U.S. Tsubaki strikers rally as deadline looms

U.S. Tsubaki strikers and Machinists union leaders united in solidarity Wednesday outside the chain-manufacturing plant on Edgewater Avenue.
Melissa Topey
Jan 5, 2012


U.S. Tsubaki strikers and Machinists union leaders united in solidarity Wednesday outside the chain-manufacturing plant on Edgewater Avenue.

With the strike's one-year anniversary fast approaching, strikers and union officials are pushing U.S. Tsubaki to renews its willingness to negotiate a contract. The union has filed unfair labor practice complaints against the company, accusing it of failing to negotiate in good faith, among other alleged misdeeds.

About 100 U.S. Tsubaki workers went on strike Jan. 31 after negotiations failed to resolve disputes over wages, work hours and other employment issues.

They've been striking outside the plant 24 hours a day ever since, although Wednesday's event ushered in a strong showing of union leaders and strikers.

For more on the strike and what the important one-year anniversary means to the union's ability to negotiate with U.S. Tsubaki, pick up Thursday's Register at a local convenience store.



I guess they still haven't gotten the message.  They have been fired, and replaced with people who want to work.

VTX Rider

 Time to move on and get jobs guys and gals!


i wonder how the union officials have been affected by this?  have they lost their wages, their cars, their dignity???  you pick your battles and with unemployment at 10% plus only an idiot would lead their flock to strike.  cooper employees will soon find out the same thing.


Oh go away already!! YOU walked out on this Employer their offer was more than fair look around morons what you gonna do in this town wash dishes or maybe serve fast food burgers HA!!

Woody Hayes

Rent must be due on their condos on Edgewater and Monroe.


Fire every last one of them.  There are plenty of people needing jobs right now that would fill the vacant positions happily.


Why negotiate with people who don't want to work, when you have a factory full of people working?


times up kiddies, time to go out and get a job.  I'd say it would be a bit different if you were actively doing anything while sitting out there, but your not.   everytime i drive by, everyday, all i see is a few people huddled up in their "club houses".  you are not seen/heard much latley..  You've lost....   Time to lick your wounds, and go out and beet the streets looking for a new job like the rest of us have to do.  your time to just sit around and BS w/ your friends in your club house tents is over.

Tool Box

NOW THAT IS FUNNY!   Why would they want you back?  All the positions are filled, the plant is running great, the product coming out has NEVER looked better, the books are in the black, the moral is up (for a change) and the outlook is great with many back orders.  I think it is time for you lazy strikers to move on.  Maybe you can OCCUPY WALL STREET.   Hahahahahaha!

The Big Dog's back

 I see the right wing's little soldiers are out in force this morning. Misery loves company eh righties?


Hey Register, those UNION losers have NOT been striking outside the plant 24 hours a day.  That is a FALSE statement, a LIE!  I have driven by several times and NO ONE could be found on the pickets at shanty town USA.  I did not think anything of it because it is typical UNION work by a group who DEMAND their will and did NOT get it.  Boo, hoo, hoo.  Ha! Ha!  I even questioned your last story about this strike and asked if 2159 finally gave up.  There were NO UNION supporters, NO ONE delivering coffee and doughnuts, NO other UNIONS in support of I.A.M., NO UNION solidarity, NO fellow brother and sister UNION support to PAY those losers their "fair wage" and medical benefits during this failed strike and NO UNION bosses.  In fact, those UNION bosses were AWOL, exactly like the typical UNION work ethic.  I guess they were too busy with other UNION business.  Ha! Ha!  NOW, it is time to rally everyone together and DEMAND this chain plant buckle under to their DEMANDS again.  Good luck with that.  WHERE are all you liberal freaks and UNION supporters who blogged about being in support of those critical "skilled trade" losers?  I remember HUNDREDS of blogs.  It appears ALL of you have crawled back into your rat holes and become AWOL!  My, how things change in eleven months.  Come on Register, I KNOW you can conjure up a few photos to make it look like MASSES of people in support.  I am sure you remember that photo of loser 2159 UNION strikers all bunched together walking down the street with half of them falling out from such strenuous activity.  Did you win any awards for that piece of exceptional journalism?  Ha! Ha!  Trying to rally "solidarity" now PROVES the total FAILURE of the labor UNION.  I also noticed NO story and NO supporters for those UNION members during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Can ANY of you liberal UNION freaks or the Register explain that?  24/7??  Ha! Ha!      

T. A. Schwanger

Message for Taxpayer::: The former Ford plant, now ACH, is hiring at $14 plus per hour and is represented by the UAW. Take your resume to the guard house but make sure you put on your resume you blog under the name taxpayer. Ha Ha


what the heck are you so mad about? ...... where do you work, taxpayer? ..... where did your father and grandfather, mother or grandmother .... any of your relation ....  work? ...... let's hear it!


what was the union thinking to encourage its members to strike? not every union member voted to strike. some members were smart enough to vote against the strike but the majority vote prevailed.


did most of the strikers go home after the newspaper reporters and film crew left the area? it is hard to believe that the strike captain stated that they are doing real good after not working for one year. they must be really hurting financially.


I wonder..............If one or more of these striking employees went to the company and asked for their old jobs back, could they go back to work? I agree that it seems like a lost cause at this point, but I am sure not all of the employees wanted to go on strike. It doesn't seem quite fair that they will also be losing their jobs.


When the company advertised for replacement workers any of those folks who weren't in agreement with the strike could have gone back to work. You make your choices and live with the consequences.


I believe that mikel is correct about the outcome of the Cooper Tire situation. 

here in ohio

fair ?????   HA HA HA HA HA    tell that to your union leader !!


Speaking of Cooper Tire, where was the obligatory follow up exonerating the union in the beating of the scab?


The idea of a strike is that the workers feel they are valuable enough to the employer to force the employers hand and get them to give in to their demands.  Well, that turned out not to be the case this time since the company was able to employ people to fill their shoes.  This is how strikes end sometimes.  Live and learn.  The strike was a bad call.

Grandmas girl, employees that didn't want to go on stike could have crossed the picket line.  I'd guess its too late now.


Hey, former US Tsubaki workers: How'd the union protect you and your interests in the last year, eh?

Unions aren't NECESSARILY bad things. But when they make demands an employer finds economically unfeasible to meet, or when their demands are too much above and beyond the "usual and customary," how can you blame management for looking elsewhere for employees?

I agree with all of those who pointed out that US Tsubaki is now manned by people who WANT to work. I'd also bet that there are plenty of the so-called rank-and-file employees who WISH they were working...but who aren't. Nice job, union leaders!

The New World Czar

 Remember Sherrod Schultz-Brown and his 2006 campaign slogan "we're all in this together"? Wow, he actually took the time to send an office staff member to read a statement to his unionized constituents...so this is solidarity...This solidarity rally also must have been so important that the President would have stopped by while in Ohio (oops, sorry- he was too busy in Shaker Heights promoting ex-AG Cordray to an unaccountable bureaucrat/nanny position).

Wow,  Sherrod Schultz-Brown and President Obama really care, don't they?



jawgee dumbya booze-sh .... cares ..... about OIL PRICES

The General

@  The Big Dog's back,. Whats that coming out of your backside? A union "popsicle"?


After a year, All the positions are filled, The company is up and running at full capacity how delusional do you have to be not to see your jobs are gone.

"I once went on strike for a porsche 911 twin turbo targa, Ive only been waiting for 17 years but i think im seeing cracks in my employers armor, Thier new tactic in negotiations is telling me im no longer employed, But im not taking that, I plan on striking till i get my car"


Didn't they get unemployment for walking away from their jobs?

Wonder when that runs out....


you people are sad .... think this is funny? ..... just like your cutting on the strikers, i'm sure you've fought for something that you think you deserved. yes unemployment is very high .... yes it might not have been the smartest thing to do at this time ..... but to laugh and ridicule? ...... no heart, no heart at all!


Good news, all you right wing, anti union rich 1 %ers.  All you have to do is elect more repulsive, repugnant, republicans and we can go back to the good old days.  Like April 20, 1914 and the Ludlow massacre.


Good news, all you right wing, anti union rich 1 %ers.  All you have to do is elect more repulsive, repugnant, republicans and we can go back to the good old days.  Like April 20, 1914 and the Ludlow massacre.



First, This isnt 100 years ago.

Secondly, The unions after Ludlow waged a guerrilla war against privatly owned businesses, So you advocate violence?

Thirdly, The union doesnt seem to get the point that the company has moved on and has new workers, The unions made a bad choice and stuck during a down turn. The company was loseing money the unions asked for more.

Fourth, The democrats these days have done more to undermine jobs in this country than anyone else, Trade agreements ect ect. Heck right now the unions and the democrat government are running Boeing out of the US. Maybe the Unions should open thier own shop and actually MAKE something besides bilking thier workers out of money to support politicians who bail out the companys that go bankrupt because the unions are holding them hostage for unsustainable promises?


"Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."  Abraham Lincoln 

Hard to believe Lincoln was the first republican president.

Captain Gutz


You forgot the end of that quote, so I'll provide it for you:

"Capital has its rights, which are as worthy of protection as any other rights."

A. Lincoln

I understand past importance of unions. I will never understand some of the mentality they foster including that an employer has to keep you and pay you, what the union feels you are worth; for the rest of your life. HAHA, far from a 1%er.   I have fought for things I have believed in. I have had companies refuse my request or fail to give my wages I felt I was worth. I polished up the resume and left for better jobs, I didn’t sabotage the facility or cry and moan everyday; I moved on. Union thinks there is strength in numbers; real strength is ones own skills. Why should my lazy coworker be protected and earn the same as I do if I bust my hump everyday? Anyhow nice to see this company is staffed with those wanting to work. Feel bad for the ones voted against strike.  

Grandmas girl, the ones that voted against the strike could cross the line, but would probably get their kneecaps broken; it’s called the union way. Anyone see those OWS nuts with their “Proud Union Thug” shirts? That’s what it means


The unemployment money and union strike pay must be pretty darn good.  Just look at the size of these "people".  They haven't missed any meals yet!

Tool Box

We don't want you STRIKERS back!   We are doing GREAT without you!   Everyone is happy and production has NEVER been better!  We were all given bonuses also.  Were you strikers?  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!


this is the American Dream To have your own business and be told what to pay your help YEP Why dont they go start their own business and hire union labor so their employees can set their PAY

and i bet the wonderful union officials have been affected by this?  have they lost their wages, their cars, their dignity I DONT THINK SO maybe they are paying them the wages for being on Strike????

AJ Oliver

    You bloggers really have to be low life cowards to take such joy in the suffering of others.  

    Shame, shame on you.  You probably danced on your Mama's grave too. 

Union support is at an all time low, one reason is the automotive bailout. People with half a brain can research how the UAW hijacked and destroyed the big 3. Then America bails them out, Obama drives a volt three feet and all is great. Looks like GM announced it will move its EV development to China. On the plus side maybe the Volt will come down in cost, they can put it on a shelf at Wal Mart next to the other 9.6 volt toys; when it burns up you would only be out thirty bucks.   Another slick move for the UAW to screw the consumers and help fellow Americans. http://bcfoley.blogspot.com/2012/01/uaw-picks-targets-for-suicide-bombing.html Even though it’s a nutty web site, information is verifiable at other sources.  

Gilamonster, Thanks for the link, maybe this will explain why we have no "new" automobile assembly plants up north anymore.

A business and a community should have a relationship where both do well, but not where one holds a gun to the head of the other (IMO). The union work force went on strike, they walked away and have been replaced, sorry about their luck, but from what I have heard by the folks inside the walls is "they" cleaned the place up and they are up and running making good quality products. For those striking, WTF were you thinking? Who told you that you had your employer by the balls? Kinda like Texas Hold'm "you went all in bluffing and got called and lost" and there are no re-buys in this game. Now look to your union leadership and ask them "How am I supposed to support my family", and I bet they will say, "you took the strike vote, it was your choice" as they head for the side door to exit.

Ned Mandingo

I have no idea what the strike is about so i am not going to do like most of you and pretend i do. What i do know is it takes a low form of life to come in and take someones job when they are trying to protect their way of life. A SCAB!!! Rember this scab, if the company does the right thing and negoiates with its employees, your out. You think you have a job right now but the company doesn't care about you, no matter what they told you. 

Place your bets, i bet you are a underpaid low level manager who was jealious that the hourly people who worked for you made more than you. I have seen your type come and go for years, your a SCAB "manager"


Ned mandingo, I don't think so, you see the union employees walked, they went on strike. If someone thinks they are really worth more than they are being paid, go...find thet job where you think you can earn the most for what you have to offer, but be reminded, you have to provide that service and that my little friend is what is still wrong in the big 3 automotive, workers who should never be on the factory floor who hide, gundeck their PM orders, sleep, etc while on the clock because of the still pervasive thug mentality of the old union way that protects them. Don't hate the "SCAB", look he's able to do the very same job as the former "Highly Skilled" union employee, except he will pick up a broom, empty a hopper, clean up his area with pride and probaly also perform other duties as assigned with out being told, day after day, week after week to do it. Not saying that is the case here, but i have seen it at several factories. Remeber the old saying about one bad apple and the same can go for a work force. Enough said.  

Ned Mandingo

Simpleenough, these people are not auto workers. They do not work for the big three. They work in a dirty, greasy factory that makes specality chains. I feel that being a SCAB is like having a affair with someones wife. All it gets the SCAB is short term payoff while it ruins what the real man has been working for years, I can't figure out why people like you are stuck on the whole bailout thing. did GM take a bail out? Yes, and it saved hundreds of  thousands of jobs and many communities. Wall street received 100x the bail out money and i don't hear anyone complaining about them. How many jobs did bailing out wall street save? Or should i say how many bonuses did bailing out wall street save.

How can you say the big three don't have any new facilities in the north? GM built a new facility in lansing, mi about five years ago, and just rebuilt and opened and closed factory in Lake Orion,mi. They also are re opening a old saturn plant in spring hill, tn. All union factories. I also have heard all the stories about uaw workers screwing off at work. From what i have been told those days are long gone. 

The New World Czar


Here's a list of 2011's 10 worst performers in the automobiles and components industry.


% Return in 2011

Tenneco (NYSE: TEN  ) (29.7) Tata Motors (NYSE: TTM  ) (31.0) Dana Holding (31.1) Autoliv (34.1) Visteon (34.9) Magna International (35.9) Ford (NYSE: F  ) (37.3) TRW Automotive (40.0) Cooper Tire & Rubber (NYSE: CTB  ) (41.7) General Motors (NYSE: GM  ) (46.1)

Source: S&P Capital IQ. Only includes companies listed on U.S. exchanges that contain a market capitalization greater than $500 million. Returns as of Dec. 28, 2011.

Gee, the second to bottom on strike in Findlay...the other the government-subsidized mess recalling their overpriced golf carts. GM is where, around the low $20's right now? If not mistaken the break-even sales level is around $53/share, right? HOW IS YOUR INVESTMENT LOOKING, MR. PREZ?


   Yep,  they gave their support to all the teachers, firemen, policemen, government workers, etc.

What support are they getting from them?  Private unions should have favored Issue 2 (SB-5) and crammed it right down their throats.  Like I've posted in the past, the only solidarity to a public servant is when it involves them.  They could care less about us.  Private Unions drank the Kool-Aid.  Of course, your union heads spent a whole lot of "Your" union dues opposing Issue 2.  Hey, they will get their kick-backs, I sure hope you get a piece of the pie.


Company to Union: This is what we will pay you for the purchase of your product (labor)

Union to Company: No, we don't want to sell you that product for the price you are offering

Company to Union: OK. We will take our purchase elsewhere

Union to Members: Ooops


obviously people want to work,  lthey have replaced the needed workers,  let them  suck the union compensation fund and live in tents outsideide for the winter and see how that works,  im sure they voted for Obama,  Fyi,  don't see him here,  ha ha ha


You do know that the GM payback was just a scam, I hope. Right now if allowed to go bankrupt, GM would be coming out of bankruptcy a leaner company ready to compete in today's economy. Government Motors has recalled more Chevy Volts than were sold. Weak frames this time. It cost american taxpayers 150,000 for every spontaeneous combustible Volt sold. Here's the loan payback scam


here in ohio

@ Ned mandingo   you said " I also have heard all the stories about uaw workers screwing off at work. From what i have been told those days are long gone "  Well you heard WRONG !! THE SAME OLD CRAP IS GOING ON !!  Todays unions are a big fat JOKE !  Oh and before you go saing i am just  jealious, HAHAHA no way, I quit FORD 20 years ago cuz of all the union CRAP!  and have worked in a NON-UNION shop now for the past 19 years and do VERY well thank you !  have a great day !

The Big Dog's back

 H I A, good for you!


" All it gets the SCAB is short term payoff while it ruins what the real man has been working for years"


The real men are the ones who have been working the last year & supporting their families. Guys who voluntarily walked out on their jobs, sit in little tents all day & who only come out at shift change to curse & make rude gestures hardly qualify as men.


I know a scab who works there and told me that heat treat has been down for 3 months and machine shops ships all there work out because all the mills are blowed up cause they cant find a scab smart as carl hanson.Punch press is making more scrap then good parts.Funni thinks he is god!!They told there scabs that if they voted out the union that they would be treated fairly..but unstead they are getting the shaft also...so keep on working 12 hours a day 7 days a week so your LU numbers looks good and chain keeps coming back...Oh i seen Jane in Vegas and she said your all screwed!!!!!

Ned Mandingo

Jealious, underpaid SCABS. You should hang your head in shame everytime you cross a picket line. You are a disposable, throw away worker straight out of the temp service who will never gain anything but a pathetic little paycheck.

here in ohio

@What the Heck..... WOW now that is really funny as I know 4 people that are working in that plant now and they say things are working out very good for them ????? I am thinking you must be one of the strikers coming on here talking crap HAHAHA  


http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2011/09/gm-cuts-china-electric-car-deal----a-china-shakedown/1 Guess whos getting the volt next?

The union went on strike, others filled thier jobs. end of story. Unless the gov comes in and FORCES the company to take them back it seems like this is well over with. (To those of you calling people "Scabs" i wonder if you would be offended if those same scabs called you "Lazy street urchins"?)

Call them what you want, Those "Scabs" have one thing you dont.....A job

Ned Mandingo

A SCAB is no different than a illegal mexican. They come in and stab a real american in the back. Willing to do the same job for less money, benefits and self pride. I can see the conversation now, what do you do for a living? Oh i walk by a picket line every morning and scab someone out for a days pay. What do you gain from it? OH no real benefits, just a little temporary paycheck. I'm a looser and i can't find my own job so i do someones elses job while he tries to negoiate with his employer. But thats ok i'll work for less.


Ned is a perfect example of idiotic union entitlement thinking. None of the employees at Tsubaki are scabs. They are the employees of Tsubaki. "Scabs" is a derogatory term for temporary replacement workers. They aren't temporary. The union blew it with ridiculous demands & they were replaced.



Hooray!! SEIU is fighting for the rights of illegals to take your job!!


As you may or may not have noticed, They are americans. And i for one being a veteran would take that job if i needed it and would scoff at your idiotic rants about being "Un-american" or a "scab". When your almighty union bosses run YOUR job out of town while spending your dues on political campaigns then you can scream "Scab" all day long, But be sure to have a cup to collect the change from people who might care.

As for working for less, Hey hint here "They have jobs" You on the other hand are sitting around a burn barrel. Maybe you and your SEIU brothers can go pick produce or do a under the table construction job. And as for self pride, How is whining about it or begging for someone to help you even enter into the self pride deal? Have pride in your begging others to keep your job when you walked away from the table holding a company hostage, The mafia has pride too.

Ned Mandingo

I do not work there, never have and never will. I do support them and their right to try to maintain their quality of life. I am union member who will not cross their picket lines to drop off or deliver their products. Veteran or not if you go to work there your a SCAB. I can understand if someone is desprate for a check to support their family and they feel they have to do whatever they can. Some people don't prepare themselves to earn a living. I being a veteran have too much pride in myself to be a SCAB.


That pride will not take you far without a job. Putting a organization above other citizens is un American as you can get, Maybe if the germans didnt put the party above thier fellow citizens that whole camp thing could have been avoided. But your too ideologically stonewalled into believing fellow americans should do without because "The Union" says they are no better than illegals, With people like you it stregnthens my beliefs in the unions being a bunch of Un-American leeches that are no better than the mafia and would rather beg at the mercy of the government while down playing thier fellow citizen to get back a job they walked away from. Thanks for clearing that up Ned.


Ned, Do all veterans a favor and don't throw "I being a veteran have too much pride in myself to be a SCAB." out there.  Most of us Veterans will not throw that there to try and garner support, this has nothing to do with Veteran status, though I know for a fact they have hired veterans when they were looking for "workers". Just your comments " I am union member who will not cross their picket lines to drop off or deliver their products.", shows that you are not a Libertarian, which is what Ron Paul believes in as you won't cross a picket line to show solidarity. Well Ned, if your employer was UPS or whomever and they said, here is your route today with deliveries to Tsubaki, would you be willing to suffer consequences for telling your employer " I am union member who will not cross their picket lines to drop off or deliver their products.", will you instead make a comment where "It's unsafeI, I'm not going to do that or you can't make me since I now say it is unsafe? Or would you stick to your original comment and when served with " Suspended with view for discharge, for refusing to perform work and direction of management"? What would it be Ned.    


Simple - my money would be on the cop-out "It's unsafe!" answer.  Or he would just do his job and not tell anyone he did it.

Ned Mandingo

Simpleenough, I support Ron Paul because i beleive he is the best canidate. I don't have to follow every beleif he has, I can think for myself. I don't have to make excuses not to cross picket lines, it goes without saying. Its in the contract, who cares what some jobber manager thinks. Simplemind are you a real Veteran of a combat unit or some support unit veteran.? 


Ned, Funny with the simplemind tag you awarded me. I served under Reagan, In the Marine Corps in a squadron (I'm a Peacetime/Cold war veteran), I volunteered. So what is your status volunteered or drafted? I can think for myself also hence I don't require a union to provide for my job.


@ SimpleEnough  I too am a Veteran.  Just ignore this Ned Mandinger fool.  Any real combat veteran doesn't go around blabbing about it like this gal does.  I have seen this before.  Just ignore the troll. 


Perkins2060, Thanks, might be that butt munch that got outed from the service for his orientation who came to Sandusky and raised hob.

Ned Mandingo

Wanted, desprate unskilled SCABS willing to swallow there pride and cross the picket line of a real american worker. Must have no plans for the future and be willing to work for less than we paid our workers who got us where we are today. Job offers no future, no real retirement, and you get to pay a large part of your insurance premium yourself. ALL STUPID JARHEADS PLEASE APPLY, that means you simple.


LOL!! Against marines now? A unamerican union thug with no sense of anything, You are dismissed.


Origen - I'm not sure it is Neds fault - he's become ignorant (uneducated, not stupid) by hanging around unions people too much.

Local Resident

One of he former workers that I know camped out there for 6 months...thru the rest of last winter and the beinning of summer.  Finally realizing that he was wasting his time, watching others replace him, and not being able to provide for his child  decided to get up off his a$$ and get a job again instead of living off unemployment.  The other worker-sadly still there defending his "principals" and hopefully getting frostbite in the coming weeks.... 

Ned Mandingo

no Origen you fool im not against marines, just one stupid ex marine. Steve really, what do you have against unions. Do some unions protect lazy people, sure. Even in a union shop if the company wants to get rid of you they are going to. The whole purpose of a union is collective bargining, for the betterment of all workers. If your a low level manager and you think if you do right by the company and they will do right by you then your a fool. Any company will give you the least amount posible, and discard you when they no longer need you.


You undermine your discourse by insulting people, Rational people debate politely and try to win by using logic to turn the opposition to your cause. You are the definition of a union thug, All bluster with nothing to back it up besides name calling and whining without facts. I am sorry you label others (No matter which branch of service, or non-union employees, want to add minoritys or other groups you have a adversion to or is that just everyone who does not have your ideology? (I use the term loosely because you seem to have whatever ideology the union bosses tell you to have) In closing, Ned you dont have a leg to stand on here, the unions are corrupt and everyone knows it except those they bilk out of money to by off politicians so please get some help.


years ago, you could quit a job and find another job within a week. that is no longer true, even with minimum wage jobs. it is much different today. it is almost like throwing out something of value to the curb during spring house cleaning. junk to some but very valuable to those who lack. old saying is one man's junk is a treasure to others.


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Tru Grit

 Get back to work already you lazy union bums, jesus. I am tired of going to my grandma's house and seeing the eye sore i call lazyville on the side of the street.

Karma Watcher

Well... True the strikers are not out there 24/7... That is a flat out lie. And as for The strikers doing anything while Sitting/Standing out there. There is a guy that sometimes yells on a bullhorn to the Current Permenant Replacement Workers... Funny thing is you cant even hear what he is saying... Just some snickering by the Workers thinking to themselves "What a Dumb A$$". The Union has been Decertified Legally and the company No longer recognizes the union as any part of the Company... Not sure why they are wasting any more time with the issue... Funny the Register doesn't report on the Decertification Of the IAM @ US Tsubaki. And All the lies The Register prints... It amazes me how they don't check the facts...



Before all of you Union haters comment on something you know nothing about, that this ridiculous paper thinks they know anything about.. y'all weren't there for the negotiations. You don't know how bad they screwed over these guys that have made them money for YEARS. My family member was an employee for over a decade. He/she was one of the top employees and he/she is still out there picketting every week. 


For whomever said they're not out there 24/7.. are you? Because you're severely uninformed if you think these guys/gals aren't out there in the freezing cold, blizzards, tornado watches, monsoon rainstorms and the like. They're always out there, open your eyes.

As for scabs, I understand that the economy sucks and jobs are few and far between.. y'all are getting not near the wages and training that you need for this job. Please stay safe.. But know that you did take my family members job.


As an FYI, my family member is protesting because with health care costs raises, no pay raises, and limited overtime pay, it was going to cost my family more money (thousands of dollars more) for her/him to work there for the next contract.

In the last year my family has gone through hardships that were not warranted to us because some higher-up wanted to be greedy and make more money for him/herself.


Either way, this company, like most other greedy employers, will send themselves to China and screw over all their employees once again.

Corporations should have more laws to abide by..

Stop bitching about my family standing up for their American rights.. start bitching to Congress about all of the unfair Ohio Labor Laws.



I don't know if Union's are worth a crap any more.  Take a look at the uselessness of their efforts at the Cooper Tire Company. And before you get your knickers in a knot, know that the Union had plenty of time to come to the table but THEY blew it and let their brothers and sisters down.  Now they are locked OUT.

So we have a group outside Tsibuki for a YEAR.  Is being without work for a year worth your principals?  You could have gone back.  Ok, so they got you by the hair, but your bellies would be full and your kids would have shoes and clothes. Those medical bills would be less painful to pay and you would have some money to pay them with.  But you CHOSE to say no.  And you are angry because others said, ok, they would do the job?  Wow, think again. 

I am sorry but this country better wake up and take a good long look at itself.  It better do it quick. We ALL got soft and complacent.  We got so used to the 'good life' and took it for granted that we EXPECT it now. 

Look at us scream and yell when we think we have the right to tell managment what  to do with THEIR company.  The workers do NOT own it.  They work FOR it, not own it.  Of course owners expect to make more money on something THEY own. Wouldn't you if you owned it???  Oh, you expect them to give it to you instead?  What planet do you live on???? 

Our jobs are GIFTS not rights!!!!  But we act as though they are expected rights and we scream like mad when we think they are being taken from us unfairly.  NO THEY ARE NOT RIGHTS, FOLKS

The men and women at that plant were HIRED.  They have no expectations of anything but to go in, do a job and get a paycheck for it. PERIOD

When and where does it say that we suddenly have the right to DEMAND that we have health insurance, a higher salary when we want it, more days off because we want them and all of it when WE SAY SO??? 

There is NO SUCH LAW.  We all got spoiled and we act just like the spoiled brats that we are.  And heaven help us when someone says NO. 

We blame everyone but ourselves when it goes badly, and that is exactly what happened at Tsubaki....it went badly.  When you ask for too much, you might get nothing....and that is exactly what they got,.....nothing. 

I am sorry that it happened, but after a year I would think that some of them would have had the time to re-evaluate and maybe see that there are two sides to every issue.  That maybe it would be in the best interest of their families to go back to work or get another job if possible instead of beating an already dead horse into the pavement. 


The Big Dog's back

 A lot of words. To bad you don't know what you are talking about, especially about Cooper.



You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. EVERY job deserves a raise as inflation brings up the cost of living. Otherwise minimum wage would still be 5.50 an hour. These men and women work EXTREMELY hard to make their company money. You wouldn't believe what the higher-ups make in salary and my family memeber was going to have to PAY MORE to work there. It was really going to cost my family an extra $2000 a year for my family member to work there, and like I said, they'd been there for over a decade.

Most of these men and women have relocated their jobs, their families and their lives because of the greediness of this company.

You couldn't possibly know how close the negotiations actually were. Nor how much the strikers had actually rescinded their stipulations. Wait until you see the yearly reports, Tsubaki lost millions of dollars this year, when they were only about half a million away from a contract. Thats greed and ignorance and filth. Corporate filth. But you wouldn't know this because you weren't there, you're clearly just talking out of your poop shoot.

Oh ya, and what are we, in slavery times? Sure the employees were hired into the company.. and they signed a contract which gave them RIGHTS! Its called living in america, EVERYONE has rights. You're using your rights to post comments on here. We could be in N. Korea and you could have no rights whatsoever.. if thats how you feel then leave the country. Leave. We don't need you here.


this is what i think the workers should do:

1. start their own business since they think it is so cheap and easy.

2. hire people to work for them at whatever hourly wage they think they are entitled to.

3. on top of those wages set up a benefit package for their new employees comparable to what they think they should get.

4. buy a building to make their product in.

5. buy equipment to make product.

6. pay for supplies to make products.

7. pay for the utilities for their startup business.

8. pay for transportation of their product to distributors.

9. pay taxes on all of that.

i mean, after all it is so simple to run a business.  it is even easier if you are using someone else's money.


To the workers,  get readt=y for winter,  enjoy the tents,  With unemployment at 9%,  they have replaced you already,  get a clue


You can't get unemployment when you walk off your job can you?


Ned, "Former" Marine I was honorably discharged with no negative page 11 entries in my SRB. Can you provide a company that was "started" and owned by a group of union employees? When was the last time you heard of a union official coming down to a plant to "help out" because you were asked to pick up the slack due to many of your fellow employees called off for illness or the day after Super Bowl Sunday was to hard on them (where is the solidarity?)? I had a female hourly employee once tell me I would have a grievance filed against me (I was management) as I went to help an older hourly employee  remove a heavy dirty part of a processing machine, I stopped stepped back and said to her, "Then you get in there and help him remove it" Should have seen the look on her face it was priceless. And yes that plant was eventually closed and many, many people lost their jobs. The company didn't stop making the product, they just invested the money in new equipment at another facility in another state where the employees had a different mind set. I won't claim to be an expert, but I have been around the block quite a bit, seen what works and what doesn't. One thing that has been happening in manufacturing for a good 10+ years (I'm sure longer than that), is that new plants are having the operator/attendant positions along with the standard line mechanic replaced with technicians, who not only run, but maintain their own equipment for the most part, complete changeovers, pretty much takes ownership of that machine and not a bad concept either (as the employee has greater skill sets and also earns more). In many older operation the "established" work force typically union has failed to accept this when management brought it to the table or tried to implement it and the end result is they go down the same path as before not wanting to change "it worked all of these years, we don't need to change". Sad part is the "work force" can paint itself in a corner", IMO typically not the case in a work environment where the individual employee has his OWN rights to do as well as he can instead of based upon a contract negotiated every couple of years by a couple of fellow employees and a suit from the Local.    

Ned Mandingo

simple, sorry "former" lol. You old marines and your self bravado really cracks me up. I used to be in the infantry, former, ex, retired, whatever you want to call it i don't care. I am proud to be a combat veteran. i am proud to work for my company and proud to be represented by the Teamsters. I have delivered to this factory many times in the past and i can tell you these people are dirty hard working people. The place is a oily mess, it doesn't look fun to work there. I have never seen anyone not hard at work in that plant. From what i rember i think they didn't even make over $20 a hour. Its not like they were hanging around in the brake room getting rich. How much do you think they are paying the SCABS in wages and benefits? I am sure its much less than they paid their employees, and i'm sure they get what they pay for. Simple you seem to be a low level manager that was a real problem with union employees. I have "managers" who make way less money than i do and they are bitter jealous people. Are you one of those people? Any so called manager who makes less than the union employees who work with them is a fool.


Ned, Nope not bitter, worked all kinds of jobs all my life starting with being a caddy and going from there. In my 1st union job, I was pulled aside and told to slow down as I was doing to much and they didn't want management to try and have them do more, I was young, green and trying to learn as much as I could and stay busy to make the time go by, so I was repairing light fixtures that had been out for sometime, replacing bearings on motors on the repair bench etc. These more seasoned guys, had a groove going and would get uncomfortable if anyone changed the music so to say. I've held several different positions in "management" and enjoyed the opportunity to learn new areas and expand my working knowledge and for that I will always be grateful to my mentors and the companies I worked for. I've had enough dealings with bothsides, that I distrust a guy in a suit coming from a local telling me how we are going to do this and that and when in fact we are nothing more than revenue and pawns while they try to unionize another business that is non-union. It's power, it's a business. Let me ask this Ned, what will you folks do if the teamsters funds go bust, can't meet the retirement payouts currently on the books and the medical care cost? what would you expect to happen if the outgoing cost are greater than what the funds are generating in interest income as that's when you should start to worry. How do you feel about a BA pulling down 6 figures when he retires etc. because you are paying that you know. I know how the teamsters plan worked out in California and I know several folks that were in it and it worked well for them as they did have some freedom to go from one company to another (as long as it was a teamster plant), but many of those have closed or are closing like this one. Problem is that many of them probably will not have enough points to retire.



What happens when a state enacts a Right to Work law?  Employees of businesses still have the right to form a union, providing that no one is forced to join or compelled to pay dues.  Members of the union can still strike, but they cannot prevent other employees from still working.  The union can still negotiate contract terms for their own members, but they cannot bind employees who do not belong to the union.


So unions do not vanish in states with Right to Work laws.  In Alabama, which has Right to Work, more than 10% of the workforce belongs voluntarily to unions.  What Right to Work does do is place unionized labor in the free market, competing with non-unionized labor.  Free labor, like free business, is good in the long run for everyone.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/01/time_for_national_right_to_work.html#ixzz1j9gjAZdN


I would just like to know how many of you posting on here have actually worked at this plant? From what I am reading many of you have various comments about the environment, the workers, etc. as if you know them or have worked in this "wonderful" facility.  Just because people do something that you don't agree with, the first thing you want to do is damn them for it.  How many of  you can honestly say that you have stood up for what you believe in at least once in your life?  Even though it may not have turned out the way they wanted to they took a stand.  Did I used to work there? Yes. Did I go out on strike with my Union Brothers ans Sisters? HELL YES! Even though I work between 50 and 70 hours now, I must still be a good for nothing lazy union thug. Not so much, I choose to work those hours I am not forced to.  Now the attacks will come from certain people on here that blame everything on "Liberals" and keep their minds on that one track.   Do I provide for my family? Yes. Do I live off the government? No. It just seems to me that some people like to hear themselves speak even though they have no clue about the subject.  Do I work for a Union shop now? No, but I will always support my Union Brothers and Sisters.  It just amazes me how some people know everything about every news story. It doesnt matter what it is, they know it all.





 Red and Blue,

So if you had to choose between feeding your family or crossing a picket line what would you do? I mean really feeding your family not this hypothetical talk.

My guess is that ,being the man you are, your family would take priority. 


I am curious if he would have been better off taking the concessions proposed by Tusbaki and keeping his old or if he has to work 50-70 hours a week to equal what his pay was before


This is really what i do not get, Ned likes to comment that scabs are unamerican for crossing the picket line while they make less because they arent union. Maybe they are the 17% that are in the union, and that would mean that the unions are elitist (In neds view) that deserve more money with no chance of ever losing thier job? Gimmie a break, That would mean in the sense that they are no better than the wall street bankers. But instead of getting gov bailouts, The unions get bailed out by the gov protecting thier jobs while screwing eveyone else. THAT is the problems with the unions, They are a minority that is pushing a agenda on the MAJORITY because they spend hundreds of millions on politicians. To bad that is hypocritical thinking and the unions need to learn they are no better than a super pac or at worse the mafia (heck some union mentioned here HAS mafia ties). Now that is unamerican.

Ned Mandingo

Union workers are the backbone of this country. They worked for years to set the standard for workers rights, benefits and wages for all workers. Most all wages are set off the union standard in that industry, non union workers would make much less if it wasn't for unions. Working a non union job is fine if thats what you choose. Someone who crosses a picket line to work when people are on strike is a SCAB... 

Origen, the rest of your statements are not een close to true, no union has ever got a goverment bailout. Union members are the farthest thing from wall street bankers. The goverment protects everyones jobs the same, they are called laws. Workers rights laws that only exist because of what you call the minority pushing their agenda.



Ned - government bailouts can be in other forms than money.

SCAB - what is this an acronym for exactly?  I'm attempting to learn something new here.


Ned - government bailouts can be in other forms than money.

SCAB - what is this an acronym for exactly?  I'm attempting to learn something new here.


Origen, the rest of your statements are not een close to true, no union has ever got a goverment bailout.


 Thanks to a generous share of GM stock obtained in the company's 2009 bankruptcy settlement, the United Auto Workers is well on its way to recouping the billions of dollars GM owed it — putting it far ahead of taxpayers who have recouped only about 30 percent of their investment and further still ahead of investors in the old GM who have received nothing.

The boon for the union fits the pattern established when the White House pushed GM into bankruptcy and steered it through the courts in a way that consistently put the interests of the union ahead of many suppliers, dealers and investors — stakeholders that ordinarily would have fared as well or better under the bankruptcy laws.


Looks like the average Joe got hosed and the union got theirs, doesn't it?



I stood on the picket line with my brothers and sisters and I did not and will not cross a picket line.  While I was out there I also held two other jobs.  I did make my family my priority without having to cross and I still have those two jobs. And before some of you out there think that I need the two jobs to equal what I was paid at that "wonderful" factory, think again.  I have these two jobs to put money away for a rainy day and both pay better and offer better benefits than that place ever could. 





Red and Blue,

It sounds like the union did you a favor by getting to leave your job voluntarily.

Congrats on taking the opportunity to better yourself and to improve things for your family!


Today's RTW snippet you will never see in the Lamestream State Run Media from NPR ?

Although readily available from sources such as the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, the following facts strike me as unlikely to be reported on NPR:

– private sector employees compensation growth in real dollars during the period 2000-2010 grew by more than 11% annually in right-to-work states, and by less than 1% in “forced unionism” states;

– during the same period, growth in manufacturing GDP (in 2005 dollars) grew by 18.6% in right-to-work states against 8.3% in forced unionism states; and

– private sector employees’ cost-of-living adjusted compensation was actually greater in right-to-work states than in forced unionism states in 2010.



Look out goofus - Ned will never let that informaiton go without a fight.


A little snippet you won't find reported on your nightly news



unions are part of the reason the gov't can no longer afford to repair the infrastructure on a grand scale.  prevailing wage has sunk the ship.  are you telling me that someone that lays asphalt  at the gov't prevailing wage of $39hr does a better job than someone who makes $20hr? 


mikel - would be very hard for me to believe that.  Anyone would do it the same for just about any amount of money in this present situation we are in.  It isn't any wonder that factories could care less if the high labor costs go out on strike.  I don't believe for a minute that just because they are in the union, they work better and are more skilled - they are just paid more for doing a job which can be done at a lower cost.  Seems like supply and demand laws are taking control in many of these cases.


steve - i was just trying to point out that a person making $20 per hour can do just as good of work as someone that makes $39 per hour.  however, gov't jobs require that prevailing wages be paid on federal work which, in many cases, means that the gov't is overpaying.  now, i don't blame a worker for taking that but our gov't needs to change the way it does business.


Mikel - although it didn't sound like it - I was agreeing with you.  I just didn't type what I meant I guess.....

Ned Mandingo











Did you or did you not make the following statement at 12:55 PM on January 12th:

Origen, the rest of your statements are not een close to true, no union has ever got a goverment bailout.

So is it "No Union" as you stated, or just the IAM at Tsubaki?

Ned Mandingo





Thats easy Ned, The UAW recieved 49% of the company. Kicking out the stockholders who actually OWNed the thing. So how much is 49% of GM worth? Theres your bailout.

That whole reading thing must annoy you because you should have known that being "Pro union" and all. By the way, The president of YOUR union is spending YOUR money to elect Obama, So while you say "Vote Ron Paul" your union dues says somthing else. Get a clue please.

Ned Mandingo



Cant read huh? How much is 49% of GM worth? See how hard it is? Pointless even talking to you i guess, another useless body blindly paying your dues to support Obama, Ignorance is bliss and your one happy feller.

Ned Mandingo



So your Pro union, Scabs are no better than illegals rant should make everyone get behind the unions because they have bailed out GM and not the steel workers but you along with all the other unions would applaud the gov if they did bail them out by forcing the employer to bend to that particular union? Did i get that right? Seems if your not in the union you have no right to expect a job if the union is around? Gotcha, Get a clue. The unions are the minority, They are trying to buy politicians with unions dues which makes them no better than goldman sach's. These guys made a mistake and went on strike during a economic down turn and the company has made do without them, You cannot strong arm everyone into agreeing with the agenda because you have more money. Maybe they can call in the actual mafia to help them out lord knows they like those guys from chicago.


I doubt if Mandumpo can read, but here's a link





see ned, we can use caps too!  doesn't make us look any smarter.



"WHAT UNION EVER RECEIVED A GOVERMENT BAILOUT" Question answered, Dont ask questions when you will not accept the answer.


http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?cycle=2012&id=D000000066 Guess where your union dues are going? Have fun Ned. You may want Ron Paul but bow down to your union and fund the obama campaign, How lost can a person be?


Better question for him not to answer:


Oh, and as far as the IAM, Obie was trying to buy them off with the NLRB decision related to theBoeing plant in SC. Maybe not a bailout, but a kickback non the less


Mandumpo, another reason to use Fed-x versus Brown.

digger nick

Wow...a year later and they still have not figured out that these people need their jobs more than the company needs them LOL.....Keep on striking....there are LOT'S of people who are looking for work and would be happy to work.....Even Brutis might move from "head" fry guy and take the upgrade!!!