VIDEO: Watch the ConAgra Implosion

Thousands watched Huron's implosion of the ConAgra Building on Sunday next to the Huron River.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 9, 2012


Thousands watched Huron's implosion of the ConAgra Building on Sunday next to the Huron River.

You can watch it by clicking on the player on the right or the player below.


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I videod it also and posted it on facebook via youtube!!!



The Agenda

Just curious guys..Why are the big concrete "silos" still standing???



old dog

3 silos have been taken down this past week by conventional means. I believe the remainder will be lowered very soon.

Sue Meredith

I was told there is too much concrete and rebar to implode the silos so they have to be torn down.


 thank you register for not showing those going on camera with cell phones saying "can you see me, can you see me, can you see me?"


They are going to cut the silos then tip them over

faith hope love

Among two much rebar, the silo's are real close to the waters edge and contamination would result if any debris went into the channel.



Thanks for your input everyone. I know Ed Burdue and company personally. I suppose it would be better to take those down by conventional means being close to the water.   Happy New Year to all and thank God for this fair winter far

Good 2 B Me

Is there a time set to bring down the silos?

No one seems to know other than "Sometime this week."


Norma J-C

I enjoyed the two men in orange jackets, standing behind the trucks that were parked, giving each other a high five for a successful implosion. thanks SR for recording the moment.

Sue Meredith

I just saw on channel 8 news that a young boy with cancer pushed the button to set off the implosion.It was arranged for by the Make A Wish Foundation. Very touching story.


Sunday was an exciting day. I went to the implosion of an abandoned building in Huron for the Sandusky Register and was able to bring my dad along as my assistant. Hundreds of people surrounded the little peninsula to watch the spectacle, including the cast of Haunted Collector, a SyFy show who had filmed an episode in the building, and Max Hinton, a 7-year-old whose Make-A-Wish dream came true when he pressed the detonator, crumbling the tallest building around i found above from this link: