Now's the time

Now's the time to talk about some helpful household hints. While it certainly feels good to get that deep-down cleani
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Now's the time to talk about some helpful household hints.

While it certainly feels good to get that deep-down cleaning accomplished, your whites white, your colors bright and the lawn manicured, I don't know anyone who doesn't appreciate a short-cut or an easier way to get things done.

I've collected some tips, and while I haven't tried them all myself, I did find them interesting, and hey, if they help you out, I hope you'll let me know. I must admit though -- most of what I compiled was chosen for that "What? Why did anyone think that would work?" factor.

For example: Put lemon-flavored Kool-Aid in your dishwasher detergent receptacle to get rid of lime deposits and iron stains. Now, not only do I question who thought Kool-Aid would be up to this task, the advice also noted lemon is the only flavor that works. Does this mean someone spent an afternoon testing the effects of Purplesaurus Rex and Yabba Dabba Doo Berry as well?

Or this one -- a testimonial I found, online : "In Kodiak, Alaska, at the local Laundromat, the staff charges an extra dollar per load to add Coca-Cola to your wash. It is the only thing I ever saw that got the stink of halibut out of fishing clothes." Got a fisherman in the family? I guess this is worth a try, but again, who thought it would work?

Apparently Coke can be used to clean just about anything, even a Navy submarine, (seriously!) but at least this this next tip has a reasonable explanation: "By accident, I found the perfect grout cleaner for my tile floors. I spilled a can of Coca Cola on my kitchen floor. When I wiped it up, to my surprise the grout was as white as can be." Huh. In my house whenever something gets spilled, it's just that -- a spill, not a magical miracle cleaner. Well, good for her, anyway!

I originally thought that a list of household hints wouldn't be complete without mentioning that multi-purpose wonder, WD-40, but when the list of possible uses reaches 1,997, how's a girl to choose? I know, I'll close my eyes and point my mouse...

"Use can to prop open windows."



You can find the other 1,996 online. Let's move on. In fact, let's head outside.

Can't wait to cut the grass? Now you can mow even when it's wet. Just spray the blades with vegetable oil. This way, the wet grass won't stick to the blades.

If, on the other hand, the mower stands idle because your yard is brown and scraggly, you might try a "lawn tonic." Some say a concoction of soda, beer, ammonia, mouthwash, liquid detergent and water, applied every three weeks, is key to a deep, thick, beautiful turf that lasts all season. It even kills grubs and according to the inventor, leaves your lawn minty fresh." (I have the recipe, by the way, if you're interested in a grub-free minty fresh lawn.)

So there you go -- it would seem that if you have some Coca-Cola, some Kool-Aid mix (lemon only, remember) and some WD-40 you're probably off to a pretty good start.