CP not sure when Magnum will get all three trains back on track

SANDUSKY Cedar Point officials are not sure when Magnum XL 200 will get a full load again.
May 24, 2010



Cedar Point officials are not sure when Magnum XL 200 will get a full load again.

"We're going to operate with one train while the other two are inspected," said park spokesman Tony Clark. "Once our inspections are complete, they will return to service."

The roller coaster was shut down Saturday after a train loaded with people bumped into the back of another train sitting on the tracks outside the loading station. Two people were treated in the park's first aid station and later released. Another person was sent to Firelands Regional Medical Center for asthma-related problems and later released.

LeeAnne Mizer, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said Cedar Point officials called the department's amusement ride safety division after the incident Saturday, even though state law doesn't require the park to do so.

"An 'accident' requires hospital admittance (overnight)," Mizer said.

Since nobody was admitted, the collision was considered an "incident," for which park officials are not required to notify the department. The two trains involved in the incident were removed from the track later that day.

Mizer said an inspector was sent to the park early Saturday afternoon and determined the ride was safe to operate with just one train. The ride reopened Sunday.

The first train was traveling at less than 10 mph when the incident occurred, Clark said, and both trains sustained minor fiberglass damage. Company officials said they believe the accident was caused by "excessive moisture" from the rain storms that showered most of the state during the Memorial Day weekend.

"The conditions were probably slick with that excessive moisture," Clark said.

He couldn't explain how excessive moisture might cause the cars to collide.

Once the two other trains are placed back on the track, Mizer said an inspector from the department will return to Cedar Point to make sure the ride is operational and safe. Cedar Point's maintenance department is currently inspecting and repairing the trains.

"We are pleased that no one was seriously injured," said Mizer, adding that the department does not know the cause of the incident. "Public safety is everyone's No. 1 concern."

Magnum's trains hold up to 36 passengers each. The coaster's trains are made of fiberglass with lap bars and nylon wheels. Opened in 1989, the coaster's steel track is 5,106 feet long and takes riders on an approximately two-minute ride at more than 70 mph. The ride's manufacturer is Arrow Dynamics Inc., based in Clearfield, Utah. Cedar Point records show 1,826,338 people rode the coaster in 2006.