Growing up in Perkins

A child in an adult's body. That's Perkins Township. Whether it's the form of government - an
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


A child in an adult’s body. That’s Perkins Township.

Whether it’s the form of government — and a township government isn’t designed to do much more than mow the ditches, patch the potholes and enforce the Ohio Revised Code — or the personalities involved, Perkins’ capacity to run itself lags far behind what the township is in fact: A small city.

It’s been years since Perkins Township could legitimately claim to be “only a township.” It has resources a city of comparable size would envy.

Sandusky pride be damned; Perkins Township is a commercial and economic center of Erie County, on at least a co-equal basis with Sandusky. But say what you will about the antics of city government, the comedy-drama emanating from the township hall makes one shake one’s head in wonder.

The two top cops suing a trustee and his wife. The trustee’s wife following the cops around with a camera. One of the chief’s men accusing the trustee of racism. A fire chief accidentally firing his rifle through his house and a neighbor’s, and accusing the cops of holding a secret meeting with the newspaper about it. The aforementioned trustee examining every nickel and dime spent by the police department, which spends its nickels and dimes on some pretty interesting things. The whole sorry mess smells like one big game of tit-for-tat.

One suspects there was once a chance for rapproachment and maybe some needed housecleaning, but if so, it’s long buried under layers of payback.

Which is a sad and sorry shame. Perkins Township has grown.

Too bad its leadership hasn’t grown up.