Fire chief's complaint closed, open again

SANDUSKY A memo may be the key to clearing up the confusion surrounding the Perkins police officer c
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A memo may be the key to clearing up the confusion surrounding the Perkins police officer complaint filed by Fire Chief Richard Myosky.

Myosky filed a complaint accusing Perkins Police Lt. Al Matthews of verbally attacking him and with insubordination.

The two argued March 22 after Matthews confronted Myosky about what Myosky called rumors of a 90-minute meeting involving Matthews, Perkins Police Chief Tim McClung and the Register.

Myosky said he believes they talked to the newspaper at length about the accidental firing of his Romanian sniper rifle, which led to a disorderly conduct charge against Myosky in April.

No such meeting took place.

The complaint was initially discussed by Perkins trustees May 1 and a memo was drafted May 2 that would have closed the complaint.

The memo read: "Lt. Matthews, After investigation of the formal complaint filed against you by Fire Chief Richard Myosky, we the board, have determined the allegations are without merit. Therefore we are closing the case."

The memo was signed by trustees Tom Pascoe and Bill Dwelle, but Dwelle's signature was later crossed out.

"I was in the office two days later going through the stacks of stuff we sign," Dwelle said. "I thought I was signing something else. As soon as I realized what it was, I scratched my name off."

Dwelle said he is legally allowed to cross out his name after signing a document, according to the board's lawyer. The board's attorney, John Coppeler, was not available for comment Wednesday night.

Dwelle said "new issues had arisen" about the complaint, which led to him crossing off his name and the trustees scheduling another meeting for May 5.

"Because of the other things that have come up, it was decided that we wanted to do some more checking on it and talking to the attorney," Dwelle said.

He said he would not go into more detail since the complaint is only being discussed among trustees in executive session.

On May 4, McClung and Matthews filed a lawsuit against Dwelle, his wife Sandy Dwelle and Perkins Township.

Dwelle said the decision to keep the complaint investigation open was not a result of the lawsuit.

"It had no affect on it. I never even saw the paper until Saturday afternoon," he said. "I knew the lawsuit had been filed Friday night. The trustees had already scheduled the meeting by then."