Berlin Heights man sees T-Rex in those rocks

BERLIN HEIGHTS Alan Patrick has Jurassic Park in his backyard. Well not quite, but cl
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Alan Patrick has Jurassic Park in his backyard.

Well not quite, but close enough if you count the heavy rocks he has unearthed that resemble dinosaurs.

Patrick, 57, grew up in the Sandusky area and became a New Englander for several years where he developed a gift for rock landscaping and weaving some interesting tall tales. But when you gaze at what he's been doing lately, it is no joke.

Yet even he had to do a little persuading to make sure folks didn't think he was crazy when phone in his discovery to the Register.

"I am 57-years-old and I don't do drugs and I'm not pulling your leg," he said about the discovery he made about a month ago. "But I have dug up a rock that looks like a T. rex dinosaur's head in my backyard."

Tyrannosaurus rex roamed the earth nearly 75 million years ago, and Patrick thinks that displaying a rock in the T. rex's image is a modern-day marvel.

"I dig a lot when I am about to create a rock garden out here and I was working in the yard one day and saw him while I was digging," he said of his T. rex discovery. "I got a chain and pulled him out with my tractor."

Depending on who you talk to, the rock is a dead ringer for T. rex and measures 2 1/2 feet by 12 inches. As you move to different angles around the Berlin Heights yard, it eerily appears to be gazing on its next meal from the side of a rock garden.

"The closer you get, the scarier he looks. If you get 25 to 30 feet away, you can see his eye following you," Patrick said, with the cadence of a great bonfire storyteller. "It's unique. I dug him up and he has a place to stay now."

Patrick has eight picturesque acres to manicure and has found other creatures beneath the surface.

"I got a plant eater in my front yard," he said, in reference to a rock he dug up that resembles the long-necked Brachiosaurus dinosaur. "The guys at work say 'Al's got Jurassic Park in his backyard.'"

There are other shapes as well. He points out rocks in the shape of a turtle and a pig and then some that don't necessarily resemble animals or humans, but are nice to look at.

"Each time I do some landscaping and work on a garden, I seem to find one of these things," Patrick said. "I think it's just Mother Nature that's doing it."

He has given a couple of his finds away to friends.

"Somebody suggested I should sell a few of these or T. rex on eBay," Patrick said.

For now, the dinosaur is safe and pleasing to the eye of its founder.

"It is one of a kind. I like it," he said. "I probably look at him 10 to 15 times a day."