More teacher cuts without levy, schools say

SANDUSKY Sandusky schools Treasurer Troy Bouts warns that if a levy's not passed, the current 13.5 proposed teacher cuts are
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Sandusky schools Treasurer Troy Bouts warns that if a levy's not passed, the current 13.5 proposed teacher cuts are only the beginning.

"Even with the cuts we're making, all that does is shift the problem for another year," Bouts said. "Next time it would be very large cuts; it would be more than double what we're looking at this year."

In an effort to save $1 million in next school year's budget, Superintendent Bill Pahl recommends 13.5 teaching positions cut, which the school board will vote on Friday.

"Next year, projected expenses would be a million over our revenue," Bouts said. "We can't expect money from a levy if it hasn't passed. Without a levy approval, the prudent thing to do would be reduce."

The combined salaries of the positions cut will save the district approximately $600,000, Bouts said. Since four of the affected teachers will move to other open positions in the district, only nine teachers have received layoff notices. The combined salaries of those nine teachers was more than $300,000.

"We have also reduced in other areas in our budget other than personnel. We took a look at everything," Bouts said.

Bouts said salaries make up 79 percent of operating funds, which is normal.

To save money on salaries, some are suggesting the district look higher up.

"I've had numerous school employees and community members ask me why there are teacher cuts but no administrative cuts," said Brian Nitschke, Sandusky Education Association president.

The total amount spent on administrative salaries for the upcoming school year is more than $2 million, with six people making near or more than six figures.

Bouts said any kind of pay freeze has not been discussed.

"That is not something that is currently on the table. Right now we are simply holding fast due to the uncertainty of local funding," Bouts said.

Assistant Superintendent John Kaszonyi tried to explain how hard it is to cut the budget.

"When you got to cut a million dollars, we're not talking a million of the total budget. We have to take it out of our general fund, which can only come from so many things," Kaszonyi said. "We can't tell Columbia Gas, 'We know our bill is $800,000, but we're only going to give you $600,000.'"

Kaszonyi added that he would take a pay cut, if he had to, for the good of the district.

Top Adminstrator Salaries for 2007-08

1. Bill Pahl, superintendent -- $118,170

2. John Kaszonyi, assistant superintendent -- $110,500

3. Dan Poggiali, Sandusky High School principal -- $99,500

4. Troy Bouts, treasurer -- $98,198

5. Sally Roth, director of curriculum -- $97,440

6. Scott Matheny, Jackson Junior High principal -- $95,000

7. Bob Toney, Adams Junior High principal -- $93,500

8. Bob Langdon, SHS assistant principal -- $85,700

9. Dale Sartor, SHS assistant principal -- $85,700

10. Viki Kaszonyi, director of adult and career tech -- $85,400

Top Teacher Salaries for 2007-08

1. Judith Cutcher, Venice -- $66,958

2. Priscilla Guerra, Hancock -- $66,958

3. Carla Mitchell, Ontario -- $66,958

4. Jenny Ortolani, Madison/Osborne -- $66,958

5. James Sturdivant, SHS -- $66,958

6. Cheryl Sulivan, Adams -- $66,958

7. Robert Sullivan, Hancock/Osborne -- $66,958

8. Glenda Lindquist, Madison/Hancock -- $66,408

9. Gwendolyn Miller, Osborne -- $66,408

10. Helen Scheufler, district -- $66,408



Come on city residents!  Pass ANOTHER tax levy so all these poor individuals can get a 7% RAISE!  Ha! Ha!  Gotta love the liberal teacher's UNION and their concept of what they DESERVE in compensation.  Come on, YOU CAN DO IT.  Vote YES!  More money for more of the exact same FAILURE.  Almost sounds like the president.  They ALL DESERVE a raise.  In fact, from PAST performance, as soon as city voters PASS a new levy, everyone in the school system receives generous raises.  Take a look at the list and see for yourselves.  Oh, the rest of the dollars go to school supplies and building maintenance AFTER the teacher and administrative raises.  I love the usual liberal rhetoric of laying off teachers to PUNISH taxpayers for NOT voting yes.  Here is a suggestion, how about taking a hard look at how you MANAGE the public school system instead of begging strapped taxpayers to PAY UP all the time?  And what was the grade for Sandusky city schools?  It seems this liberal begging and BLAME for FAILURE is prevelant at Margaretta and most of the other public school systems.  Typical UNION concept of, "As long as we get our cut, WHO cares about YOU?"  Don't believe me?  How much do YOU make?  Oh, and don't forget, "It is for the children.  It is for the poor little starving children."  Ha! Ha!