The face in the mirror

PERKINS TWP. "Twins" of all sizes walked hand-in-hand throughout the Sandusky Mall Saturday. They're not sisters.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



"Twins" of all sizes walked hand-in-hand throughout the Sandusky Mall Saturday.

They're not sisters.

They're mothers and daughters.

Sandusky Mall hosted its second annual Mother/Daughter Look-a-Like Contest featuring mothers and daughters who could pass for sisters, and in some cases twins.

Janie Reichert, 18, convinced her mother, Amy Carper, 42, to compete in the contest.

"She doesn't think we look alike," Janie said. Yet everyone "thinks my mom is me all the time."

With their short blonde hair pulled into pony tails and matching outfits, there's no missing the striking resemblance between the two.

"I don't see it, but it is a huge compliment," Amy said. "It's very flattering."

Janie and Amy, both of Clyde, won the first place prize, which includes a $100 gift card for Alvin's Jewelers.

"It's a good bonding experience," said Kim Rubin, marketing director for Sandusky Mall. "You're becoming your mother, and it's such an important thing."

Throughout the event, 33 pairs of mothers and daughters competed. A few grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters also showed up for the contest.

Dawn Stetzel, 45; her daughter, Jillian Wiegel, 21; and Jillian's three-month-old daughter, Emma Wiegel, were one trio that competed.

"We've never noticed. Lately, we've been told we looked alike," Dawn said. "I think it's really special. It makes me feel good when they say we're sisters."

"As often as people say it, it's kind of surprising," Jillian said. "I take it as a compliment because I think she's pretty. I hope I look like her when I'm 45."

Jillian, who will be celebrating her first Mother's Day with Emma, plans to spend the day with both her mother and daughter.

Joe Gildenmeister, 34, of Sandusky, braved the sea of women to support his wife, Tara, 33, and their daughter, Cassidy, 8.

"My wife always calls our daughter Mini-Me," Joe said. "There's definitely no mistaking the two of them. You can tell they belong to each other."

"It's kind of surprising. I look at her twice, and it's like looking at a mirror," Tara said.

Ever since she was born, Cassidy's been told that she looks like her mom. But she doesn't mind.

"She's still young," said Cassidy, smirking at her mother. "I like hanging out with her. She's cool."

"Of course, I think my wife's beautiful," Joe said. "My daughter's a beautiful girl. They're a lot alike. That's one out of many."

As for 20 years from now, Janie is not too worried.

"I'm still going to look young and pretty when I get older because my mom still does," Janie said.