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SANDUSKY Move aside Maverick. Several other additions inside Cedar Point welcomed guests when the park opened for the
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Move aside Maverick.

Several other additions inside Cedar Point welcomed guests when the park opened for the season Saturday.

Food was one of them.

Panda Express and Chick-fil-A are the newest restaurant additions inside the park.

Panda Express is a Chinese restaurant on the Frontier Trail by Millennium Force. Chick-fil-A is a fast food restaurant that specializes in chicken. It is located in Frontiertown.

Other new food options inside the park include Ben & Jerry's ice cream; fresh, organic salads and mega slice pizza at Chuck Wagon Inn; a buffet restaurant at Dominic's located inside of Hotel Breakers, and an expanded menu at Famous Dave's.

Looking to pick up some finger food for the wait in line?

Johnsonville bratwursts and Tyson chicken will be served at multiple locations throughout the park and Starbucks' iced coffees and 100 percent flame-broiled all-beef seasoned burgers will also be new options.

"We're now offering something for everyone," said park spokesman Bryan Edwards. "Some people want to have amusement park food ... other people have favorite restaurants. Some say, 'it's vacation. I can take a vacation on my diet.' Some say, 'nuh-uh. I want healthy food options, even though I'm at Cedar Point.' I think our food options have vastly improved in the past five to 10 years."

Guests were also introduced to several new live entertainment shows.

The Palace Theatre is showing "The Misadventures of Molly and Maverick," and the Centennial Theatre is showing "Dazzle ... Beyond Divine." The Red Garter Saloon is showing "Rock 'n Country" and for the little ones, "Charlie Brown's Jungle Adventure" will be performed in the Camp Snoopy Theatre.

"We're very excited about those," said Edwards about the new live performances. "It's not something you think about when you go to Cedar Point. If you love roller coasters -- you have plenty to do here at Cedar Point. If you hate roller coasters, you still have plenty to do here at Cedar Point."

Walk by quick and you may miss it. Game lovers will have a few more options this year.

A new shooting gallery has found a home in the old Heading West. A three-point shoot-out game is now next to Cedar Creek and Wac-a-Pirate is waiting for people in the Gemini Games area. A new arcade has replaced two midway games in the old Star Trax Video building near Lotsapalooza. A new game -- Beat The House -- is replacing bowler roller. The game will have players tossing poker chips onto a board with cards. Whatever cards the chips fall on will determine the prize given.

Edwards said opening day at the park is always exciting. Working at the park in the wintertime is quiet, but once opening day arrives -- it's a whole new ball game.

"Once we open ... it's a completely different world," he said. "You just have a fun day."