Teens talk about their news

SANDUSKY Area teens were not quiet about what they hope to get out of the Register. S
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Area teens were not quiet about what they hope to get out of the Register.

Students from Sandusky, Perkins and Huron showed up at a brainstorming session at Cameo Pizza Tuesday night to share ideas for a new teen-oriented page and Web site the Register is developing.

While MySpace was the most popular site among the students, they aren't looking for a local version. They are looking for a local version of YouTube on the new Web site where they can watch videos of people they know.

"When it's worldwide, it's hard to see local videos," said Luke Widman, 15, of Sandusky High School.

They also said they wanted a Spotted page similar to Funcoast.com's with pictures that feature student events and locations.

"I like Funcoast because of the pictures, but I don't like that it's 20-year-olds in bars acting stupid. Teenagers never get to see their friends," one of the students said.

Other online ideas included:

* message boards where they could create their own topics and have ongoing conversations

* a live scoreboard for local sporting events

* more pop culture updates

* advice column that allows students to post comments and advice

* advertisements for teens

For the page in the newspaper, the group suggested having more news geared to them.

"There is a lot of Ford and Visteon stuff and it's always on the front page. It's OK that it's in there, but not always on the front," said Lynsie Schwerer, 13, of McCormick Middle School.

Taylor Schwanger, 15, of Sandusky High School, said she'd like to see more good news from students' perspectives.

"Sometimes there will be an article about how good Perkins is, and then our school has a drug bust article. Get our students to say more," she said.

The group wants to see more book, music, and movie reviews that are written by young people for young people.

"With CDs and stuff, usually the people who do it in magazines are really old and they don't really know what people like," Widman said.

A classified section featuring jobs and other opportunities for teens was also a suggestion.

All suggestions and ideas are being considered for the upcoming teen components of the Register. Future brainstorming meetings will be held in surrounding locations. Watch for an ad in the Register to find out where and when.