Win an ice cream store and home

PORT CLINTON Brenda Bou Sliman is selling her ice cream store for $250. It's not a trick.
May 24, 2010



Brenda Bou Sliman is selling her ice cream store for $250.  It's not a trick. It's a real deal for someone.

Some lucky person who sends in a $250 check and a 500-word essay explaining why he wants to operate Brown's Dairy Plaza could win the ice cream store and a $150,000 home in Port Clinton.

"There's no catch," Bou Sliman said. "They're going to be walking away owing nothing."

Abigail Weldon, 8, of Port Clinton knows what she would do with an ice cream store.

"It'd be cool because I'd be able to get ice cream anytime I want," she said.

Bou Sliman bought the ice cream store three years ago at the suggestion from her then 6-year-old daughter.

"It's not that difficult," she said, estimating the business nets in six months what a nurse makes in a year. "It's a business like any other business."

The contest, which requires a minimum of 3,000 entries and allows for a maximum of 3,750 entries, began as a way to improve the community.

If the contest goes forward with the response she expects, Bou Sliman would make between $750,000 and $937,500.

Bou Sliman runs a dinner theater out of The Garden Restaurant and said she would use a portion of the proceeds to build a larger community dinner theater in Port Clinton. She would also use the new building to offer dance, music and theater workshops.

"It brings people into town. It's another cultural outlet," she said. "There's no other place like that here in Port Clinton."

The contest, which started June 10, has already piqued interest.

The Web site,, has received about 3,000 hits since the contest was announced, Bou Sliman said.

If a minimum of 3,000 essays are not received within one year, all money will be refunded minus postage expenses.

Even though she has not yet received entries, Bou Sliman expects the contest will be successful.

She said the people are "excited. They're thrilled."

She also plans to donate some proceeds from the contest to St. Ann's Catholic and St. Joseph Central Catholic schools, both in Fremont, where her children go to school.

Brown's Dairy Plaza, 425 Fremont Road, is valued at $250,000 and includes the building, property, equipment and product.

The two-story house, located across the street at 502 Fremont Road, includes three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, family room, dining room and appliances.

For rules and requirements for the essay contest, visit