Now's the time ...

Now's the time to celebrate motherhood. A Happy Mother's Day (one day early) to all you mothers out there. It's not e
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Now's the time to celebrate motherhood. A Happy Mother's Day (one day early) to all you mothers out there.

It's not easy being a mom -- if your house is anything like mine, the kids are whining and carrying on the minute you walk in the door and everyone wants to be fed.

They're so demanding, aren't they? Like they didn't just eat 12 hours ago. Then of course, the four-year old has gotten into the garbage can because I neglected to move it when I left for work. We tried keeping her in a crate once but she wiggled her way out, so she's on her own when we're gone now.

Thankfully the little one that lives in the garage isn't quite as demanding -- it's just too bad about her attitude. We tried keeping her in the house with the others but she'd sneak up and bite them when they were sleeping... It wasn't a good scene. She has a little hut with a couple heating pads out there and we crack the door so she can scamper out if she wants, in the day time. That arrangement seems to work pretty well.

The five-year old though, he's the one who won't let me sleep. It's 3 a.m. and he's hungry. So what. I'm sleepy.

But he only thinks of his needs and if he can't get me up by walking on the bed, he starts howling and knocking things off the dressers. It's easier to just get up and dump some food in a bowl than it is to try to break him of the habit.

Kids -- they're enough to try your patience, aren't they? Good thing we love 'em.

Otherwise that constant accumulation of fur, the wet noses on the window, the never-ending scooping of the poop -- it could really get to a woman.

What's that? You thought I was talking about real live human children? Heavens, no. The kids that live in my house all have tails and whiskers. I know what you're thinking: "So much less work than real live human children," right? Well, I can't really make a fair comparison but I do know this. Baby Betsey will some day grow up. Jakie and Janie will be potty-trained and stop throwing food on the floor. Words like "Don't touch" will have meaning and consequences for bad behavior will be remembered. And everyone will be able to brush his own hair.

Yeah. Not so much in the land of cats and dogs. My kids aren't bad, per se, they're just -- kids -- and they always will be. I will have smudgy windows and furry floors as long as I have the privilege of these wonderful kids' company.

That's not to say I'm pleased to have a sheet covering the couch and cat food crumbs on the kitchen counter; I simply have to pause and think how much these guys add to my life sometimes.

For every one time the trash has been ransacked, our dog -- Sukie -- has made me laugh, 50 times, at her silly antics. For every time our very vocal cat, Kirby, has demanded a 3 a.m. feeding, he's curled up beside me and purred me to sleep.

As for Miss Hissy-Pants in the garage, well, she's only mean to the other four-leggers. She's a six-lb. cat on the stumpiest little legs you've ever seen, and it seems she may have spent too much time on the streets to trust the other pets. When it comes to people, she's a lover, not a fighter. Watch out though. If you come to visit she might jump in your car and curl up for a nap. My in-laws almost left with her in their trunk one day!

Yes, they do make more work for us. We're currently trying to figure out how to keep our exuberant Sukie off the freshly planted grass seed, the litter always needs to be changed and the fur wins the war more days than I do, but I can't imagine life without my "kids."

They make our house a home.