Police investigate shooting on East Madison Street

Police are investigating a late-night shooting in the 600 block of E. Madison St. that left at least two bullets embedded in a home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2012


Police are investigating a late-night shooting in the 600 block of E. Madison St. that left at least two bullets embedded in a home.

It's not known at this time if anyone was injured in the shooting. A man who lives on the street tells the Register he woke up at about midnight when he heard 10 to 15 shots fired.

Police quickly swarmed the area, and found two sets of bullet casings. It's not clear if the casings came from the same gun or two different weapons.

Check back for updates as more information becomes available.


UPDATED AT 2:35 p.m.: Police have arrested Derek Jackson, 41, of Cleveland, in connection to this incident. He is charged with carrying concealed weapons. Jackson has been booked into the Erie County jail on a $5,000 bond.



Licorice Schtick

OK, but generally "shooting" means someone was shot.

The headline should have said, "Police Investigate Gunshots" or "Police Investigate Possible Shooting."

Is this an attempt to sensationalize or just an honest error?

Claude Balls

your mother giving birth to you was an honest error.......for for the love of jah get over it.


Darn you Global Warming!

If it was our usual nasty freezing temps outside, the thugocracy of Sandusky would have stayed inside


Now now now...lets not jump to conclusions. We don't know for a fact it was the "thugs" doing the shooting. It was probably a couple soccer moms fighting over parking spots for their mini vans.

And yes...it's a shooting. Bucause it is an action...a gun was fired, bullets hit a house, therefore it's a shooting. Please tell me you are somehow "trying" to be funny?


Thank you Sandusky.   Just another reason why I moved 800 miles away.



I'll bet is was some of those friendly NAACPers warming up for the next city commission meeting, eh?

Phil Packer

 Watch out Andy, a stray bullet might catch an updraft.


Crazed soccer moms running around Sandusky at night shooting up the place. Now it's politically correct. Got to protect the good soccer moms.


Yep...soccer Moms.

Lets hope we get the mugshots soon to prove it.


Hmmmm,  and they have nerve to cry about police picking on them.   Some NERVE.   Thank GOD we have our LE,  I sure wouldn't want to be the one standing there investigating not knowing if the WHACKOS wanted to continue shooting or not.  Scary,  They're NUTS.    Thank you SPD!


The will continue this type of behavior because the NAACP condones it and will back them 100%!


Hmm, right down the street from the POLICE STATION!  It appears the culture who enjoys target practice into occupied homes fears NOTHING.  Welcome to Sandusky.  The Vacationland of Ohio.  Ha! Ha!  Hey, all you residents still living in your beautiful city in total denial, all of you who are trapped or all of you FORCED to stay in the city, how does it feel?  Don't forget sports fans, the liberal and entitlement NAACP has declared your very own police force as NOT being in compliance to their DEMANDS.  The premise is to BLAME the police for ALL the failures in social and "progressive" justice.  Don't forget, there is a murder trial coming up in a few months involving ANOTHER shooting.  It is all about TIMING.


This is ridiculous! Citizens of take your Sandusky....take your ccw course and start packing!

Phil Packer

 Just don't tell me you're not racist when you all are assuming that this was done by a black guy. Just admit it and own it.


I, for one, am assuming nothing. It doesn't matter mto me if you're black, white, blue, green, or purple. If you shoot a gun and one of the bullets hits my house, you better pray to whoever it is you pray to that you have a chance to get away before I walk out my door.


Thinks Taxpaper may just be a thug in taxpaying disguise!


I wonder if anyone in the area when this took place will do a great impression of Sgt. Shultz... I See Nothing!....I Hear Nothing!........ I Know Nothing!........


 Sandusky has a soccer team ?????



It not politically correct to discuss a shooting in Sandusky. It doesn't happen. It all made up by the paper and those horrible people who take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

So we just talk about soccer so we all can feel good about ourselves.


lol, Donutshopguy...Yeah..I cant stand those soccer moms with their mini vans. They act like their kids are soooo important. They force them to go to school and get good grades and be respectful to others. Can you believe THAT ?


Sorry PHIL, racist has nothing to do with it,  how 'bout we KNOW exactly what color live in that house shown in the pic???

Excuses, excuses, excuses.   My gosh, GET A LIFE!  Act HUMAN!  Quit making excuses!  Quit blaming EVERYONE else!  And for crying out loud~QUIT your D@mn bellyaching!



@ City Commissioners,   How about when you have your meeting,  tell them the people of Sandusky want their TOWN BACK!     This crap is GETTING REALLY OLD!

super fan

if no ones get hit then its all good no crime and for reall they they needs to get useses to it!


 He shot a gun, the bullets hit a home, and he is in jail, on a 5000 bond?? That's it?


Are barber shops usually a cover-up for illegal things??


D's Sharp Cuts

3363 E 130th Street Apartment 2





 Cooncat  is tired of the '" black, green, purple" thing. Thugs are proud of what they do. Kill a Cop, play some video games, knock up some "ho-s", deliver some crack, " dat's wut dey make dey money dooinz". God help us.


Agree cooncat!!!