Real Estate agents win top awards

BELLEVUE Two Bellevue real estate agents sold their way to top honors. Gary J. Straye
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Two Bellevue real estate agents sold their way to top honors.

Gary J. Strayer Realty/GMAC Real Estate had the honor of acknowledging two of their top employees for superior service.

"It's unprecedented for us to have reached the top 100," Manager Jan Terveen said proudly.

Agent Terri Iannello of Bellevue received an honor of being named a top 100 sales associate for the organization within the nation. Terveen noted that the top 100 is selected through the nation and for them to have one of their own is a top and a first-time honor.

Having been employed with the company since 1995, Iannello received the top 100 award for her performance in 2006, resulting in 49 closed units during that calendar year.

"I enjoy what I do and like helping people find a home that suits them in the best possible location," Iannello said.

David Freitag of Bellevue announced May 4 the Premier Service Diamond, a national award for providing superior customer service to sellers and home buyers in the Bellevue area. Freitag received a customer satisfaction rating of 97 percent, with the minimum rating having to be 95 percent. The Premier Service Program distributes surveys to buyers and sellers and asks them to evaluate the service they receive. Once completed, the surveys are tabulated by an independent research firm and the results detail how the agent did.

"It's always good to know people are satisfied with your service and customers are satisfied with your work," Freitag said Monday.

Freitag and Iannello were honored at the GMAC home Services Annual Business Conference that was hosted in Florida in February.