SHS teen dies after asthma attack|Mufaro Young loved school, cooking and helping out

SANDUSKY Paula McBride spent much of the day on Thursday reminiscing about her son and "TV budd
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Paula McBride spent much of the day on Thursday reminiscing about her son and "TV buddy," who died Wednesday after a severe asthma attack.

Mufaro Young, 17, had suffered from chronic asthma since he was born. While he was getting ready for school Wednesday morning, a sudden asthma attack left him gasping for air. He tried using his inhaler and nebulizer to clear his breathing while his family called 911.

He was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Mufaro, a sophomore at Sandusky High School, was a soft-spoken young man who loved to help people, especially his mother.

"He'd go to school and come home and do his chores," McBride said. "When I'd go to the grocery store, 'Mommy, I'll go with you.' When I put the groceries up, 'Mommy, I'll help you.' He helped me around the house a lot."

William Young, Mufaro's father, said he will always remember the day his son was born. It was one of the few times Young, a father of 12, was not in the delivery room for his child's birth.

"They made me come down to the office and sign some papers," Young said about his experience during his son's birth in Detroit. "When I was on the elevator, I heard my baby cry and I knew it was him."

Sandusky High School had six guidance counselors on staff throughout the day Thursday to help grieving students cope with the loss of their classmate.

"He was cool with everybody, real laid back you know," said Isaiah Johnson, 16, a sophomore who knew Mufaro from their sixth-grade class and played football with him in middle school. "I found out last night when one of my friends called. I was just like 'man, that's crazy.'"

Two of Mufaro's teachers described him as a good student. McBride said her son loved to do math and enjoyed the school's new money management program.

Mufaro loved to cook and aspired to study the culinary arts.

"He was a good little guy for me," McBride said. "If you needed him and he had something he could offer you, he did it. He was a gentleman and he was just a good kid to me."

Mufaro's sister, Miiesha Young, also died of an asthma attack in 1992 when she was 15.

Mufaro leaves behind six sisters: Adriana Young, 35, Maleka Young, 27, Ayofemi Young, 26, Asia Young, 16, Aphrodisiac Young, 12, and Ameniha Young, 9.

He also had five brothers, LeAndre Moore, 32, Ayodele Young, 18, Malaic Young, 14, Smear Young, 13, and Mufasa Young, 11.