up face to face with him OUTSIDE the meeting, not there. 

To what end did Koonz expect an answer or a purpose?  It seems that was nothing more than a question to raise a problem. 

Mr. Koonz, stick to your job to which you were elected.  That is NOT to police your fellow members, but to do the work of the school board.  It isn't your job to stick your nose into what other members may or may not do with their lives. 

You were WAY out of line and you should PUBLICALLY apologize, just like you PUBLICALLY insulted your fellow member.  And you should do it at the next meeting! 

After that, stick to what you were elected to do and nothing more.  Heaven knows, there is enough there to do. 

Man of the Republic

@Wired is right, it wasn't Koonce's place to call someone out in a public forum. It seems like there had to have been far greater issues to discuss at a Sandusky School Board meeting than whether a member wants to act on his right as an American and run for an office. It just goes to show whats wrong with people like this in Sandusky, people who want to stick their nose in other people's business.


Krabill ran for Sandusky BOE in 1999  .

He resigned to get the tax abatement on his condos downtown. While he off the school board, his wife was appointed to a high up position in   Sandusky Adult Education.

He then re-ran for BOE, 'cause "kids come first". Then ran for OH-80. Now he's running for treasurer?

Looks like an agenda to me.


krabill voted against giving away the $5 schools to koonce.


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T. A. Schwanger

11:00 PM
Sep 14

SANDUSKY The agenda for tonight’s Sandusky school board meeting is a full one.

One item the board will vote on is the sale of the Barker, Campbell and Madison buildings. They would go up for auction Oct. 24.

The school board approved the sale 3-1. King Baer, Faith Denslow and Tom Patterson voted yes, while Jeff Krabill voted no and Tracy Shoemo abstained.

If I recall correctly, the elementary school buildings purchaed by Dr. Koonce were auctioned off to the highest bidder and bidding was open to everyone and advertised as such.

A tip of the hat to Dr. Koonce for his efforts.


@ Gull... If he thinks he can make a difference in the Statehouse or in the Treasurer's office, then why shouldn't he run for it? He has always been a fine member in the community; agenda or not he has done alot for Sandusky and Erie County


You forgot that Krabill ran for erie county commissioner and LOST that too.  He seems to run for everything and never wins except for boe.  What does that tell us???  Keep up the great work Dr Koonce! 


@Bull sounds like a normal Sandusy ignorant claim. Keep up the good work Koonce, your nose deserves to be in everyone else's business because your life outside the School board is perfect.


@Bull sounds like a normal Sandusy ignorant claim. Keep up the good work Koonce, your nose deserves to be in everyone else's business because your life outside the School board is perfect.


@charger - ignorant??   Do you know the difference between the use of the word there and their?  It would appear you do not!  Who is the ignorant one??  Gull-iver said it best. DR Koonce has a right to ask what his intentions are.  Nice job Dr Koonce!


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yea im the first person to ever make a grammatical error on an online forum, way to avoid the issue Bull, it seems your type is good at those sorts of things.


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The tt's picture
The tt

If people have a problem with Krabill running for more than one election in his lifetime, than an equal number of stones could be thrown at Koonce.  The man's sour grapes are undeniable; late on election night, he was moaning to Matt Westerhold.

Man of the Republic

Say what you will about Krabill, but no one can argue that the man is anything but fiscally sound. He has always had the school system's back and has always sought to do things as cost effectively as possible. That means voting not to let go property worth hundreds of thousands go for a few bucks to a dunce like Koonce.


If you also will notice it was Koonce's three buddies that voted yes.  The only one that voted no is the one Koonce is picking on with no reason to be doing so.


This is an good example of the cancer that is growing in our school district. No its not Mr Koonce. In fact Mr Koonce might be the only person who can deliver our children from this evil. This evil has been growing for three years now and its time to stop it before more damage is done. I don’t always agree with his methods, nor have I voted for the candidates he has endorsed. Questioning Mr Krabill's in open forum was not appropriate. However, I think Mr Koonce should take his line of questioning a step further and ask the Superintendent of the school district if he has applied for the position in Lorain. If this is the case, what does it say about his commitment to the Children of the Sandusky City Schools and his ability to deal with the cancer growing within the school district.How much damage will be done before someone steps in.



@charger - stop crying would you!  I addressed the issue.  Dr Koonce has a right to ask the question.  Notice Krabill's face is all red?  You called me ignorant but you start crying when you are called out!  WOW!!  I agree with Schwanger's post.  Nice job Dr Koonce!  We know your type don't we chargerette!  lol

super fan

even my peoples dont be careing whats koocey has to say


I'm crying Bull? hahaha thats rich. Seeing how you're running to the defense and whining along with Sour Grapes Koonce. He didn't get his way and he is trying to call Krabill out on an issue that he has no business in. The only "cancer" in this town are people who worry so much about what everyone else is doing and don't worry about whats goin on in their own house.


@chargerette - steal my comment?  wow - why don't you come up with your own thought??  I see you are still crying.  Bottom line -  Dr Koonce can ask the question - we live in a free country!!  Now dry your eyes and move on!  Does anyone think Krabill has a chance at winning??   NO! 


Another classic ignorant lib argument from Bull! Allow me to do a rereading of our founding documents to try and discover where it says that all men have the unalienable rights of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of sticking their noses in their neighbors business." The free society that you are using for your defense is the same free society Jeff Krabill lives in. Krabill can run for whatever office he pleases and lose a thousand times if he chooses. Its not your business, my business, Sour Grape Koonce's business, or anyone's business to tell him he cant. If Koonce really has an issue, then he should do it the man's way and take Krabill aside and discuss his issue with him in person. Then they can talk it out man to man, but when you call him out in front of everyone it shows that you have a hidden agenda yourself.

Man of the Republic

To assert that Mr. Krabill has no chance at winning the Treasurer's spot seems a little unfair. I think that with some of the nonsense that has been going on in that office, Jeff has a pretty good shot in this race. Really, anyone that is questioning Jeff's decision to run is doing him a disservice. He is a good man that does so much for the City and the Schools. You are entitled to your opinions, but what Koonce did, and the manner in which he did it, was pretty immature and unjust. 


@chargerette - OMG - stop with all the crying!!  Read the First Amendment!!  Once you have read that you may (I doubt it ) understand why Dr Koonce is allowed to ask that question!  Now I ask you, who is truly the ignorant one??  Why you, of course.  Do all of us a favor and go blot your tears - its not how a man handles things!  lol


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Just because your opinion does not agree with others, must you resort to name calling??  @charger - give it up man - let others have their opinion.  Discuss things like a man!  In my opinion, I don't much care for Krabill.  I had him as an instructor at Frielands and was not impressed at all.  He has run for many many offices (which he surely is entitled too) but without success, with the exception of the boe.  The fact he has not had success, speaks volumes.  However, let him run again, but at least be upfront with the boe.  The way he handled it does not look good at all.  Could Dr Koonce have handled it differently?  Sure, but it was his right to ask it how and when he did.  I do think the question needed to be asked.  Krabill's response was weak - he seemed to stumble with his words.  It really has me wondering. 


Bullwinkle, its not that Koonce doesn't have the RIGHT to ask the question.  Of course he does.  But his asking the question makes him look silly, as if he thinks being a school board member is a full time job.  If other board members seek new full time jobs, will he question all of them publicly?

Man of the Republic

I think that Charger, despite his inability to use any tact whatsoever, has a point. Koonce may be entitled to his opinion, but its not really his job as a school board member to start policing the other members of the board. Just because I have a first amendment right to do something doesn't mean it is at all proper to do something in every situation. One can't simply yell "fire" in a movie theatre. Furthermore, as a matter of propriety, one should be kept to class and respect in the workplace and on committees such as the school board. With that being said, I think that Koonce was way out of line to do something like that, and if Krabill stumbles over his words then its simply because he shouldn't have to be prepared to defend himself when there are far more pressing issues facing SCS.


The big difference is shouting fire in a crowded movie theatre is against the law, but Dr Koonce's question is not.  I really don't think it made him look silly.  To be fair, how do we know if Dr Koonce asked him one to one and didn't get an answer?  It is not about the boe being a full time job.  If, before the election, Krabill came out and said he was running for county office as well, would he have won the boe seat?  The voters might have cast their vote for someone else.  In my opinion, it was a fair question.  I would have rather had Krabill be up front about his intentions.  It just doesn't look good.  He seemed so uneasy answering the question - playing with his pen the whole time.  Also, has it been determined if he can be on the boe and hold a county office?  Can he be on the boe and run for a county office?  Is this a conflict of interest?  Stay tuned.


remembering...you might not have known it but YOU hit the nail right on the head.  Good work.