U.S. Tsubaki strikers rally as deadline looms

U.S. Tsubaki strikers and Machinists union leaders united in solidarity Wednesday outside the chain-manufacturing plant on Edgewater Avenue.
Melissa Topey
Jan 5, 2012

U.S. Tsubaki strikers and Machinists union leaders united in solidarity Wednesday outside the chain-manufacturing plant on Edgewater Avenue.

With the strike's one-year anniversary fast approaching, strikers and union officials are pushing U.S. Tsubaki to renews its willingness to negotiate a contract. The union has filed unfair labor practice complaints against the company, accusing it of failing to negotiate in good faith, among other alleged misdeeds.

About 100 U.S. Tsubaki workers went on strike Jan. 31 after negotiations failed to resolve disputes over wages, work hours and other employment issues.

They've been striking outside the plant 24 hours a day ever since, although Wednesday's event ushered in a strong showing of union leaders and strikers.

For more on the strike and what the important one-year anniversary means to the union's ability to negotiate with U.S. Tsubaki, pick up Thursday's Register at a local convenience store.



I guess they still haven't gotten the message.  They have been fired, and replaced with people who want to work.

VTX Rider

 Time to move on and get jobs guys and gals!


i wonder how the union officials have been affected by this?  have they lost their wages, their cars, their dignity???  you pick your battles and with unemployment at 10% plus only an idiot would lead their flock to strike.  cooper employees will soon find out the same thing.


Oh go away already!! YOU walked out on this Employer their offer was more than fair look around morons what you gonna do in this town wash dishes or maybe serve fast food burgers HA!!

Woody Hayes

Rent must be due on their condos on Edgewater and Monroe.


Fire every last one of them.  There are plenty of people needing jobs right now that would fill the vacant positions happily.


Why negotiate with people who don't want to work, when you have a factory full of people working?


times up kiddies, time to go out and get a job.  I'd say it would be a bit different if you were actively doing anything while sitting out there, but your not.   everytime i drive by, everyday, all i see is a few people huddled up in their "club houses".  you are not seen/heard much latley..  You've lost....   Time to lick your wounds, and go out and beet the streets looking for a new job like the rest of us have to do.  your time to just sit around and BS w/ your friends in your club house tents is over.

Tool Box

NOW THAT IS FUNNY!   Why would they want you back?  All the positions are filled, the plant is running great, the product coming out has NEVER looked better, the books are in the black, the moral is up (for a change) and the outlook is great with many back orders.  I think it is time for you lazy strikers to move on.  Maybe you can OCCUPY WALL STREET.   Hahahahahaha!

The Big Dog's back

 I see the right wing's little soldiers are out in force this morning. Misery loves company eh righties?


Hey Register, those UNION losers have NOT been striking outside the plant 24 hours a day.  That is a FALSE statement, a LIE!  I have driven by several times and NO ONE could be found on the pickets at shanty town USA.  I did not think anything of it because it is typical UNION work by a group who DEMAND their will and did NOT get it.  Boo, hoo, hoo.  Ha! Ha!  I even questioned your last story about this strike and asked if 2159 finally gave up.  There were NO UNION supporters, NO ONE delivering coffee and doughnuts, NO other UNIONS in support of I.A.M., NO UNION solidarity, NO fellow brother and sister UNION support to PAY those losers their "fair wage" and medical benefits during this failed strike and NO UNION bosses.  In fact, those UNION bosses were AWOL, exactly like the typical UNION work ethic.  I guess they were too busy with other UNION business.  Ha! Ha!  NOW, it is time to rally everyone together and DEMAND this chain plant buckle under to their DEMANDS again.  Good luck with that.  WHERE are all you liberal freaks and UNION supporters who blogged about being in support of those critical "skilled trade" losers?  I remember HUNDREDS of blogs.  It appears ALL of you have crawled back into your rat holes and become AWOL!  My, how things change in eleven months.  Come on Register, I KNOW you can conjure up a few photos to make it look like MASSES of people in support.  I am sure you remember that photo of loser 2159 UNION strikers all bunched together walking down the street with half of them falling out from such strenuous activity.  Did you win any awards for that piece of exceptional journalism?  Ha! Ha!  Trying to rally "solidarity" now PROVES the total FAILURE of the labor UNION.  I also noticed NO story and NO supporters for those UNION members during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Can ANY of you liberal UNION freaks or the Register explain that?  24/7??  Ha! Ha!      

T. A. Schwanger

Message for Taxpayer::: The former Ford plant, now ACH, is hiring at $14 plus per hour and is represented by the UAW. Take your resume to the guard house but make sure you put on your resume you blog under the name taxpayer. Ha Ha


what the heck are you so mad about? ...... where do you work, taxpayer? ..... where did your father and grandfather, mother or grandmother .... any of your relation ....  work? ...... let's hear it!


what was the union thinking to encourage its members to strike? not every union member voted to strike. some members were smart enough to vote against the strike but the majority vote prevailed.


did most of the strikers go home after the newspaper reporters and film crew left the area? it is hard to believe that the strike captain stated that they are doing real good after not working for one year. they must be really hurting financially.


I wonder..............If one or more of these striking employees went to the company and asked for their old jobs back, could they go back to work? I agree that it seems like a lost cause at this point, but I am sure not all of the employees wanted to go on strike. It doesn't seem quite fair that they will also be losing their jobs.


When the company advertised for replacement workers any of those folks who weren't in agreement with the strike could have gone back to work. You make your choices and live with the consequences.


I believe that mikel is correct about the outcome of the Cooper Tire situation. 

here in ohio

fair ?????   HA HA HA HA HA    tell that to your union leader !!


Speaking of Cooper Tire, where was the obligatory follow up exonerating the union in the beating of the scab?


The idea of a strike is that the workers feel they are valuable enough to the employer to force the employers hand and get them to give in to their demands.  Well, that turned out not to be the case this time since the company was able to employ people to fill their shoes.  This is how strikes end sometimes.  Live and learn.  The strike was a bad call.

Grandmas girl, employees that didn't want to go on stike could have crossed the picket line.  I'd guess its too late now.


Hey, former US Tsubaki workers: How'd the union protect you and your interests in the last year, eh?

Unions aren't NECESSARILY bad things. But when they make demands an employer finds economically unfeasible to meet, or when their demands are too much above and beyond the "usual and customary," how can you blame management for looking elsewhere for employees?

I agree with all of those who pointed out that US Tsubaki is now manned by people who WANT to work. I'd also bet that there are plenty of the so-called rank-and-file employees who WISH they were working...but who aren't. Nice job, union leaders!

The New World Czar

 Remember Sherrod Schultz-Brown and his 2006 campaign slogan "we're all in this together"? Wow, he actually took the time to send an office staff member to read a statement to his unionized constituents...so this is solidarity...This solidarity rally also must have been so important that the President would have stopped by while in Ohio (oops, sorry- he was too busy in Shaker Heights promoting ex-AG Cordray to an unaccountable bureaucrat/nanny position).

Wow,  Sherrod Schultz-Brown and President Obama really care, don't they?



jawgee dumbya booze-sh .... cares ..... about OIL PRICES

The General

@  The Big Dog's back,. Whats that coming out of your backside? A union "popsicle"?


After a year, All the positions are filled, The company is up and running at full capacity how delusional do you have to be not to see your jobs are gone.

"I once went on strike for a porsche 911 twin turbo targa, Ive only been waiting for 17 years but i think im seeing cracks in my employers armor, Thier new tactic in negotiations is telling me im no longer employed, But im not taking that, I plan on striking till i get my car"


Didn't they get unemployment for walking away from their jobs?

Wonder when that runs out....


you people are sad .... think this is funny? ..... just like your cutting on the strikers, i'm sure you've fought for something that you think you deserved. yes unemployment is very high .... yes it might not have been the smartest thing to do at this time ..... but to laugh and ridicule? ...... no heart, no heart at all!


Good news, all you right wing, anti union rich 1 %ers.  All you have to do is elect more repulsive, repugnant, republicans and we can go back to the good old days.  Like April 20, 1914 and the Ludlow massacre.


Good news, all you right wing, anti union rich 1 %ers.  All you have to do is elect more repulsive, repugnant, republicans and we can go back to the good old days.  Like April 20, 1914 and the Ludlow massacre.