Cedar Point fans undeterred by rising gas prices

SANDUSKY Sandy Espen and her family, won't let rising gas prices keep them from having fun.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Sandy Espen and her family, won't let rising gas prices keep them from having fun.

"We don't like them, but it's either that or stay home," Espen said. "We don't want to do that."

Espen and several other roller coaster fans made the trip to Cedar Point Sunday despite the rising price of gas. In Sandusky, gas prices were as high as $3.21.

Espen and her family make the hour-long trip from Rossford, Ohio to Cedar Point at least a dozen times during the summer, she said.

"If it's something you want to do, you'll do it," she said.

Cedar Point is an "affordable alternative" for vacation goers, said Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark.

"Cedar Point is ideal for a day trip because gas prices are so high," Clark said. "We're giving them a reason to stay in the region instead of going farther away."

Brandon Youngs, 30, and his wife, Jeanine, 27, drove from Westlake to ride some coasters. Gas prices did not deter them.

"I love coasters," Brandon said.

"It's a way for us to enjoy each other's company," Jeanine added.

David Wooldridge, 17, of Tallmadge, drove from Akron with a group of friends to spend the day at the Point. Wooldridge expects to spend $60 by the end of the day. About $15 of that will be spent on gas, he said.

"We've been trying to keep our admission prices low," Clark said. "We hope people won't let (gas) be a factor."

General admission for the park is $41.95 for people 48 inches and taller. People under 48 inches pay $11.95. Senior citizens 62-older also pay $11.95.

Cedar Point draws crowds from all over the country despite the price of gas, Clark said.

"This is really a resort destination," Clark said. "For several families outside of Ohio, this is their summer vacation. And with the rides and attractions, it gives many people a reason to stay here for a few days."